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  1. I am with AVIVA for both car and house but haven't made any claims yet.
  2. My original reply to Margie (the original poster) was because I thought she wanted to be able to use her French Orange/Wanadoo website in English instead of French. I understood that this may be because she was having trouble getting her emails through Outlook Express and wanted to use the website Messagerie in English. My appologies to all if I misread her post.
  3. Thanks Cooperbola. Talk about confusing!!!!
  4. I used to use Norton Internet Security and only ditched it because my Norton licence was due to expire. At present I use AVG Free (AntiVirus) and Zone Alarm Free (Firewall) I keep getting a reminder lately telling me that AVG Free will not be free after mid January 2007.
  5. [quote user="Bugbear"]Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr,.....................Hello...................[/quote] Was that directed at me.
  6. [quote user="margie"]Does anyone know if it is possible to change my Wanadoo/Orange browser from French to English language. I have been experiencing extremely slow download times when receiving incoming mail from the Orange message box to Outlook express has anyone else noticed this recently?[/quote] Margie I don't think it is possible. I have just had a look at my www.Orange.fr website and it doesn't have an option for the English language.
  7. [quote user="Dick Smith"]It would have helped if you had said what it was in your question! This looks a bit like the old picture-association method. Good for vocabulary, useless for grammar, good for visual learners, not so good for others. I've never heard of it, you really need a comment from someone who has, but that looks a bit unlikely. [/quote] Sorry for that Dick. Anyway links have now been provided by someone else. Here is another "independant" review. http://www.learnfrombest.com/rocket-french-fr2.html I was considering purchasing it as it is quite inexpensive compared to other courses and seems quite good for my needs. It also now has an interactive recordings module. If anyone has any comments I'd be interested.
  8. Has anyone used Rocket French?
  9. [quote user="DOMY"]BENJAMIN SAID : " JC is finally acknowledging that if you want to get your message across you cannot expect to do that in French. He'll be singing the La Marseillaise in English next ! " ----------------------------------------------------------- Benjamin, don't be so arrogant with your english language !!! Are you ready to learn and to speak chinese, if you want the rest of the world to know that Benjamin is existing ??? IT'S COMING SOON ...[/quote] I think the problem for most of us from the UK is that we want to learn French because we are in France but realise, because of our previous travelling experience, that English is the most widely spoken language in terms of the number of countries that speak and understand it. To give an example. I once had to go to Oman and install a Japanese point of Sale system. I had to meet a Japonese specialist to discuss the installation. I couldn't speak Japonese and only a few words of arabic. However, we were all able to communicate because of English. Even the Chinese, in the example you give, have a 24hour news channel in English. I have in the past learnt reasonable conversational Greek and have tried to learn Arabic. Now I'm trying to learn French.
  10. [quote user="Logan"]Yes it starts today. The world according to Chirac. I put up a post a week or so ago about this subject. Has anyone managed to receive it yet?[/quote] I am not sure which Astra satellite is being used.
  11. Apparently the French government is to start up a 24 hour news channel rather like BBC 24. Broadcasting in English. The internet site is http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnja6_exclusive-images-of-france-24
  12. With Britney Spears' and Paris Hilton's genitalia "alledgedly" floating around on prime internet sites. I suppose that it is to be expected that lyrics such as the ones you describe will be there too.
  13. Elaine Do a search for resiliation on this site. I would also advise that you read your Wanadoo terms and conditions for the word resiliation. There is also a site called www.resiliation.com who can do the whole thing for you, for a fee.
  14. Lisa. I think that price must be the cheapest. I bought mine last year for €39 from Leclerec. You could always try Ebay France.
  15. Interesting. Glad I ignored all their letters then. Call me cynical but I thought at the time of receiving the letters that they weren't guaranteeing anything. Now this confirms it.
  16. [quote user="verviale"]I suppose I might sound a bit negative and I have posted on this subject before and may be repeating myself,but I urge all of you parents to keep the english up to a good standard, we have many french students and students with U.K. passports whose parents live in France at our university who end up in the U.K. at university ,so a good level of english is important,secondly most students when graduating cannot get a job in France, they almost all end up staying here as the job prospects are so dire in France and they find, they are also in competition with french born students.[/quote] Verviale I agree with what you have written.
  17. Thank you Paul. Excellent description. That also explains the half rectified or pulsed DC symbol that is displayed on these devices.
  18. [quote user="Ford Anglia"]I have two books, "L'Electricite pas a pas" as mentioned here, and, "Maitriser l'Electricite", both bought from Leclerc for about €6 each. Plenty of good diagrams and easy text. Only thing I've NOT found in them was a detailed description of the difference between a type A and a type AC, RCD., which I've now found out, partly off here, partly from a UK sparky. My plumber, who is also an electrician, looked at them closely, and pronounced both sound.. [/quote] I too wondered about the difference between a type A and AC but explainations don't give any real clues. I know the type A is for washing machines and electric hobs but nowhere does it explain what the reason for their choice is. Both the AC and A have differential and over current detection but what is it about an electric hob and/or a washing machine that makes a type A a special requisite?
  19. I thought you might appreciate this advert from someone selling their Renault 5. I couldn't stop laughing as I read down the text. here we have a renault 5 gt turbo. this car need an engine fitting, exhaust and engine bay loom. the shell is in great condition but does need a drivers door as i caught it when unloading it from the trailer when i picked it up. the car is in near mint condition and can only 1 pin dent on the O/S rear quarter near the door. (see pic) i have an engine to come with the car but not 100% on how good it is. when i picked it up it was ment to have all been rebuilt but the head gaskit had gone. but no turbo or carb.  the engine i've got was only taking out of the car cos it got written off. the car also have leather front seats in gray / black. the front bumper is in the car. i was planning on fitting the engine to the car and put it back on the road but due to my ass hole neighbours reporting me to the council for working on my car's i cant afford to fit the engine now as i would end up being kicked out. (2 faced b*stards) i also have for sale a - escort RS turbo, mk5 escort with flip paint and a kawasaki KXF250 moto x bike please see my other auctions ? please look at my other auctions ? thanks for looking and happy bidding !
  20. My own simple experience is that I contacted three seperate companies to do my sewer works. Two of them visited to view the proposed works. Only one of those replied with a devis that was in my opinion too much. I did however reply to them with a courteous letter in that I informed them that I was considering other devis and would contact them later if they were required. Because the other two didn't reply I was therefore left to do the works myself and won't bother asking any other trades people to do any of the other works. It probably isn't much of a problem to me as I have a lot of time on my hands but it seems sad that in a country where it is "supposedly" hard to earn a living that there seems such a lax attitude to follow up.
  21. [quote user="tj"][quote user="Gyn_Paul"] But can you glue manchons (the connectors with rubber seals) to the PVC pipes to conform to the rules? Although it would still have a glue connection. The flexible rubber manchon would take the strain. [/quote]   you are joking right :) [/quote] Actually I wrote that. The point I was making is that the only rubber seal; type connectors that I've seen with regard to 100mm piping are in the form of manchons which are a PVC connector with a rubber seal in them. These can only be glued to the 100mm pipe but will provide a flexible connection. I just haven't seen any 100mm pipes in the Bricos or even the builders suppliers with rubber seals fitted without using the manchons as mentioned above.
  22. [quote user="Gyn_Paul"] Fine except that pipes with rubber gaskets aren't generally available in most bricos: certainly not in the 3 I have easy access to here in northern Creuse (23). p [/quote] But can you glue manchons (the connectors with rubber seals) to the PVC pipes to conform to the rules? Although it would still have a glue connection. The flexible rubber manchon would take the strain.
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