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  1. [quote user="stumpy"]getting 3 points and £60 fine for not applying my handbrake at a stop sign . [/quote] That is news to me too. A queue of car stopping at a stop sign have to apply their handbrakes?
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    124. Word Warrior.
  3. [quote user="Cassis"]I think maybe I didn't express this clearly in my first post! I want to back up my PC hard drive (files and system configuration, using software of the type Gary et al recommend) and want to know if there is any reason I should not use a laptop instead of a second hard drive to do this. Does that make sense, or am I talking utter drivel? [:)] [/quote] There is nothing to stop you doing that if your laptop is connected via a network connection. The drive/drives on your laptop will show as available drives to backup to and restore from in "My Network Places" in True Image. True image creates a single image file which in theory can be anywhere on your network.
  4. [quote user="Bob T"]There is another option, that is to fit a second hard drive to your existing PC. With 160gb hard drives at around €80 it is a very quick and easy option. [/quote] That is only any good if you fit the additional drive via a cradle. You need to be able to remove the backup disk from site. I would second Gary's recommendation of Acronis True Image because it's simple to use and works properly. I have used it for ages.
  5. It seems you know who is parking in front of your garage, and I assume where they live, so why dont you just let them park there and if you really need to get into your garage then you could knock on someones door and ask them to move their car. This would avoid all sorts of unpleasantness. No?
  6. I thought this might be helpful to those of you who don't get replies to your correspondence. I had been having problems of getting replies to my letters, emails or faxes but suddenly remembered that in the UK we generally put R.S.V.P. at the end of wedding and party invitations etc. I thought I would try it today on a fax to my notaire. I sent the fax this morning and received a reply by phone call this afternoon. So there you go. Give it a try and it may work for you..
  7. [quote user="WJT"]Fulcrum, it is good to hear you are happy with it. Once I finish the Michel Thomas advanced French, I think I will give Rocket French a try as well. Must admit the name does appeal [:)]. Thanks for being the forum guinea pig. [:D] [/quote] A guinea pig on this forum is probably the safest thing to be right now.
  8. [quote user="Cassis"]Pleased to hear it's working for you.  Keep it up!  [:)] What level were you at before you started - is it more of a refresher? [/quote] Sorry Cassis I didn't see your second line until just now. I do have a bit of experience of French but my only formal training was when I attended Alliance Francaise in London about 16 years ago. So you could say I'm not a complete beginner but haven't taken it too seriously until now.
  9. [quote user="Pip"]We also looked after another dog for a couple of months that would howl the minute the theme tune from Eastenders came on - she was never interested enough to watch it though  [:D][/quote] Humans can have that reaction as well.
  10. I didn’t wanna borum As I went on to the forum I sat on there day and night Writing crap I couldn’t send Trying to get into a punchup With anyone who would bite I feel much better now And with better sight Seeing some others plight I’ve pulled the plug and Decided I should get a life And perhaps spend a little more time With my sweet wife. Perhaps one day. [:D]
  11. I have now used Rocket French for a few days and find it quite good. I wasn't an absolute beginner but have found that the course has lots of examples on pronounciation and the proper use of irregular verbs. I also decided to purchase their interactive French course which apart from the really annoying voice of the male speaker (a mix of mid atlantic, South African and New Zealand ) has been ideal for porting onto my MP3 player. Both are worth the money anyway. A guinea pig.[:)]
  12. [quote user="ErnieY"][quote user="David"]Even if both principals died e.g. in a car crash, then our children, or other heirs, would be liable to complete the purchase[/quote]I'm afraid I have to disagree with this because before signing our Compromis we asked the question "what if one or both of us died" and were told by the Marie herself that, unless the a survivor still wished to go ahead with the purchase, that  it would automaticaly be grounds to withdraw and get the deposit returned.[/quote] I do know for a fact that there is now mandatory insurance cover provided free of charge, taken out by your agent at the time of signing the compromis, to cover the purchasing parties against death.
  13. I too find it very surprising that you can use the sale of your UK property as a condition of purchase via the "Clause Suspensive".
  14. Dick For your requirements, and if you're not letting the place out during the time heating is required, I would definately consider the blower assisted parrafin heaters. They are simple to operate, and I think, ecconomical. They are not suited to houses with sealed doors and windows but are ideal for the older properties where there are a few air gaps. We have used one in two properties and the running costs for a 3400kw is about 280ltrs of parafin per year.
  15. I am sure that cats have some appreciation of 2D images on the screen. But one thing is for sure, cats do notice things that move horizontally across their field of vision rather than vertically or stationary. Hence the interest in snooker.
  16. [quote user="Juswundrin"]Hi Does anyone else have one of these? My problem is that, with a slot-loading Mac, I can't use the 8cm disc provided so don't have access to the instruction manual (and the manufacturer's website is closed for maintenance). I'm hoping someone who has the same model might be able to email me the manual (which I'm assuming is a PDF file? Thanks[/quote] Have emailed you
  17. Gloria by Them and written by Van Morrison
  18. [quote user="Richard-R"]We use the cheap stuff (around a € a litle) and it is fine. What amazes me is the cost of the top end Petrole heaters, a €1000 for some of them. Our €120 euros one works fine and is now 3 years old.[/quote] I agree Richard. We bought ours around five years ago and the cheapies weren't available then. Ours cost €320.00 but was money well spent as its only cost us about €180.00 a year for heating fuel and heated the whole living area. If I had to replace it I would definately go for the €159.00 unit from Briconauts as it looks very similar to the one we have.
  19. I spent a lot of my time in the sixties listening to the music of the artists Dick mentioned. I also remember another name. John Hammond. http://www.rosebudus.com/hammond/ I liked his style a lot. A lot of the people I hung around with then were musicians but I couldn't play a note. I did try to learn the bass guitar.
  20. I don't know how many of you use petrole (parafin) for your heating but if so. Do you buy the cheapest available? My fire is a Zibro Kamin with a blower and we purchased it nearly five years ago. We initially ran it on the recommended ZK fuel but have run it on the cheapest fuel ever since and it is still going fine. I just wondered if anyone has noticed any real advantage of using the "better" fuels. There just seems to be such a big difference in price.
  21. [quote user="Gary aka Bugbear"][quote user="fulcrum"]This is one of the things I like about Telerabais and what made me use their service. There is no contract to cancel if you decide to leave. [/quote] Well, that's really helpful.     MM, just do as clair suggested and you should be able to resolve it, but it may cost you some money. Their website suggests One months notice to cancel. [/quote] Gary. I thought it might be useful to know of a way to avoid being contract bound in France. I have also had a bad experience with OneTel and resiliation in general. Peace.
  22. This is one of the things I like about Telerabais and what made me use their service. There is no contract to cancel if you decide to leave.
  23. [quote user="sid"]I've still not understood properly the "red cross" traffic signal; in the few instances I've seen it doesn't help me in practice. [8-)] [/quote] Sid The Red cross is to indicate that the oncoming traffic you are facing across the lights has halted. So that you can turn left without worrying whether someone is coming in the opposite direction.
  24. Cheers Gay A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. Have a good break.
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