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  1. Hi everyone, my sanity is maybe for others to question ! However through circumstances I am to travel from Boulogne to Mussidan (Dordogne) this Easter Monday. I have two pictures floating in my head. Firstly one with open roads, empty because most of France is spending quality time with their loved ones at home and secondly a gridlocked motorway for all 500+ miles I will be travelling because that is allegedly what happens on bank holidays. Has anyone any experience of such journeys on an Easter Monday? If so I would be pleased to hear about it. Secondly any suggestions for making this journey as stress free as possible, I'm all ears. Thanks Ian
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to take a Ford Transit (Long Wheel Base) to the Dordogne. Anyone have any  recommendations/experience regarding routes / costs etc. Thinking of taking a ferry to say, St Malo / Le Harve to reduce milage on the Van (but not essential) Thanks
  3. Hi, I've recently bought a house in France and it needs a complete rewire. Having obtained a quote or two the I have come to the conclusion that I am in the wrong job, in the wrong country. Such is life ! I have friends who are electricians in the UK who are prepared to consider taking on the job. Can anyone direct me to a website (in English please) which will spell out the necessary regulations that I will need to comply with to meet French standards. Many Thanks
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