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  1. [quote user="Richardk"]I'd like to construct a small fence  -  c. 10 to 15 metres in length using round upright posts and then two horizontal round poles which slot into holes within the upright post. The sort of thing you often see around houses in the mountains if that helps. Does anyone know if the holes in the upright come pre-drilled or not? We're talking quite big holes here, hence not an obvious one to do yourself. Thanks, Richard [/quote] Do you mean pre-morticed?
  2. UK power is/was higher than both french and german power levels. If you have a uk spec airgun (uk power limit before becoming a firearm) then its naughty to have in France.
  3. Little tip,,,use the copper coloured type for the battery hens. ;)
  4. [quote user="Laine"] Sorry Bud I forgot to thank you for your amazing photo of the pipe-blocking ragondin! Elaine [/quote] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v506/colnefields/DSCN1645.jpg[/IMG] My pleasure Elaine, took the above pic Friday. The heads are deceiving, the males more blocky in appearance. When they are swimming the nostrils are set high, so the profile above the water is minimal. Another interesting thing about this rodent is that the females nipples are along the side of her body, when the 'holt sette or earth' has a higher water table the young can still be fed.
  5. Hi Clair, you are right on what was posted on this thread, the bold text I copied and pasted from a previous post by Chris, in hindsight I havent made that clear enough.
  6. [quote user="Pads"] I would call only stopping in May as most of the year !! And where are you get your fact from that they dont hunt them nearly all year ?[:)][/quote] As Chris has almost correctly corrected the first of your unresearched statements ill not bother ;) & too answer your question,, Federation de chasseurs (sp?) & many hunters in many different departements. Chris im impressed youve actually nearly turned full circle on your previous statement "they are hunted throughout the year as considered "nuisable"" please note anyone reading this that the bold text is not not true, misinformation, or plain & simply bull****. Anyway, as Bugbears signature says,,,,, Life is Short - Forgive Quickly - Love Truly - Laugh Uncontrollably" I know I am :D
  7. quoting an anti site is hardly FACT
  8. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v506/colnefields/Dscn1582lighter.jpg[/IMG] This fella fills up the 8 " (approx) pipe so much it stops the water running out when he hides in there!
  9. [quote user="chris pp"]badgers and creatures classified as nuisances are generally "hunted" throughout most of the year. Chris [/quote] WRONG about the badgers Chris,,,,,,,,,,,again!
  10. Ragondin have the nickname 'moustache' around where I live, from your description and their abundance id say it was a ragondin. Will try to find you a good photo and ill add to this thread.
  11. Thanks all,  re the french links, ive ordered a couple of their catologues (i think!). Axminster sent me a catologue over so I assumed they would ship products over too, so I'll get an order together, & hope the shipping dont hurt too much. ,,,,,,,,,,,,now anyone know anything about carpets?
  12. Hello all, Anyone get small packages from Axminster power tools sent over to France, need a few small bits and bobs, sharpening stone being one, just trying to guage (need a new one of them aswell!) the cost. OR is their a good french equivalent (pro quality). Thanks in advance.
  13. [quote user="Chris Head"] Just something for the artisans out there who are doing things outside of their remit to think about. I was doing stuff that I wasn't registered to do too (most artisans stray a wee bit) but for one reason or another I need to be almost bullet proof now sooo, with dread in my heart started what I thought was going to be a process akin to climbing a mountain barefoot. How wrong I was. The Ch de Met have been unbelievably helpful....working on the premise that truth conquers all I just hit them with the 'difficulties' I've had over the last three or four months and boy did they work hard to find solutions to how I want to re-shape my business...and they provided the coffee too!  The head of the Ch de Met has even asked me to do an exhibition in their attached showroom. Before I had the right to do practically anything I wanted to with wood, now I've added a variety of other activities which encompass the things I do associated to renovations (none of it structural) and exterior works associated with landscape and it's associated activities; including parks & gardens and tree surgery. The only thing that has made me chuckle is the tree surgery that I've added to my remit....I can climb the hooogest tree I want to, carry out complex and dangerous reduction/dismantling operations back to the main stem....carve a totem into the stem, section it off to ground level even, but I'm not allowed to actually fell the stem in one! Apparently I have to go & see maf about that...weird. Don't be afraid to level with the authorities and take them on, I personally have folk just waiting for the opportunity to stick a knife in my back, sleeping at night has got to be a better option than parking the truck out of sight and worrying about the jungle drums?    [/quote]   Well done Chris. I too decided to expand my own " empire " and armed with the necessary translated certification found the Ch de M helpful enough.
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