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  1. I've just googled her and she doesn't look like her voice.[:)]
  2. No, I couldn't even crawl round it on my hands and knees. Though I might be tempted if the commentator on the You Tube video was anywhere nearby, dear me, that is not a voice for TV.
  3. [:D][:D][:D] I always think of Yosemite Sam when I see her, not because she has a moustache [:-))] but because she wears little boots that seem (to me) to be disproportionate to her body.  She is a good looking woman though, she suits her larger frame. What is her claim to fame? I have only ever seen her on Nouvelle Star.[:$]  
  4. I don't like Magpies much either. On one the channels this morning on French TV , there was a brief feature on a bat 'infestation' somewhere in Sth America .The night sky was just full of bats and then it showed them in the day time hanging from trees, they looked a lot bigger than any bats I have seen. Made me shudder!
  5. he didn't feed the kids with ... oh never mind
  6. oh yes, ride a chariot one handed and still put her lippy on straight.
  7. [quote user="Clair"]Josephine Baker for her persistence against race prejudice for her work in the Résistance for her rainbow tribe, long before Angelina Jolie's [/quote] Good call Clair,  I think she was remarkable too.     
  8. Jeanne d'Arc, Anne of Brittany, Marie Antoinette Haven't inspired me but are notable.
  9.   I seem to remember reading on here ages ago about some very dodgy British surveyors, can anyone else remember it ? I would hate Audois to use anyone dodgy (I am not saying that the one that has been recommended so far is [:D]° EDIT had a quick search and couldn't find it, but found this when looking which might help you. http://www.surveyors-en-france.com/  
  10. It may help people if they knew where you are located and why you are getting rid of them. Please tell me it's not a case of " we are going back to England and the dogs can't come because we haven't got the paperwork" [:D]
  11. I ate in the restaurant of BF as we received a discount then for being in the holiday home owners club and it was really enjoyable. The cafeteria was always a disappointment...men standing around wearing big chefs hats does not make them chefs [:-))] especially when they are just shovelling out reheated chips and unidentifiable pieces of chewy meat.[+o(]
  12. Are you serious ? Yes of course you are.  Has it been brought on by the grotty weather ?[:(] So are you willing to tell a perfect stranger what you are going to do next? ooooh how exciting; You will have to do a blog or something.[:D]  
  13. Hello, have you been on your annual foray into Spain ?
  14. Looking at your other post,  you will struggle to get one gite on that budget. I would add that I think you would struggle to get good accomodation for yourselves alone. You may find a wreck somewhere that needs doing up within your budget but the repairs may then eat into your budget more than you anticipated. Also  these wrecks are often / always cheap because nobody wants to live there, there is no work and nothing to do or see. Not really in the best place to try and attract potential customers remember location, location, location. Have you got a Plan B ?[:D]
  15. Ebay UK have got a shop selling them for 4.99  This is the item number 130091838150 ( if you search under item number you will get straight to it ) I am going to get one to see if I can use it to cook my own naan breads on.
  16. You would struggle to take in one Department properly in two weeks, covering Brittany and Normandy might be pushing it a bit. When are you likely to be coming?
  17. We've got hail coming down sideways from two directions [8-)]
  18. If an immo shows you your ideal property first time , then I would say that you have been very lucky. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs ... This isn't a criticism of immos in any way, whilst some will waste your time and theirs by showing you houses further off the mark than others, this could stem from optimism. I wonder how many people have come to France determined to have 'this type of house, in this place' and changed their minds and gone for something completely different ? Riff Raff , you need to be prepared for a lot more disappointment and learn to take it in your stride [:)] It is all part of the fun!
  19.  It wasn't the Kent News where I found this article Bugbear.  [:)]Thanks for the pm Chris, I have found this http://www.beekeeping.com/sante-de-labeille/articles/vespa_velutina.htm  which shows what the hornets look like. [:)]  
  20. I am not a wildlife killer but I have read an article in an expat newspaper concerning a species of hornet that is newish to France , they have settled in the  Lot et Garonne particularly.  The problem is that they go into bee hives in september and eat all the bee larvae. Unfortunately they have no natural enemies in France and so they are flourishing. I have paraphrased the article which comments that Vespa Velutina are 3-4 cm long so smaller than native hornets and are darker with smokier wings and a distinctive yellow line on the abdomen.  Their nests are spherical and can be found in barns and trees and can be easily destroyed at this time of year as the female hornets have gone away for the winter (!) . They are quite shy and its states that you shouldn't be attacked from 4 -5 metres away. It also shows how to make a hornet trap using a plastic bottle, which I can explain if anyone is interested. I have sent a pm to Chris but I am sure he knows about this already. I like bees and would hate to see this become a big wildlife issue in France, even if bees are only insects.[:)]
  21. Just remember Ernie Y, it will be Chris that wears the flip flops in your 'relationship' ![:P]
  22. When I used to go to the cinema in the UK, I think everyone rushed out to be the first into MacDonalds that strangely enough was built next door![8-)]
  23. I just had a quick look at Europcar.fr site and it looks as though they do rent cars to under 19s but there is a hefty assurance premium, but if her friends chip in, it might not be so bad. [:D]
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