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  1. How times change . 100 years ago US policy was to try and anglicize the Native Indians nowadays every American wants to be related to Pocanhontas !
  2. It could have been worse. I could have found something like this      at then end of it[+o(] sliced mouse anybody?
  3. I love the humour in these T shirts designed and made by Native Americans , ( NOT those that can trace their history back to the Mayflower!)    http://www.cafepress.com/ndnpress/81761 I thought I might get the 'fighting terrorism since 1492'  for my next visit state side, I'm sure it will go down well.
  4. He may not have been quite as extraordinary as his PR made out. http://www.answers.com/topic/michel-thomas http://www.laobserved.com/archive/2004/07/silver_star_for.php
  5. Yes It is the kind of bigoted rubbish that comes from a small section of the US that need to get out and see more of the world !  
  6. I have never come across so much hollow bread since I have been in France. What is it with French bakers ?[:@] I have just gone to cut myself a few slices to make a sandwich and there is a huge hole running through the centre of it where bread should be !!!!!  Yours hungrily [:P] Beryl
  7. If he pegs it, she'll have time to plant him before her hols, won't she?
  8. OMG, that reminds me of Dave Lee Travis [:-))]
  9. That hat looks like it was left over from the 80s.
  10. There is not much that I regret in my life. I have made some bad choices and mistakes but had I not made them, my life would have taken a different path and overall I am happy with  my life.  Spending time regretting what you have done or what you haven't, could eat you up!
  11. An island independent of 15 km ray located in neutral territory. A chaotic and chimerical place. A legendary place. It was the dawn of the 2nd terrestrial age. 50 years after the great catastrophe, 12 after the large war. We are into 2159, this island is called Atlantis! http://www.atlantis2159.com/?p=index    It looks like fun and it is French !   I DO HOPE HE WILL BE SAFE [Www][:D][;-)]
  12. I always put any cheap meat in my slow cooker to cook and I cut it into chunks first, normally the bourguignon meat  becomes fall apart tender and I make steak and kidney pies with it.  There are some cuts that are resistant, have too much gristle and not enough good meat, eg the cheap beef that has the bone in the middle, so I leave those alone.
  13. Really, [:(] I hoped it would be a case of swipe the card and pay a little bit and all the rest would be done behind the scenes.
  14. Just found it , I don't remember Hector sounding quite so pompous... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIUqczDUPBw I think it must have been a ménage à trois....but it is French !
  15. Her in the dungaroos in the Elton John record, Was the other Kiki the cat or the frog, I can't remember [:(]
  16. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Isn't there one that we have all forgotten? [/quote]   Could it be Kiki  of ' So don't misunderstand me, You put the light in my life, You put the sparks to the flame'  fame ? or have I got the wrong iki ?
  17. So I am not alone then ?[:)] It's not a big deal but I always have to go to the cash point before I go to the pharmacy ( I am not a hypochondriac!) just to make sure I have enough cash ... then I have to fill the form in and post it ...I look forward to the day when they can swipe my little green card and take less money from me.[:P]    
  18. Thanks but I think I'll give them a miss [:D].
  19. I have seen them too but never knew whether I had to plant them or cook them ! Are they worth cooking tastewise ? So far every new veggie that I have discovered in France has answered the question why I have never seen these in the UK [+o(]
  20. Ah but there are 3 threads with the same title, how do we know which one of the off topics has to stay on topic and which off topic can go off ?[8-)] Wow, I appeared in 3 places at once [:D] where's my Tardis?
  21. I thought she looked very slim, pretty and younger  when I saw a photo of her taken shortly before her death.
  22. Go to their website http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/ click on FIXE in orangey red at the top Then click on REGLEZ VOTRE FACTURE on the left hand side You can then pay it on line safely.
  23. Pleased to hear that he has gone too , hope the associated matters will be resolved soon and you can get on with enjoying the summer, when it arrives! [:)]
  24. I haven't heard of this at all. I am a member of http://survival-international.org/?default_lang_code=en_en   , if anyone is interested in helping the indigenous peoples of the world, there are many causes on here that invite you to write letters to various people. You don't have to be a member to do it. They don't seem to have taken on this cause yet, but give it time! Hope you don't mind me briefly interrupting  your thread Lori [:)]  
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