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  1. 50g / 2oz SR Flour 50g / 2oz cornflour 1 tablespoon of oil 1/4 pint cold water Salt 1 egg white beaten to peaks Mix all the ingredients together EXCEPT the egg white. The recipe states that the batter should stand to an hour before you fold in the egg white, but because I wasn't organised I folded the egg  white in straight away. This easily provided enough batter for 3 good sized pieces of fish. I will substitute the water for lager next time .  
  2. I am not a big dog fan and I am quite nervous around them.   I really don't like it when dog owners expect me to enthuse over their animals whilst it has its nose where it shouldn't. Some people who may use your gites may be a little like me, I wouldn't avoid your gites because you breed dogs but I wouldn't expect them to interfere with my holiday either.
  3. Will you be far from ferry ports? Could you offer a kennel service for Brits who perhaps cannot take their dogs back to the UK when visiting friends and relations?   
  4. I know this has nothing to do with French food but I just fancied some fish and chips (UK) style yesterday and I bought Julienne having never tried it before. It was delicious and I don't know why UK chip shops don't try it as an alternative to cod or is julienne as rare? I found this super easy batter recipe for deepfrying and it made for a lovely crisp batter, so if anyone fancies a change, I would be happy to let anyone have it by PM.
  5.  Je pouvais = I used to be able to ... that makes sense , thank you. 
  6. What is the English tranlation of the imparfait de l'indicatif of pouvais? The website that I use for learning conjugaisons says it is ' could'. But I think 'could' is the conditionnel -Pourrais. Can anyone clear this up for me please?  
  7. I haven't had the winter blues this year even on greyer days and for that I will be eternally grateful to the French climate. I found myself having to squint when I went outside today because of the spring sun. I feel so content !
  8. I did put it in the household waste to start with and then when I realised how common polystyrene packaging was, I thought it must be recyclable.I seem to have more polystyrene than tin cans.
  9. We have to recycle as much as possible, which I believe is a good thing. We have a cage for plastic bottles, carton and tins, a container for glass and another one for paper. My query is that I buy meat in freezer size packs of thick polystyrene. Is the polystyrene recyclable and if so, where should I post it? I have been keeping it in the garage for the timebeing.
  10. If you own a house jointly with your spouse, do you keep 'your' half in the event of a death and it is just the 'dead' half that gets divided up?, thus making the surviving spouse the major shareowner as it were?
  11. Thank you. I am not planning on moving , but it is the sort of thing that I like to get straight in my head .  I would hate to sell my house and then not know if I was going to have a derisory sum handed back to me at the notaires !
  12. [quote user="Gastines"]Tessa Jowell managed to get a £400.000 mortgage without knowing about it.Is that a miracle.?[/quote]   LOL,  well her boss has got a 'hotline to heaven' [;)]
  13. I am sorry but I am  really confused with all this. When does the percentage in the above post apply? If I was to sell my only residence which is in France, having completed a tax form, to buy another house in France. I was under the impression that I would not have to pay CGT or anything. That I could under these circumstances keep all the money from the sale to buy another house.
  14. I read a reply on a french property  forum given by a tax expert, that stated  if it the property is your principal residence then you dont pay any CGT even if you have only had it a year, but you have to prove it is your principal residence otherwise property developers could do this all the time to make a quick profit. If you PM me I will send you the link as I don't know if I can post it here;
  15. It is my first winter in 29 and its been a little cool at night but certainly not miserable. I have not been affected by SAD which I normally get to some degree every winter thanks to the lovely blue skies that appear almost every day.
  16. Hi Clair Thanks for that, I looked at the Lapeyre website but it doesn't appear as though they do wardrobes for odd shaped spaces just standard rectangular alcoves. I want some that will fit into the loft bedrooms and take into account the slope of the roof. I shall try your other suggestion now.
  17.  I am pretty sure that in the UK Psychology degrees on their own do not qualify the recipient for a job in the field of psychology and that they have to do extra credits and join various associations to actually qualify as a psychologist. Could this be the reason that she states it is useless?
  18. If only we could have found a decent range of emulsion without paying an absolute fortune for it.  I think that is the problem, they don't seem to use emulsion but a heavier paint which seems to show up any and every imperfection in the walls. It also seems to have a  far more of a glossy finish than I would ideally like and its hard to use. Apart from that, its fine!
  19. It was just from a google search as the photographs I took from my window just didn't do the birds justice. It took me a while to identify them and apparently they can be found in the UK but I have never seen them before.
  20. [quote user="Dicksmith"]I've never had a problem with that one - or met any teacher who has![/quote] I've known a few instances where coursework has been far superior to the usual standard of classwork but perhaps they were just pulling out all the stops! I think it is now even a problem a some universities at under graduate level.
  21. I had 8 of these tiny and delightful little Goldfinches in my garden today, all came and went together after taking eating some seeds from some weeds we have in the garden. I have never seen these in the UK. They really brighten up a dull winters day.
  22. Sorry, if I gave the impression that I'm trying to fiddle, I'm not really.  It's just that I have an extra statutory concession for my disability which is not taxed in the UK and this income never appears on my p60, of course I will mention it on my tax from when it arrives in the appropriate place. I just wondered how the French authorities would view it re the other post that I had read about someone just handing in their P60 and the cost of their healthcare was based on that figure and not their tax return. I'm not trying to fiddle - just trying to find my feet!
  23. Coursework is always a tricky one, because any teacher worth their salt can spot when someones' work is far outside their normal performance, but of course in this day and age you have to tread carefully as to how you challenge said student or incur the wrath of the parents, who don't always realise that downloading chunks of someone else's work counts as plagiarism.
  24. At the moment I have reciprocal health cover from the UK. I have to complete a French tax form this year and have to declare all UK income, which I don't have any problems with and will do when the time comes. However,  I read on another posting that the French authorities use the P60 when deciding how much people should pay to join the French health system, is this right because it will make a big difference in my case? As part of my UK pension is taxable in the UK and the other part is not and does not appear on my P60.
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