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  1. One for you to use to encourage Mark then, Life is not a rehearsal  [:D] and one he can quote back at you Don't throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water ![;-)]  
  2. Try pages jaunes if this is not the one you need -they are listed in there. 34 r Jules Le Grand 56100 Lorient
  3. As British woman living in France, I think they are both lovely words and like hearing them. However, in the UK I used to think it so unfair that male teachers would be called Sir ( and I never met one that had been knighted [;-)] ) and women teachers regardless of age, marital status or rank would all be called 'Miss'. So yes, I can appreciate their cause but still love the words! I do think that only in France could a feminist organisation get away with calling themselves the Chiennes de Garde, some elements of the  British press would have a field day with feminists having an organisation with 'dog' in the title.  
  4. Thanks Saligo Bay Apologies Ali and Tresco, this picture is obviously doing the rounds at the moment![:)]
  5.   [IMG]http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i165/beryl41/Easter-card_11.jpg[/IMG]  
  6. David McDonald is a professional, that's why I suggested him;[:)]
  7. We used this chap after seeing positive reports on here. We found him to be helpful and got us a good deal and quickly as our circumstances were a little unusual too. http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/500171/ShowPost.aspx
  8. Thanks all for the replies
  9. Can someone please give me some basic dog commands in French as I am soon having a puppy and I would like to use French commands rather than English. Thanks in advance
  10. Could you find out if any of your daughter's friends had this letter before you decide one way or another?  You could then put the onus back on the college if you find out that nobody had had one.
  11. Beryl

    Sod Buster

    Does any one know if it is possible to hire whatever is used to lift turf. I haven't got any turf yet, just a garden full of tough, but fairly shallow rooted grasses and I thought rather than buy/ hire a rotivator, it would be easier and quicker for me to just have the top stripped off. Can anyone tell me what the machines are called and what 'hire it' shops come under in the pages jaunes? Thanks in advance
  12. Julie Clare, I have sent you a PM
  13. So if you have the appropriate wording put into the Acte de Vente, this covers the inheritance position for the house, is that right? So  if this has been  done could some people get by without having a will ? Eg in our case it is the only the house that we have to worry about as we have not got any other assets [:(] I know the will issue is raised so often that people must be sick to death of it , so thanks for replying.
  14. I was advised to complete a business plan etc when I was hoping to turn my hobby into a proper business. It was useful because it did give me an idea of just of much work and effort I was going to have to put in if I wanted to make a decent profit. I suppose with all things, it depends how honest you are going to be with yourself, when you fill these things in, but I erred on the side of caution and then having seen the end figures, decided against it.
  15. On numerous English financial websites, people are often advised to have a French will made before they buy in France. Does it somehow affect the legality of the will if it is made later at a later date? When for example, should a will be made if one is building or renovating a  house?
  16. Having bought some from a number of garden centres, we have since seen equally as good stuff sold much cheaper in E.Leclerc.
  17. Wilko I hope I won't upset any other gites owners here but yours is the nicest and most tastefully decorated gite I have ever seen and I have put in my favourites so I can show it to my friends and relatives in case the fancy a holiday other than chez nous!
  18. Can he not be prevented from 'trading' by anybody? Ps what type of dog do you have Will? He/she looks lovely!
  19. [quote user="FurryKnickers"]     Hello Mrs Beryl I thought I was the only surviving Pogles Wood fan!  I used to get so excited waiting  for them to come on the telly. Watch With Mother was really wonderful! Do you remember the the tulip that played the violin in Pogles Wood? [/quote] I can't remember the tulip at all, I can remember an episode with some little pipe cleaner people. Did you watch it with your mother?   Do you remember these little chaps?
  20. [quote user="Tresco"] Sypathetic eh? Right, no more Mr Nice Gal. These guys are for the chop [IMG]http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i76/twinm/pippinandtog.jpg[/IMG] [/quote] Pogles Wood, my son's  favourite 'watch with mother' when he was little. I have never seen them in colour before.
  21. I read today that a Scottish woman with some connection to the group that Kember belonged to is planning to go to Iraq in the summer, and has already stated that she does not want a military rescue if she is kidnapped. Its a pity that the Iraq          ' government' can't keep these people out.
  22. I have been approached in French cities, always by young men, to sign my name and address on a clip board in protest against something, which I did once, he then demanded I make a donation because I had signed and tried to frogmarch me off to the cashpoint , when I told him I had no money.   Is this a usual method of fundraising or was it as I suspect, a con? I wasn't singled out because I was foriegn, they did tackle French people as well. 
  23. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="beryl"]I supect that I am a bit older than some of you discussing this, but I remember when I was younger how exotic the word negress sounded. It conjured up for me proud strong women sort of like a lioness, even today and though I woud never use it because it would cause offence, the image I had as a little girl of that word will stay with me.[/quote] [:^)] Well, at the receiving end, it felt, as it was meant, as an insult. [/quote] I just want to clarify that I don't use that word and would never knowingly use any term that would cause offence . I think, in the context it was used at my school in the 50s, it was not meant as a derogatory term, but of course, I can see how it does cause offence. I can remember that program ' Love thy neighbour' which was on in the early 70s and unlike every other 'comedy' from the 70s it has not been repeated because it is now regarded (correctly) as totally inapproriate. Thankfully, people are more respectful of colour and culture, though still much needs improving
  24. I supect that I am a bit older than some of you discussing this, but I remember when I was younger how exotic the word negress sounded. It conjured up for me proud strong women sort of like a lioness, even today and though I woud never use it because it would cause offence, the image I had as a little girl of that word will stay with me.
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