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  1. This bird was on a telegraph wire in Brittany; I couldn't see it very well as the sun was in my eyes but it could have been a reddish brown colour, but it was making a persistant sharp 'huit or wheat' noise.
  2. My DIL , a late entry into teaching,  used to come home very irate from parents evenings when parents told her how lucky she was to have so much holidays etc. She used to tell parents that half terms and Easter were filled with writing reports and that she was luck to get a couple of weeks to switch off completely in the summer and a few days at Christmas.
  3. If the architect sub-contracted then it is up to the architect to pay this bill. However, the architect can then TRY and pursue you, if he thinks he has a case.
  4. I like them as a starter with some Bayonne ham.
  5. I know this one. It's by a group called M ( the lead singer is Mathieu Chedid ?) I think it is actually called en tete a tete. I bought my grandson the DVD for Christmas of M live in concert and it's actually quite good. He puts on a good perfomance and his other songs aren't too bad either. You may have seen him he dresses in black and has his hair in the shape of a 'M' with little pointy bits that stick up.
  6. [quote user="Clarkkent"]Opus Dei was 2Oth century too, I thought what Dick was alluding to but didn't mention by name were the Knights Templar , they were given a mention in the Brown book too if I remember. Dick's earlier posting ... "Opus Dei or New World Order" ... Whether or not I approve of it, Opus Dei is an organisation which enjoys legitimacy within the Roman Catholic Church. It is not concerned with any secret bloodline. On the other hand, "Priory of Sion" is a hoax organisation supposedly guarding this great secret. That Jesus did not die on the cross is, I believe, a standard belief of Islam. The Australian authority is hardly earth shattering. Thank you, SB, for bringing some reason into this dispute.[/quote] You are correct, the Muslims do not believe that Jesus died on the cross, hence the reason why they regard him as just another Prophet and not the Son of God. The "Australian authority" view may not therefore be earth shattering but she has attempted to support her theories and I accept that is all they are, with reason and documentary evidence. So you are clearly implying that Thering's view is supported by over a billion of the World's population. I find that pretty compelling! I find your remark 'reason' a little condescending, I don't expect you to necessarily hold with my views but this is a subject that I have studied and will continue to do long after Dan Brown goes out of vogue, I am not an expert but I endeavour to think with some degree of reason and logic. I resent being thought of as some kind of 'blancmange'.  Furthermore, how can you suggest that I am being unreasonable when it is apparent that those who have challenged me have not read widely on this subject? If  you mean by 'reason', that there are more important things to worry about other than whether Jesus was married, fathered children etc, I suppose that depends on your point of view. I am not a Christian any more because whilst I accept that a man called Jesus did live, and that he was remarkable, I do not believe he was the son of God. Needlesss to say the Christian church would not last much longer if everyone shared my view! But to go back to Dan Brown's work, why has this work of 'fiction' caused the Church to speak out? It is only by being allowed to study and question ALL religions openly that we may one day all be able to live in peace, the alternative is for adherents of religion to follow their faiths blindly and thus the bigotry and hatred will continue also. You will be pleased to know that I won't be posting further on this as I am going to the UK for a couple of weeks to spoil my other grandchildren![:)]    
  7. Opus Dei was 2Oth century too, I thought what Dick was alluding to but didn't mention by name were the Knights Templar , they were given a mention in the Brown book too if I remember.
  8. Yes, you are right Ron, I did mean that one [:)] As you can see I  have enough to contend with - the subjunctive will just have to amuse it self until I can cope with it [Www]  
  9. Dick I wasn't arguing with you, just putting forward a point of view. What you stated about Irenaeus was mentally noted but of little relevance to this unless one gets ones facts from Wikipedia ! Especially as  Iranaeus declared  Jesus himself had not only been practising the wrong religion but  that Jesus was also mistaken in his beliefs ! Moreover, the original Nazarenes who actually followed the teachings of Jesus and James, were in the middle of the second century most unpopular with Iranaeus and rest of the Pauline Christians and this also may have affected his judgement. I don't for one moment think that my view reduces to the Burden of Proof fallacy that you like to quote so often. Would you criticise Stephen Hawking in the same way  that you have Thering, for his suggesting things about the Universe that we cannot see, and therefore cannot be sure that they exist either? Why not give the book a go, rather than dismissing it out of hand? But that's the last from me on this subject for now. Best wishes Beryl  
  10. Dick You say that your mind boggles at people who say something 'could be true' therefore they believe it. I wonder how you would have got on in the Renaissance with your accepting and unenquiring mind? It was a good job that we had people such as Copernicus and Galileo with their beliefs, or we may still be thinking that the Earth was flat and is the centre of the Universe. Who is to say that Barbara Thering's work will not be proved true some day? Though I do think that after 2000 years of the Church suppressing and destroying documents and interpreting documents to suit their agenda it is unlikely. The reason I put truth in inverted commas is simply that I don't know the truth and neither do you or the Arch Bishop, but if people accept that Jesus was the Son of God, rose from the dead and performed miracles as 'truth', why is the possibility that he was the partner of Mary Magdalene so hard to accept?  I would argue that the Churches belief that Jesus turned water into wine is far more unbelievable than the possibility of him having fathered children. However, if you ever get time to read Barbara Thering's book, she fowards a far more plausible explanation for many events which have been deemed miracles, loaves and fishes, angels and the early rituals of the Essene. Her academic study is based on primary evidence. No, I have never read the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Gospels in their original languages, however my husband read a literal translation of parts of them as part of his PhD study some years ago and as this is an area that interests me, I do pick his brains from time to time;neither he nor I are feminists. I don't believe in any secret societies involved in a  Dan Brown based cover up (though I am glad to see that we both agree on Opus Dei ) moreover, many of Dan Brown ideas are fanciful and fictitious. But that does not alter my belief that the Church has systematically ignored even destroyed documentary evidence that has not suited its own agenda. It is only in recent history that we are able to openly question church dogma without fear of being branding a heretic and burning in hell.But some will question , some won't and for others faith will close their minds to anything other than what the Church tells them. I did briefly look at the website you suggested but I prefer to get my information from a more academic source rather than an USA paranormal conspiracy site. Finally, I agree with you in acknowledging that the Arch-Bishop has got a job to do and that is to keep his flock happy.
  11. Dick, Surely you cannot believe that the Christian church has not conspired in whatever shape or form throughout history to shape the Christianity that we have today. If this book, can make people question the Church that cannot be altogether a bad thing. Is it so unreasonable to think that Jesus and Mary Magadalene were in some way 'connected'? Especially as the Church has only in recent times ended its propaganda of her as a fallen woman / harlot. But, if they did acknowledge that she was his companion, where would that leave the Church and its male domination ? Certainly, the discovery of the Qumran scrolls in 1947 shed a greater light on how the bible should be interpreted. It is clear that a far greater number of gospels were rejected by the early Church in favour of the the gospels, Matthew , Mark, Luke and John. Which read in their actual context and original language sheds little light on the real life of Jesus, and this  begs the question why is the Arch Bishop so keen to dismiss out of hand, in his words, ' ancient texts'? Dan Brown's story may be a work of fiction but certain aspects have a strong resonance of 'truth' if read in conjunction with Australia's foremost theologian Dr Barbara Thering's book ' Jesus The Man ', in which she contends that Jesus did not die on the cross but went to  father children with Mary Magdalene. Again, one has to ask why the Church  and the Jewish faith having accepted the authenticty of the Dead Sea Scrolls then either rejects the words from the scrolls that don't suit its purpose or as Geza Vermes did in his interpretation, put his own political spin on it.  The Church has held power over peoples' minds and lives for millenium, supplanting christian festivals over pagan ones and for many years gaining control through fear. It has the most to lose, if the Bible is challenged. I think the Christian Church has done women generally  a great disservice and if Barbara Thering's research and theories are correct, a even bigger injustice to Mary Magdalene.  
  12. I  would be be happy to master the present indicative, imperfect indicative, passé simple, future and conditional as that will fit every situation I can think of!
  13. Well I am definitely looking forward  to waching the film version, Tom Hanks doesn't do much wrong filmwise in my opinion and I liked Audrey Tatou (sp?) in Amelie. I see the Arch Bishop of York I think it was has got his kickers in a knot over the book though!
  14. [quote user="Patf"]Someone on the other forum has e-mailed this couple and they say that the series has done wonders for their bookings. Pat. [/quote] The immortal words of Mandy Rice Davies spring to mind [;-)]
  15. [quote user="Chezstevens"]If it all went swimmingly then there would not be a programme - take it for granted that there has been some editorial flannel.  I hope that their efforts to provide entertainment for the wannabees has resulting in suitable compensation.[/quote]   But their website is not a patch on many that I have seen on here, it seems quite poor actually.
  16. Can anyone tell me how the couple in the chateau are getting on and also the Jimmy Savile impersonator in Tuscany? Though they might be from a different but similar programme.  
  17. Beryl

    Kennels 85

    Jyouthed, I have pm'd you
  18. I know that sometimes it is easier to 'let things go' and probably more so if you  are unsure of the language and your rights, but what has happened to your garden is terrible. You have some 'great' pictures to help your case, I really think you need to find out what your rights are and try and get the garden you paid for.
  19. ' very random' etc my grandson in the UK says it all the time and I have no idea what he means.[8-)] The habit that some young people of have of making a statement but raising their tone at the end as though it is a question. I can remember  a very grumpy old woman (me) cheering when Rory McGrath on 'Grumpy old men' talked about this and how he blames Australian soaps, it is so irritating! [:@]
  20. Have you tried googling 'buy to let France' ? There are so many companies doing new builds specifically for this purpose in France, and some of their websites as are quite detailed as regards the legal aspects and how long you have to own them etc.
  21. Ali ards quoted ' I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride one'. Roseanne Barr I know exactly where she is coming from. My husband and son have both bought ride on lawn mowers since living in France, despite the fact that my daughter in law vacuum our houses , far more often with a upright cleaner! There is definitely something about ride on lawn mowers that brings 'something' out in men!
  22. Some universities do charge more, such as the OU. I think it was Deimos that pointed out that the UK government subsidises UK students  that live in the UK, which is why the fees are higher for non UK based students, even if they hold an British passport or are part of the EU. http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/644766/ShowPost.aspx  
  23. I haven't yet sold a house in France, but I was under the impression that it was compulsory  for all buyers to put down a deposit not just British ones.  In which case, it seems that the notaire is being a little biased and not in your favour [:(]; I also thought that the Notaire would hold the cheque , so I think it unlikely that it will come direct to you. I may be totally wrong on this, in which someone will soon be along to tell me  [:)]
  24. Beryl


    I used David Mcdonald having read a good recommendations on this forum,  http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/500171/ShowPost.aspx He was very good, and saved us a lot of further worry and inconvenience. We used a broker as we had unusual circumstances and were having a little difficulty obtaining one ourselves via our applications to French banks.  You might find applying directly to the banks suits you and your circumstances better but I have no hesitation in recommending this gent.
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