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  1. I thought the 2 months and counting was your coming to France permanently ? Sorry if I  haven't been keeping up. So when are you coming on a one way ticket? Has this trip given Mark more of a sense of optimism [:)] or just panic and dread?[:-))]
  2. I have every sympathy for your wife. I have to have a great deal of confidence in my hairdresser and in the UK used the same for more years than I can to remember. I am not the least bit adventurous when it comes to my hair and I have found with personal recommendations that one ladies ideal hairdresser can be another ones nightmare. I tried my local salon when I first arrived and I can only say that I was glad that nobody here knew me! I have since found a mobile hairdresser who is patient and more attentive to detail. The language is a little bit of a barrier ( but  I am having a free private french lesson at the same time which is an added bonus) however, we are gradually getting my hair how I want it. Perhaps finding a mobile hairdresser may help your wife too? 
  3. Again for me its the double standards, of course Prescott isn't the first politician to be caught out. But this Government promised SO much when they were elected re sleaze and at the moment I think they have surpassed the last lot.
  4. I'm not knocking committed Christians, each to their own. But, it does make me wonder whether her beliefs ( whatever they are) are incompatible with her role and as such, was she a wise choice?
  5. Like you Gay, I don't know a great deal about Ruth Kelly but I read that she refused to comment on her views on homosexuality, which, given her current post is a little worrying. Of course, she is entitled to her beliefs but if they impact negatively on the way she does her job, well that's a different story. I suppose it would be political suicide to openly state she does not agree with homosexuality but silence can often be misconstrued. I would have much more admiration for the women if she openly gave her opinions on this matter.    
  6. [quote user="KatieKopyKat"]Look Beryl, he's got a harem of biches.  He kept that under his hat.[/quote] Now I'm getting some strange mental images. Has Twinkle got an appropriate picture please?   edit   Perhaps Will is under his bichons hat?  
  7. yes Lots of Bich on the carpets and bich on the sofas.
  8. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Beryl - that was a joke. He was referring to a PM - a post-mortem examination, presumably carried out after my demise, rumours of which are much exaggerated. I suspect that David knows how to send a private message... [/quote] Oh I see, ha ha ha very good  David [:P] Bit slow on the uptake this morning![:$] Still nothing like a bit of humour to break the ice and that was nothing like a bit of humour [;-)]
  9. You can send a private message anytime. For example if any one wanted to pm me , they just click on the button at the bottom of this message and the facility should appear. As I am online I could  read it straightaway .
  10. This forum has just got back onto an even keel after recent events. There's enough room for everybody isn't there? If  David and Dick do have any issues, there's always the opportunity to sort it privately out by PM .  
  11. As a skilled joiner, I would think those skills will provide more openings for you (if you seek them out) than the other skills you mention. If you can speak French, it may be a good idea to send a CV to the building companies in the area where you want to live. I know that many new house builds are delayed because of a lack of available artisans.
  12. You don't think they could have been doing research for that new forum do you? [:-))][Www]  
  13. Wasn't the upshot of this was that the poster had his/ her membership revoked unless they could show the Mods a genuine reason for asking so many questions of this nature?  I am sure that I read something to that effect not that long ago.
  14. I took 'hearing' to be in the legal sense, hence my use of the word trials. I wasn't aiming to make a point , just misconstrued the meaning of the word as you intended it be meant.   Ron, I understand your point of view and your put forward a good defence for the Deputy PM. But to me it seemed to be misconduct and that the decision to not even consider a full investigation into this affair was in my opinion ,wrong.  
  15. So Dick, are you implying that I cannot think for myself but just echoing what I may or may not read in the papers?[:D] There is such a thing as misconduct in  public office. If a policeman can narrowly avoid jail but lose his job for having sex in a patrol car, then why should the Deputy PM not face such a charge for having sex with his secretary in his office, in works time? I don't like double standards. As for politicians not getting a fair trial, who would you cite as an example Lord Archer ? Aitkin?    
  16. I personally think Prescott should have faced misconduct charges , as I don't think the evidence was too hard to find as he never denied the main accusation, however a Deputy Com at the Met Police has decided otherwise.
  17. Nothing to do with gites - just the French use of telephones [:@] We have made appointment with several agencies since we have been in France. Some have failed to turn up when arranged but rather than phone or email  us to say so, they phone much much later when it is plainly evident that they are not coming and we have had a wasted day. I have already seen that French customer service is way behind UK times, but this just seems plain bad manners and poor business practise to me. Have we been unlucky so far or is this usual?  
  18. I did delete cookies and had to log back in but luckily could remember my password. Thanks for trying though GS Did the bit that you said Ron and it has done the trick , second time today you have helped this damsel in distress [:D][:D]     
  19. Every place I have ever visited on the net seems affix itself into my address bar and any term that I've ever googled pops up when I try and do a new google seach. How can I get rid of all this? - in words of less than 3 syllables please![:$]
  20. The way to do this is get married and have your kids first and join the priesthood later in life. I didn't know until recently that this could be done but apparently it can.
  21. Thanks so much Ron and Boiling a Frog; Its this sort of knowledge and kind help that is priceless and why I'd be lost without this forum!  
  22. Apologies if I am being very dim. But would rather be safe than sorry with my first tax return. Understood the above which affects us.Can I ask for some clarification on these points please.  Page 3 - Do we need to fill in the section "Pensions, retraites" etc also? Page 2 Situations Particulieres at P and F , there is mention of pensions ( military or accident at work) for invalidity less than 40 percent , if we meet that criteria or is that for French pensions rather than foriegn ones? Finally, though I requested the form for foriegn income (sorry forgotten it) they forgot to send us one, is it possible to download one?  
  23. We are hoping to sell on of our properties but would like to get an idea of the value from a couple of immobiliers, are they likely to charge for this service? Also, if having chosen our immobilier, we later for any reason (eg not happy with the service etc) decide to go elsewhere , what, if any financial penalties can we expect? Thanks in advance
  24. He's not this chap is he?   http://www.tradcookers.co.uk/ I've just got him in my favourites for when I get my farmhouse [Www]
  25. Please don't apologise, I only asked as I  was having visions of all my economy post being stockpiled and used as footballs in some dark depot somewhere!  
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