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  1. Yes , you will have to pay a tax on the difference between the contruction price ( on which you have already paid TVA) and the selling price, eg the profit. You need to give all the factures you have paid to your notaire and details of how much you paid for the land (if you bought this separately ) and they can then work it all out. 
  2. Has he got any ? Personality that is.    I usually find it a bit of a misnomer, especially the year Nigel Mansell won [:P]  
  3. Being in the fortunate position to have a "fleet" of cars, I would have thought the obvious solution would be to have some UK registered cars kept at his UK Devon mansion for the use of when in the UK , which given the apparent popularity of his quiz, would be most of the time. Certainly does have a nasty whiff about it.  
  4. [quote user="ChezShells"] Beryl, whilst the previous post may well contain valid points it was off topic and led more towards the 'English coming here dreaming' brigade. Thats how it came accross to me anyway. Maybe I missed something, sorry. [/quote]   As the subject of your original post has now been sold (and not to you) , there is no topic [:P] BTW I was laughing at your response about 'frowing it away'[:)]
  5. 'Good' friends and close family will either always offer to take us out for a really good meal or buy the weeks groceries, it was always offered not solicited and I used to feel uncomfortable about accepting but it can be a dear do for us and this way every one is happy. The worst for bagging a freebie were the not so close friends ( mere aquaintances ) that couldn't wait to invite themselves over for a week of R and R and muggings here had to run around cooking cleaning and picking up the food bill![:@]
  6. ROFL [:D][:D][:D] I do know where Dee is coming from but whilst I have seen lots of grotty gites and B and Bs in real life , most of them are not British owned. Having nosed at a lot of websites on here [geek] the standard is generally very very high, I think most Brits tend to think along the lines of 'would I stay here myself ? ' rather than ' I've got a barn with no cattle and my gran's sheets ( shroud) going yellow through lack of use since the 1960s'.
  7. No I am only teasing (smileys should give that away) Really, why not use another agent and have the one advertise it as a B and B and another as a family home. Also take out your own advert with some one like green-acres. com ( never used them so can't vouch for them) or even a small advert in UK walking magazines http://www.countrywalking.co.uk/ for example.  
  8. You can get eggs from Ebay for all sorts of chooks and they come very well packed and many have a good hatching rate.
  9. [quote user="lacabanne"]  but I dont know where to start www.chemindecompostelle.com/maisonlacabanne   [/quote] Oh but I think you do [;-)]  Joining a French forum to mention this wonderfully nay exceptionally  busy B and B and providing a link to the same, possibly does for free what your agents are apparently reluctatant to do.[:P][:D] and of course you can use more than one agent, [:$]
  10. This is going to sound picky I'm afraid; but whilst including your sample menu for potential guests to peruse is a good idea, it doesn't sound that inspiring or complicated, just the type of good home cooked food that most of us here could do. That in itself is not problem, but if I was going to spend a week on a cookery holiday and that menu was the level that my host had attained, I would go elsewhere.[:(]  Do you not have a more intricate/ inspiring menu that you can put on display ?( even if you don't serve it?)
  11. It could make a debate I agree Chief, but I think we are all in agreement about how shabbily they have been treated and sometimes actions speak louder than words.[:)][:)] and I hate to say this again, but oh look it's back at the top[:$][Www]
  12. After 35 years and you don't know how to bluff ?[8-)][:D] You haven't forgotten, you simply have arranged a surprise and didn't want to ruin it ! That should buy you some time. dash out, book table / buy nice piece of jewellery/ organise flowers and chocolates/ get tickets for something ( easier said than done in deepest darkest France)/ arrange a get together with some friends? I'm sure you will do good.
  13. You are advertising yourself mainly (essentially ?) as a painting holiday so it is a niche market - also your rates are high IMO , I appreciate that your clients are getting art tuition but the price also narrows down your potential customer base further. It looks a nice spot, I have seen better and a lot worse websites. To be frank, I would drop the painting holidays and just advertise holidays and cut the price a bit , if you can afford to do that, unfortunately to keep going, I think you will have to aim to do this.  
  14. Georgina , with respect you need to look up the legal definition of theft. I think running off and failing to acknowledge your debts would qualify as intent.[:)]    
  15. Ultimately the decent responsible credit card holder ends up paying.[:@] I hope that the OP will not be one of those Brits that gives the rest of us a bad name in France by "getting away" without filling in a tax form or "getting away" with claiming things that he is not entitled to or " getting away" with working on the black.  But my first impressions tell me different.[:(] I hear Spain's very nice and very warm, I don't suppose you'd consider....[Www]    
  16. Thought I would bump this back up to the top as it is a very worthy cause.[:)] http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/gurkhas-rights/
  17. Reminds me of the time I nipped into the co-op in the Black Country and bought amongst other things some mange tout,  the cashier shreiked out " Pauline, wot ar these, thay luck like flat pays"!
  18. We used a spray that we found in the outiror catalogue (you can buy online direct but I can't remember what it is called [8-)]) it was guaranteed to clean off mould and stop it growing back for a few years. So far so good.
  19. That was then and this is now.  
  20. Beryl


    You reckon Pat? I think the British public is far too apathetic to care these days, more interested in the latest celebrity that they can vote on than politicians. What happened to good old fashioned protesting in the UK? The Poll Tax triggered riots in the early 80s and yet the Council tax levied is far in excess of that and no one bats an eyelid and if anything a household gets far less for their money than at any time in the past. The Vietnam War in which the UK wasn't even involved in, saw people on the streets in the 60s , the war in Iraq, nothing.  No, we get the politicians we deserve.
  21. [quote user="Quillan"] Well I'm sorry but I can't help how I feel.   So if I have offended anyone I am sorry but as I said I can't help how I feel on this. [/quote]   Feeling something inside and saying it out loud , or writing it on an open forum are very different things. If I said what I was feeling, I would probably get banned[:@]
  22. Beryl


    [quote user="Ron Avery"]Blair changed the Labour party which was unelectable  because of it's looney lefties, links to the unions and its lack of appeal to middle England and developed policies that were acceptable to the electorate.  [/quote] Hadn't John Smith done most of the groundwork in that respect ? Of course he died before he could have been Prime Minister, which I am sure he would have been. A truly great loss for the country.  
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