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  1. The car is a Daewoo Mussoo 2001. I am not the original owner but the Alarm system has Daewoo on the key fob and the operating instructions for the alarm and the Owners Handbook advise contacting a Daewoo representative if you have any problems. I live in dept 16/87 border and presume if Daewoo exist in France I would have to go to Limoges?
  2. Need help with car alarm system problems, any one had similar problems in France? Cannot disarm the alarm, alarm sounds for no apparent reason, cannot unlock central locking with keyfob remote, car won't start due to the alarm led light flattening car battery.....you name it, I've had it!! Have replaced key fob battery and car battery, I know I will probably need to go to a garage but I am worried about possible high charges for what could be a simple solution.....I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had similar problems or from an alarm technician.
  3. Does anyone know if a handshake agreement is legal in France? About 2 years ago our neighbour offered us about 3 hectares of land which adjoins our garden on 2 sides. We went with the neighbour to the notaire to make a purchase but the neighbour was told that he couldn't sell the land to us because it was under a rental agreement to a local farmer which had not expired. However we made the handshake agreement that when the land became free we could then purchase it. Now we have just found out that  the neighbour is selling a portion of the land directly in front of our house to be built on.
  4. My neighbours have recently electric fenced one side of my garden to keep their donkeys contained. We are worried that the fence could be harmful to my dog? He is getting on a bit now at 10 years old (a springer spaniel) and for 5 years has been used to free range of the back garden. 
  5. The only organic way that I know of is to pick them off and drop them in a pot of vinegar to finish them off or squash them to death.
  6. My application to my Mairie for a carte de sejour was refused. My Mairie telephoned the prefecture in Angouleme but they refused to process my application. Does anyone know what else I could do to try and obtain some sort of form of identification as it can be so tiresome remembering to carry passport etc around with me all of the time. I would also like to know what documents I should legally carry with me in my car and whether photocopies of the carte gris, passport etc are acceptable? 
  7.  I drive the same autoroute route frequently and would like to pay my tolls in one go can anyone tell me what payment methods are available? s.v.p. 
  8. I have been informed that to tow an English caravan behind a French registered car that the caravan has to comply with the French immatriculation laws and that the caravan door must not be on the road side of the caravan, which at once would surely mean that most UK caravans would not comply?
  9. "The controle technique document (less than 6 months old)" Can anyone spell out exactly what is meant by the above statement?? I am selling a car with 18 months still to go on the CT thanks for any enlightening info
  10. Anyone know which trades under the general building umbrella do not require decennal insurance cover?
  11. I have given one of my SD cards to a friend who downloaded onto their pc without a problem but have not tried my camera on anyone else's pc so maybe I will try that. I think you all all right and it is time I thought about upgrading my operating system.  
  12. Thanks ALL for your help but I have tried most suggestions but still cannot use the new card reader. In answer to your questions: I was able to use my camera initially (many moons ago now) but this stopped and every time I tried to download my sd card became corrupted and wiped all of the images. I then became frightened to connect the camera to my computer. The camera was a cheapie from Comet the make is Premier and I have bought a universal adapter to connect to the computer for downloading. I had in mind to go and purchase a new recognized make of camera, rather expensive considering the camera itself works well. When I saw the card reader I thought that this could be a cheap option for downloading my pictures. The only other item that I am using on the usb port is my scanner. Thanks once again, any ideas??
  13. Yes you have misunderstood the new card reader device that I bought has never worked. It is plug and play (no driver required) but when I plug it in to either of my USB ports I get the message 'Updating hardware Information Database' and nothing whatsoever happens. I have checked to see and the 'not responding' message is showing. The card reader is compatible with ME and the make is 'Thesys'. I bought the card reader because I have been unable to download my pictures direct from my camera. I was unable to download before but now whenever I try to download pictures my SD card is corrupted. I thought I had a problem with the camera so thought the card reader might solve the problem. Any ideas gratefully received.
  14. In reply to your Q's:- 1. Operating system is Windows ME 2a. Yes  b. Yes 3. I have not tried my other USB port as it is in use by my scanner & I don't want to risk mucking that up by using the port? The card reader does not come with a driver, the make is 'Thesys'. The installation instructions are 'while the computer is on, insert Thesys hub/card reader into a free USB port of the computer...the computer will detect the new device as a USB hub....follow the on screen instructions to instal.' At this point I get the 'not responding' message and can't get any further. Regards, M
  15. I have had a problem for sometime with my digital camera and have been unable to download photos so I have bought a plug-in card reader. I now find I cannot use this as my add hardware wizard does not work and just gives the 'not responding' message. Anyone have any ideas on how I can sort this one out please??? t.y.i.a.
  16. Anyone know what the vegetable 'CROSNES' translates into English as?
  17. I should have been more explicit Honeysuckle hedging is Lonicera nitida and not the normal honeysuckle. I have looked on the above site but they do not have this variety in the hedging section. many thanks for the address all the same.
  18. I am looking for honeysuckle hedging plants but so far have been unable to buy locally. Can anyone suggest anywhere that I could get plants sent and not too expensive please. Thanking you in anticipation.
  19. I have a Springer Spaniel dog (male) 7 years old liver and white. Still looking for someone who has a female who wishes to breed. Charente dept 16/bordering dept 87. Would like pup in return.
  20. "You are not required to pay Tax d'Habitaton once you reach the age of 60" TRUE or FALSE????
  21. Can anybody recommend a recipe for the packs of duck legs you can buy (usually with a sachet of herbes de Provence supplied). I would like a recipe that guarantees very tender meat in or with a tasty sauce. t.y.i.a.
  22. Anyone know where I can find a translated sample of how to fill in the French tax form. The form I have is no: 2042 and I'm finding it a little hard to translate all of the sections. Merci.
  23. Can someone tell me where the Grues start and finish (fly to and from) their annual migrations please. A wonderful sight enjoyed in the Charente flightpath for 2 years now.
  24. Anyone have any useful advice on the pros and cons of electric central heating, i.e. type of radiators and is it possible to buy electric night storage heaters in France?...or would it be cheaper to source night storage heaters from the UK? Thanking you in anticipation.[8-)]
  25. Has anyone managed to successfully make bread sauce and a breadcrumb stuffing here in France using French bread. With bread sauce I have found the sauce to sloppy and the breadcrumb turns to a yukky consistency....has anyone cracked it?
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