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  1. I've seen those around here and they steal the seed off the bird table.  I'm not sure if they are ladybirds, though.
  2. There is always plenty of hot air and there are easy column inches to be filled on the subject of property prices. [:)]
  3. I believe it depends where you live - there's a sort of rolling start from the first weekend of September with the north entering the fray last of all. Plus the season varies according to what you are hunting. There's some more info here: http://www.univers-nature.com/inf/inf_actualite1.cgi?id=2361 There's also a link at the end to some questions and answers concerning 'les droits de chasse'.
  4. The free firewall with XP is Windows Firewall. If you open your Windows Security Centre you should see if you have a firewall activated. Click on Start > Parameters > Control Panel > Security Centre (that is a translation from French - the English version should be similar) that will show you if you have active antivirus and firewall protection. AVGFree is antivirus software rather than a firewall.
  5. Deimos is on spanking form today - new batteries last night, perhaps? [:)]
  6. Bot all - it's like waiting for a reply from Admin. [:)]
  7. That's the one I gave you.  Have you bothered clicking on it? Or shall I ask to transfer you to the thread about troll-eys?
  8. You could be right.  In that case: "All the French detest all foreigners and you should not believe anyone who says otherwise.  Stay in the UK." I hereby waive all rights to this post.  No attribution or remuneration required.
  9. A drunk in a bar? Note: I resisted putting a nationality to that.
  10. So it is a waste of time posting here, then?
  11. Do you mean Parthenay, dept 79? Golf - see website for chateau-du-petit-chene.com/
  12. Surely they're all buying dolphin motif plastic toilet seats?
  13. Did I miss it first time around?  Did I reply? The goldfish effect strikes again!  Let me know the thread and I'll just copy across whatever old bollocks I posted last time! [:D]
  14. [quote user="franc o file"]I have been on holiday many times and to many different areas of France (and love it) and only ever experienced kindness and friendliness (apart from, maybe Paris) but it's different to living there [/quote] We've experienced the same since living here - friendliness, openness and smiles.  We've never been blanked or ignored, although there were some blank looks on both sides in the early days when our French wasn't up to speed. Actually, that's not quite right.  There was one local woman who blanked us early on - turned out she is English but has lived here donkey's years with her French husband and four kids.  She's friendly enough now, though.  I think that maybe early on she was thinking "Oh no, Brits - if I talk to them I'll never get rid of them." [:D]
  15. Thank heavens.  That's all much clearer.
  16. Lost me there, Steve. [:D] I think our old Pug 306 1.4 was classed 6 CV for fiscality purposes.  I don't think there is a simple way to calculate it other than the bizarre formula I found on the Internet, though there may be a "rule of thumb" approximation which is simpler.
  17. Should you ever need to calculate the Puissance Fiscale yourself, there is a formula: La Puissance AdministrativeDepuis le 1er janvier 1978, le calcul de la puissance administratrive/fiscale des véhicules vendus en France, prend en compte les démultiplications de transmission. C'est dans le but de favoriser des véhicules à adaptation moteur-transmission de type économique (rapports longs) et donc, d'en défavoriser d'autres.    Pour les véhicules particuliers de moins de 9 places à moteur thermique quatre temps La puissance administrative Pa est donnée par la formule suivante :  avec m égal à 1 pour les moteurs à essence ou à 0,7 pour les moteurs Diesel,  C étant la cylindrée du moteur en cm3  et K la moyenne des vitesses exprimées en km/h pour 1 000 tr/mn au moteur. Good luck with that one! [:)]
  18. UNESCO has to be more careful as it is public money. [:D]
  19. Cassis

    holes in garden

    I notice that hares have been mentioned a couple of times.  They don't dig burrows - they make a nest in a depression in the ground, usually in long grass.
  20. Cheers, Coops.  Well, in that case I can vouch for their hiking boots (mid-to top-of-range) but I've never bought their tents. The tents do not fit my feet.
  21. Was it a camera up the bottom?  I suffered that at an unconscionably young age.  At least a nice nurse held my hand.  Or was it a smaller orifice for Ernie?  Sorry, but that post is pages long! [quote user="oglefakes"] Cassis, You have far too much time on your hands to photoshop (or whatever) pics. [/quote] Ah, 'twas the work of two minutes, Mr Flakes.  [:D]
  22. Here's some available my mail order as part of a bio vegetable fertiliser.  I just saw it in my gardening mag today. It is the offer of the month so I don't know how long it will remain on this link. http://www.jardiniersdefrance.com/fr/boutique/offredumois_detail.asp?produit_id=1514
  23. This may seem like a dumb question but ... is Decathlon own brand branded Decathlon? I DK about their camping gear but their bikes cover a hell of a price range (both OB and other) and you seem to get what you pay for.  Ditto hiking boots.  Is it specifically the own brand camping gear that you reckon is poor?
  24. You'll have to have an address here to register it here in France.  That's where you register it.
  25. Hang on, I've found the answer.  After a while they all resemble each other. [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/complete/adamspaisley.jpg[/IMG]
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