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  1. What does harrowing actually do, Coops?  Is it as scary as it sounds?
  2. I think the French once said that it was against the France code of conduct to talk in code, or use foreign tongues that others in France might not understand. However, it's okay to post without punctuation etc. even if, as a consequence, no-one can understand the message. Strange old world, isn't it? [:D]
  3. Curses.  Let us know when there's a response.  That James is a clever chap - if he can't make them work properly, maybe he can just get rid of the non-functioning balls.
  4. Active?  In what sense?  At that time I was doing this year's planting plan.  Jude doesn't think that counts as activity.  Too many distractions at the screen. [:)]
  5. Nope.  Go on, Quillan, [EDIT: or any other Mod, if Q's too busy] have a word with the powers that be and fix it.  Somemody must have some spare time to drop a line - the mere mortals of the forum don't have the clout. [:)]
  6. What a good idea, to have a thread just for grumping! Or rather, huh, what a stupid idea it was to post that message. What a waste of time. Tch.  Pff.  Hmmph.
  7. I've seen scarifiers that you can hitch to the back of your tractor mower - I'm saving up for next year when I hope to start the conversion from mainly moss to mainly grass.
  8. I was looking for a pigs ear recipe and came across this snippet on a Quebecois site: "Le terme "bacon" est français et ce sont les Normands qui en ont répandu l'usage chez les Anglo-Saxons." So how come I can't get any decent bacon in Normandy?  It's all smoked. Here's a nice pig's ear recipe: http://www.cooking2000.com/fr/starter/oreille-de-cochon-tomate.htm As for trotters, you'll find them at racecourses but I'm not sure if those are for eating, much as the French enjoy horsemeat.
  9. Yes.  The change is very subtle indeed.  Perhaps a colour chart could be posted?
  10. Well, look who she's married to!
  11. MEN When you stand before the loo, Please be careful what you do. Don't gaze upon the view outside Or wave your todge from side to side. Make sure your little friend don't miss, Cos I don't like to mop up p**s. The Management
  12. Cassis


    Yup.  I'm all for that.  You can put grass clippings on as long as you mix it in with plenty of other material.  If you put a load of grass on at once and you don't mix it in it turns into a horrid slime.
  13. You can email me for a list of free sites from which I have received bookings - there are about 8 that have produced something (out of about 100 free portals and directories where we are listed).
  14. PG wants to wash her hands of this forum (she has only returned once to clarify a misunderstanding about her blog's provenance).
  15. Problem is, Pogo, some people use [:D] and [;-)] etc. to excuse pathetic, thinly disguised insults. There are many examples - it would not take long to make a fine collection!   I fact, I'm sure I have one somewhere ... At least you know where you are with ,this and this. Beers all round (almost) [B] [B] [B]
  16. It's a nice idea, Patf - "Brits defeated by French grass".  [:)] I don't think the tractors work at night because it's cooler, though - lots have A/c - more to do with getting the work done while the weather is suitable. Around here, anyway. [:)]
  17. Sorry, Chipie, I'd hate to think that you felt excluded.  Dick can explain the second, non-blog-related, reason for the secret squirreldom, but unfortunately not on the open forum.  Despite what his signature says. [:D] I'm not even sure PMs are secure, whatever anyone says! [;-)]
  18. [quote user="zeb"] If you live in a village though, it's best not to as any noise really echoes in French villages![/quote] All you need is couple of French dogs to drown out the noise of the mower. [;-)]
  19. Unfortunately, yes.  But I'd rather see TB in a crucible.
  20. [quote user="Bugbear"]We ... never understood why anyone would want 36 crappy rolls of toilet paper. [/quote] What - they took USED toilet paper! [:-))] We have a guest who has been to stay maybe half a dozen times.  She regularly gets through a toilet roll per night.  She must be very regular. [:)]
  21. As Weedon said in the other thread: "If you live out in the sticks you more or less do as you please but if you have neighbours then the normal rules apply.  The considerate think of others and the not so considerate live next door." [:)]
  22. I don't think he has special software to do it - looks like a straightforward shot of a bird dog. Nice work, Dogwood.  [:D]
  23. What is it you want to do?  There are lots of different licences (natch) depending on exactly what drinks you are providing (alcoholic or not, just wine, or spirits as well), whether they are served with meals, etc. There's a full rundown here: http://www.inforeg.ccip.fr/ As we just do B&B (not evening meals) we just needed a petit licence.
  24. It depends on the local rules and whether you live near other people. You need to ask at your Mairie.  There may even be a notice posted. Have you read this thread? http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/565507/ShowPost.aspx
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