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  1. [quote user="Mark"][quote user="Ian"]I'm a lone voice (or nearly) so it would appear for UHT.  Warmed with a splash of armagnac and a teaspoon of honey - FANTASTIC. [/quote] Right, that's decided, we'll serve 'em that for breakfast then. [:)] [/quote]Even better without the milk!  [:)]
  2. Cassis

    Family Motels

    There's also a Mercure on the D338 as you head south out of Alençon - a bit better than the B+B and Campanile.  No idea about family rooms, I'm afraid.  The restaurant next door, "Escargot Doré" is brilliant, though maybe not for kids.  You'll find a Flunch and McD's at Arçonnay shopping centre nearby. Also an excellent Chinese/Thai about 600m away.  The Campanile's in the northern industrial estate desert - the B+B's even worse for location.  Okay as long as all you need is a bed and you don't want to go out for a walk or anything.
  3. Blimey O'Riley, Mikey!  Radical!  Here are some alternatives from the same source.  Less spectacular but made for home rather than garden and barn use.  Hold Mikey's tin in reserve in case you need to nuke the b*stards. Mite killers You can buy similar stuff in any brico shed or supermarket.  And mothballs as well.
  4. One thing, Wen - what time do they clear out by, and how long does it take to clean the room afterwards?  Can I get a half dayer in if I know the main guests arrive at, say, 6.00pm?  Are any special cleaning products required?  Do you change the sheets?
  5. [quote user="wen"]Two weeks ago a family asked us: 'Do the restaurants here do French food?'.  Too many pizza and kebab outlets in France these days obviously I'm afraid. France, take note. [/quote] [:D] [:D] [:D] It reminds me that 2 weeks ago we had a family rang us en route to check if the village restaurant would still be open as they were running late.  When I said yes, she said "What sort of food do they do?".  Baffled, I replied "French food."
  6. [quote user="LEO"]If Quillan ever did the same - I would take my trousers down in "Burton's" window for a fortnight ! [/quote] In that case, fingers crossed he doesn't. [:D]
  7. Know what we're doing?  If we thought about that surely we'd get a proper job.  Guests departed for the day so I'm relaxing with a half pint of gin.  Soon the booze will take effect and I'll forget what I'm doing for another blissful day.
  8. Distinct lack of responses to your question, Mark.  I asked someone on another forum about this. You can use the same syrup for both your B&B and your gite if you do decide to register.  However, you are not necessarily obliged to register with your CdC - it depends on your turnover.  I'm sure I've got the figure somewhere, it was fairly large, I think - pushing 30k?  I couldn't swear to it without checking.  Let me know if you need the exact number and I'll dig it out. That said, the rules are not crystal clear (surprise, surprise) and you may get alternative views (like IN THEORY you should register if it is your main income, regardless of how much it brings in), but in practice there are loads of B&Bs which do not register with the CdC and just declare their income on their declaration d'impôts.  Unless you get off to truly a flying start, therefore, you do not have to worry about registering. EDIT/ Stop press: Announcement August 2007 by the minister of tourism requiring CdH to register  
  9. [quote user="mascamps.com"]Any other "Mr Bean" stories to share? [/quote] Arnold, how the heck can we follow that?  Priceless! [:D] Nothing to match.  On a lower level: A couple who bought a Beemer in Germany to export to the USA.  Tried to go in to town for dinner but returned hungry because "the roads were too narrow to drive and there were cars coming the other way".
  10. I was going to say how brilliantly we are doing, but decided better of it.  After all, I don't want to appear like this. [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/possum/trumpet.jpg[/IMG] [:D] [:D] [:D]
  11. I've got an alternative name for our new style of B&B and it caters for several nationalities - "Baiser & Bonkfest".
  12. Try putting a quote from you guest book from someone called "Gay" on your index page and see what happens.
  13. Cherry Lips - I've got an idea.  It's a blinder. How about getting Betty on board with us - she's got a certain appeal, you have to admit - and instead of doing Bed & Breakfast, our new line could be Bondage & Betty.  We don't even have to change the signs.  I've got a feeling it wouldn't take much to get Betty on board.  Do you think rubber accessories could have an appeal for certain "clientèle"?  I've got this vision of Betty in a headscarf and wetsuit zipped open to the waist.
  14. Flip me - yer on!  Don't worry, I'll leave the rats in the guest rooms as per usual.  You're not having me dress, though. [:D]
  15. Well, stap me vitals!   You mean that the views that other B&B owners have represented here aren't what they think about EVERY guest?  [8-)] And here was me thinking that everybody who crossed the threshold of every B&B was meant to be treated like a nasty disease.  I'll have to change my "welcome"  policy and put the cattle prod away. Rats - how'm I going to get my fun now? [:(] Glad you like the dress - it's part of my my "summer" collection, slashed to the waist for easy access.  That's between us owners, right?  Don't want Johnny Public getting on to what goes on behind the "Private" sign.  Keep it schtum.
  16. Actually, could be a clever ploy - first show the punter the pigsty, then they'll be delighted to sleep in the byre.  I'll just make a note of that one ...
  17. I wonder why on earth they offered you a crap room in the first place?  That's really weird marketing. I'm just trying to imagine what anyone would do if they came here and decided for some reason that they did not like the room they had booked (although it's never happened and why it should I can't imagine, as the overwheming majority of our customers have seen the room they have booked on the website).  I suppose we could offer them to doss down in the barn. [:D]
  18. Being hospitable is very easy.  It's just the selfish tosspots, thankfully few and relatively far between, who get short shrift.
  19. [quote user="woolybanana"]I don't think you mean Consular General, Quillan. I suspect that something like local authority or regional development authority would work better[/quote] I suspect you're right and that "Consular General" is just an idiosyncratic (possibly Babelfish?) translation of "Conseil Général".
  20. Yup - which is partly (but not entirely) why the hotel trade is pressing for increased regulation on B&Bs.  Oops, sorry, no such thing as B&B - I meant shambles d'hôtes. I don't think it is confined to Brit owners, though.
  21. [quote user="jc"]I would always ask to see the room first-not to pick holes but to check that it is as advertised.[/quote] Good idea.  Photos and descriptions in adverts rarely do justice.  If it looks better than expected, don't forget to pay more. [:D]
  22. [quote user="Gardian"]Bet you didn't get a 'bung' from C & J last night !  Notoriously stingey. They've told me today today that they thoroughly enjoyed their stay last night, especially the Museau at the local restaurant! That aside, and the occasional heated comment in this thread, isn't all this purely and simply about consideration for those providing a service?  I find some of the situations described in threads like this hard to believe, yet they obviously happen.  Many of these people presumably hold down quite demanding professional roles with deadlines to keep to, yet find it impossible to plan something as simple as a journey from A to B (with allowances) and the ability + consideration to ring ahead with a change of plan.     [/quote] Hi, Ian. At least he avoided the andouille. Lovely couple, I wish they were all like that.  You've hit the nail bang on the head - it's about consideration for others.  We can't do enough for people who treat us properly, rather than like doormats.
  23. No idea what you're talking about.  [:)]
  24. Leo, it comes in here: "Hi Muzzie, I appreciate it must have been a shock, however, your premises cease to become a private home when you advertise and take paying guests, particularly when your offering 5 rooms , it would indicate that the "lions share ".of the house is in a sense "commercial". I thought that this post clearly suggested, in context, that Muzzie's complaint was unjustified.  Did it not? Maybe there is an alternative interpretation.  Maybe you can enlighten us as to your meaning - your last post certainly does not explain why you think it was okay for guests to use private quarters.
  25. [quote user="Alan"]Not sure about the GDF, maybe for a 1 then it would not matter but i know for a 3 grading you have to offer pastries or home made cake or fruit loaf [/quote] As long as you have croissants and pain au chocolat or similar, fresh each day, be it from a baker or home cooked, that is acceptable.  They no longer expect you to be a master baker.
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