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  1. Sorry, but I insist that it is a giant tiddleywink taken from a Vogon transporter.  Here is my source: 2007 Intergalactic Tiddleywink Tournament Content may be reproduced for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  2. Ouaii, j'adore ta pêche, ma princessssssssssssssse Fronshee.  Specially for Mistah Heed Something more hip
  3. Scammers perform a public service by enabling those who receive very few emails to verify that their email accounts are still active.
  4. [quote user="Cat"]Not sure what you're aiming at Will?  The original link was too long, and didn't work. [/quote] Will says "it takes you to a page that tells you your session has expired", Cat. "It" being Clair's link,  i.e. the link of Clair does not work.  So if you click on it it does nothing useful. Here are the pics in question: [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/map2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/map1.jpg[/IMG] Looks pretty obvious, it's an intergalactic tiddley-wink.
  5. Looks pretty genuine to me - he's a doctor, after all. [:)]
  6. Yes, well you can't have everything, can you;  Don't be greedy. [kiss]
  7. Now for a touch of class .. Crazy Horses
  8. [quote user="Khazi"]I can't for the life of me make out a face in the picture you mentioned - I'll have another look with squinty eyes! [/quote] If you look really carefully some people can see a face in this cloud. [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/complete/cloud.jpg[/IMG]
  9. Cassis


    You could try plastering over it.  Or woodchip.
  10. Cassis


    [quote user="vanessa"]    They don't plaster nice and flat as we do, its a mess. [/quote] Who is "they"? [8-)] Woodchip covered in gloss paint is worse than crépi.  [:D]
  11. You could try sand and chaux blanche.
  12. That's how most French industry has been run for years.
  13. [quote user="jan50"] Why would I want to put my gite on a site that has no page rank.and watch it leech away my own page ranking? [/quote] If it is a fairly new site then Google Toolbar will not show its PR yet.  They don't ask you to link to them and I can't see how listing with them will harm your site's PR. [8-)]
  14. [quote user="Daisy-May"]Hello, I have just received the prices from them:  1 bedroom/2 persons €240 2 bedrooms/4 persons €345 3 bedrooms/6 persons €530 4 bedrooms/8 persons €695 5 bedrooms/10 persons €845 6 bedrooms/12 persons €985 7 bedrooms/14 persons (with a suite) €1150   They don't publish until Feb 2009 next so I have plenty of time to consider it.  We are receiving a promising amount of bookings from our own site, which we too try to maintain frequently, and yes a lot of time boosting google ratings in the winter! Back tio the chalkboard![/quote] They're having a laugh at those rates, aren't they?  695€ for 4 bedrooms!!!!  [:D]  The price increments are weird - first room 240, the next one add 105, then 185, 165, 150.  I get the sliding scale, but not the second room increment. Maybe if you're top end, over 100€ per room per night, and the rest of the B&B's marketing is hopeless, i.e. you'd be empty without the bookings from Sawdays,  it might make sense, but you need to get a lot of "new" bookings, i.e. they would have to fill a lot of rooms that would otherwise lie empty,  just to break even.  Good luck with your website and all the best for 2008. PS These sort of rates make more sense for gite owners (like Catherine) where you only need a few bookings to cover the costs and make a decent ROI.
  15. [quote user="Bugbear"][quote user="Frogslegs"]We are midway between La Rochelle and Cognac and know of three  b and b's for sale....probably more if I have time to think about it. Email for further information.[/quote] I think that there may be a message there...................................[:)] [/quote] [:D] [:D] [:D]
  16. Useless for anything other than marking a path.  Brico Depot currently have an offer of 8 for about 15€.  Brushed aluminium stalks and caps,  brighter and whiter  LED "bulbs" than others we've tried.  We bought the same from them this time last year and they still stay lit all night.  But the rechargeable batteries will doubtless need changing eventually (as said).
  17. Sawday's is not a guarantee of quality or being a 'cut above' as Clair has pointed out.  In the past we've stayed in a couple and they were indistinguishable from any decently ranked B&B with the national bodies like GdF and Clévac. They are expensive - they wanted a heck of a lot more than 200€ from us so we didn't bother.  From memory about 400€ but I couldn't swear to the exact amount.
  18. Thanks, Wen.  We haven't had any of those but I was not aware of the visa angle from those parts. [:)]
  19. All our 2-stroke machinery is 40:1 petrol:oil, but the fuel:oil ratio varies depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, usually marked on the filler cap, otherwise look in the instruction manual.  Best mix it in a petrol container (marked 2-stroke to stop someone topping up a four stroke machine with the wrong stuff) as it's impossible to get the proportions right if you add oil and petrol separately to the fuel tank.  NB 2-stroke oil is marked "2 Temps" - not just ordinary car engine oil. Mmmmmmmm.  Warm oil.  2 strokes good.  4 strokes better.  Mmmmmmm.
  20. Unless you are a company with special needs you'd be barmy to pay for antivirus software.  People on this forum (and others) have been advocating freeware like AVG 7.5  for ages.
  21. Our detcheterie has got CCTV so I don't think that would work there.  Unless the person blanked out their number plates.
  22. Get Squidge to ask these questions in future - saves embarrassment all round. If it quotes cc's it's petrol driven ("thermique").  They are all two stroke (petrol and oil) as far as I know.  Sometimes they will quote watts as a measure of the power output even for petrol models. The vodka/gin/scotch hip flask attachment is an optional extra on more expensive models. If you're using it for more than a few minutes at a time, (lets say, for argument's sake, you have grass, mega-weeds and general green detritus from a 'garden' and fairly precipitous river bank to clear - that would be quite a big job) then those with two handles and a decent harness are more expensive but a lot easier to handle and less wearing on back/shoulders/arms.  As I only found to my cost after buying a cheaper petrol model with a "D" handle and single shoulder strap. I would make sure your legs and arms are properly covered when you use it (not shorts and T-shirt) - face mask is advisable as well.  The sap from some weeds (like cow parsley) can give you "strimmers rash", like giant hogweed burns. Petrol models - wear padded gloves, especially if using it for more than a few minutes - don't be surprised if your hands tingle or feel numb, these things are terrible for vibration. I hate strimming. [:@] PS Strimming on a slope is the pits. [:@] [:@]
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