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  1. [quote user="Mark"]12 posts is relatively meandery given some of the participants.  Will you let me have 'meandery' Dick?  I rather like it. [/quote] Ooh, not sure Dick would allow that.  Does 'meandery' mean 'meandering'?  In which case I reckon it was no more meandery than usual given the participants!
  2. [quote user="Pun"]if you have a garden of interest ie trees / bedding area's/ etc that a ride on lawn mower is not the ideal way of cutting the grass due to the fact that you cant get around half the area and you end up using a much cheaper hand powered lawn mower and you may find you get a better job done. [/quote] Indeed - and if you've inherited a French lawn you'll probably find it already has plants and shrubs randomly dotted all over it!  [:)]
  3. [quote user="Quillan"][quote user="Cassis"]Of course it's not as good as a sweeper.  Did I say that?  I said you can use the mower box for collecting leaves so you don't need to buy a sweeper. [/quote] Glad you agree. Yes you did by implication. "can use the mower box for collecting leaves so you don't need to buy a sweeper." [:D] [/quote] I think you must abide by rules of logic unknown to the rest of the world, Quillan.  I actually said the mower has a "collector box which you can use for gathering leaves - no need to buy an additional attachment for that task". That does not mean it makes as good or efficient a job as a separate sweeper. You don't have to defend your purchase.  Spend your dosh on whatever you like, for God's sake, I was just giving a tip for collecting leaves.
  4. Cassis

    new garden

    My sympathy over the rotavator - it can be a bit like greco-roman wrestling with Superman unless you're gardening on sand. If you use a bed method for your potager you only need to dig it once, then manure it in autumn and let it rot in naturally.  I cover the beds with thick black plastic sheet over winter - means you don't have to wait for it to dry out in spring and it is warmer than uncovered soil so you can plant earlier (weather allowing).  Straw mulch is pretty effective against weeds. Also grass clippings, but not too thick a layer as they can get hot. Rosemary, thyme, sage all do well in containers and don't mind a bit of neglect.
  5. Of course it's not as good as a sweeper.  Did I say that?  I said you can use the mower box for collecting leaves so you don't need to buy a sweeper.
  6. I used to start ours off in the airing cupboard.  Not having one here, the next best place is a boiler room.  Failing that, a small, cheap heated propagator.  They need constant warmth 24 hrs a day for several days (about 10 days usually, but longer if the temp. drops at any time) to germinate reliably.
  7. [quote user="Coco"]That's exactly my fear.  I'm sure that the Parisian who added an extra bedroom and a kitchen/diner to our property never declared it.  He can't have done, our TdH is so ridiculously low.  Now that we added extra rooms as well I'm expecting ours to at least triple, if not quadruple!!!  [:(][/quote] Coco - does the habitable surface on your taxe d'habitation form match your actual living area?  That should give some indication of whether any extension by the previous owner has been declared at the centre d'impots.  Should this have been checked at the time of purchase?
  8. I'm not sure from what I've read here whether the OP or the builder/project manager has actually sent off the declaration of completion of works - this has to be completed and given in at the Mairie when the work is finished.  It comes as part of the permis de construire documentation when you get approval for the works.
  9. I think I know the Bricolage model you are looking at - we were looking at it last week as well.  It sounds like it should be fine for what you need as long as the ground is not bumpy - we got a lower powered model (16 hp B&S) by the same manufacturer under a different label for 2149€ from Bricomarché and it was recommended for anything up to 6000m2.  Essentially the same models can be found as Mr Bricolage, McCulloch, BestGreen and Husqvarna - and probably other labels as well.  Made by Electrolux in America.  It has automatic transmission, rear ejection and large collector box which you can use for gathering leaves - no need to buy an additional attachment for that task.  It also has a mulching facility.
  10. On the right hand side of the forum page list, do you see an advert for AON?
  11. Happy birthday, Gay - at the end of the day, have a nice soak with a bottle of bubbly at your side. That bath is fitted now, isn't it? [:D]
  12. I'm stretching the memory a bit but I think it's tens - we had the jet replaced when we had the chimney swept and I THINK the jet was about 60-70 euros fitted.  But I would have to check what the price of the part itself was.
  13. I know it's a scam - that's what I said at the beginning. [:)]
  14. I put the odds of scam at 98.99% - trust me, I'm a statistician - would I lie?  [:D] I'll let you know if I get a reply. [:)]
  15. [quote user="ThomasD"]I dont think I would say anyone who thought this enquiry is genuine was stupid. [/quote] Nor would I.  As I already said, I posted it as being a scam a bit above the normal level.  Nevertheless, plenty in it to set the alarm bells ringing, as you said. Quillan's explanation for the different fonts also holds water if we accept that this senior accountant for UNESCO cannot spell "France".  Another possibility for the font size shift could be if they were sending out a standard letter to a load of different locations, that might explain the "Alencon, Normandy" bit.  But then, why fart about with pasting in different places where you claim to have found the accommodation details?
  16. Just for a laugh, I have replied from a disposable email address: Hello Alice Thank you very much for your enquiry.  We can accommodate your party and offer a 10% discount on our normal rates.  Our normal rate for the Red Room is 50€ but we can offer it to you for 45€ per night including breakfasts and taxes de séjour. We would be delighted to accept your booking and provide whatever information is required to make your stay a happy one. Regards
  17. Coco, here are the givaways: The fact that "France" and "Alencon, Normandy" are in different fonts suggests that they have been merged into a standard letterWhat the hell is "France tourism directory"? The fact that they give an address but no phone number - no risk of me writing to them, but I might ring them.  The address is genuine, but so what? The fact that the letter could have been sent to a B&B, a gite or a hotel equally well The fact that the email does not originate from our website formThe fact that it is a yahoo email addressThe fact that a senior accountant for Unesco called Alice Ford uses such flawed and stilted English e.g. "I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and recommendation on a suitable accommodation if you have availability for 14 nights (2weeks) and the costs. Any discounts for long stay?"The fact that she tells me she is a senior accountant working for UNESCO - so frigging what?  Oh, of course, with an important job like that then you must be genuine.Individually, not a lot, but together that's a whole load of evidence of someone taking the p*ss, at least in my book. [:)] EDIT : QUILLAN, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SUGGESTING THAT THEY CAN'T SPELL "FRANCE"? 
  18. Born London Marylebone, February 4th 1915, to Frederick and Maude. Mother left home. He ran away, returned.  Became errand boy, coal-miner, waiter, pageboy, cabin-boy, soldier. Debut as entertainer at age 31.  Tweed cap, tight jacket, undersized trousers, twisted tie. Physical slapstick comedy films. Knighthood 1999. Cult film icon in Albania.
  19. Can you clarify, Maude, do you mean the wood burner is just for central heating (as you say at the end) or is it for hot water (as you say at the beginning)?  Our wood/oil chaudière can do both, though we only use it for the central heating as we use an electric hot water boiler.  French hot water tanks are under mains pressure - you do not need a header tank.  Our central heating system has a small expansion/header tank in the roof cavity.
  20. Nope.  They were never as good as they were before.
  21. The "special latex tile adhesive and grout" part of Tony's post is crucial - plywood and tiles expand and contract at different rates and you need an adhesive with flex to compensate.
  22. Quite.  If these people had any sense they would cut out the crap.
  23. I'm sure if it could be condensed it into 50 words, without skipping anything important, that would suffice.  Over to you, Mr Smith. [:)] On another thread you mentioned Michelin guidebooks.  The Green guides are wonderful, I agree.  They formed the backbone and framework of many a past holiday.  They also give a potted history which could help this OP.
  24. I'm so upset.  My post has been deleted. Boo hoo. [:'(] We could have been allowed to play with it for a bit longer, surely? [;-)]
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