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  1. If the violin has a paid-for seat, does it also get food and drink on board?
  2. Is it not a case of each to their own?  It would be a bit of a beggar if everyone thought they wanted to live on the Isle of Wight, wouldn't it?  Sorry, maybe I'm over-simplifying. [:$]
  3. Tony Dordogne has kindly copied the article relating to trees, heights and boundaries.  Trees and Boundaries NB this is a pdf file of 1.6MB
  4. That's very kind, but I'm really only doing this so that I can infiltrate the women's sewing circle. In case it's not clear what it is (or should eventually be), it is a lion on a red background with a squirly border.  You can see a paw. Basic question - am I working it in the right direction? I'm trying to work left to right, bottom to top, on a diagonal that slopes top left to bottom right, as far as the frame allows, and finish off the whole of the visible working area before winding on.  As you may be able to tell, the instructions were not exactly comprehensive!
  5. I have to say it's quite fun - I was not sure I would enjoy it, it's just something that caught my fancy when I saw some kits at the Bayeux Tapestry museum.  I wish I had bought one of theirs now (still, good excuse to revisit at some point). [:D]
  6. Nick - I just re-checked our bill - it was 10.49€ for the injector part.  I had misread a French "1" as a "7".  So it looks a lot more reasonable, now!
  7. Sounds great.  Tell you what, if I post a picture of my dog's breakfast, can we have a peek at your work whenever it's finished? [:)]
  8. [quote user="Ford Anglia"]Oh, and to get back on topic, waht's the difference between mulching and just leaving cut grass everywhere? [/quote] I guess the only difference is that in mulching the clippings are cut more finely so they are not so noticeable.  In theory, they are supposed to rot/be worked in by worms, but there is the possibility of them creating a 'thatch' under the top layer of grass, which can cause drainage problems and encourage moss in some circs.  You can always scarify once a year to get rid of it, though, if it becomes a problem.
  9. Gold thread - that sounds really neat for highlights. Does it completely replace another thread, or do you sew it together with a 'carrier' thread?
  10. Oh dear. I would not say the back looks neat.  [:(] But I don't have any large blocks of colour  - it's a bit complicated. To me, any way. [8-)] Here's the front: [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/complete/stitch01.jpg[/IMG] And the back: [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/complete/stitch02.jpg[/IMG] The long threads haven't been fully anchored yet (apart from the deep blue one on the right in the second photo - that's one that got away.  [:(]  I've been working on the principle of doing the fiddly odd stitches and trying to avoid long skips when moving from one to another, then doing the larger blocks of colour in order to lock in the fiddly bits. Is there another way I should be working it? This may be my imagination, but some of the threads look and feel slightly thinner than others - the pale blue, for instance.  Is this common?
  11. This whole issue of branding is a bit of a tangle - there was a machine in Leclerc which was branded McCulloch - apart from one manufacturer's code label on the bonnet which said it was a Husqvarna!  There was also an Electrolux sticker under the seat. The hydrostatic transmission models tend to have an "H" in the model designation.  The first two digits often represent HP, the last two or three the width of cut.  Sorry if that is stating the obvious.
  12. And you wonder where all your taxes go ... [:)]
  13. Perhaps my original post got drowned in the stupid argument over leaf collecting (sorry about that): " Essentially the same models can be found as Mr Bricolage, McCulloch, BestGreen and Husqvarna - and probably other labels as well.  Made by Electrolux in America. " If you look under the seat you often see an Electrolux label, regardless of the brand on the paintwork. SHOP MODEL HP BLADE GEARS PRICE MR BRICOLAGE MCCULLOCH M12592RB 12,5 92 MANUAL 1559 MR BRICOLAGE MBA12592BRK 12,5 92 MANUAL 1559 BRICOMARCHE BESTGREENBM135B92 13,5 92 MANUAL 1599 LECLERC MCCULLOCH M13592RB 13,5 92 MANUAL 1859 MR BRICOLAGE MBA14592BRK 14,5 92 MANUAL 1969 BRICOMARCHE BESTGREEN BM155H107 15,5 107 AUTO 2149 MR BRICOLAGE MCCULLOCH M13592HRB 13,5 92 AUTO 2199 MR BRICOLAGE MBA165107HBRK 16,5 107 AUTO 2599 MR BRICOLAGE MBA20107HBRK 20 107 AUTO 2799 MR BRICOLAGE MBA16107BRK 16 107 MANUAL 2389 MR BRICOLAGE MBA17107HBRK 17 107 AUTO   Some of these may be  a bit too small for what you need but it gives some idea of price.  The smaller ones are supposed to be for 3000 - 4000 sqm.
  14. Maybe these guys can help put you in touch with a local Buddhist group, if they are not close enough themselves? http://www.zen-boulay.com/ The site does not look very up-to date, though - next session 2005!
  15. What?  The thought of how you and Squidge keep warm? [:D]
  16. Did you pick the daffs before they got buried? (EDIT: see pics 1 and 2) Have you installed your woodburner in the past couple of days?  I thought not.  So how are you and Squidge keeping warm?
  17. Interesting question, John. As regards the pipes, they should not be affected as nothing I can think of in the veg garden puts down roots that deeply (not among your usual annual veg, anyway). As regards what the roots draw up, I deliberately manure our patch every year! [:D]
  18. Grand - thanks, Sunny.  The one I've started is coming along nicely.  What should the back look like?  If I post a couple of snaps tomorrow would anyone be able to tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?
  19. Phew!  That's okay, then.
  20. Here's the reply, then: Hello Alice Here is our address.  Re. payment, we can only take cheques on a French account.  Alternatively, can you make payment by Paypal? I confirm the total payable is 630€.  We will accept a deposit for 50% of this amount – no need to pay the full amount unless you really want to! Phil Graham La Basse Cour 72610 ANCINNES France I've not bothered sending her our phone number.
  21. As Tommo said, I've no problems giving name, address and phone number as they are all public knowledge anyway.  But I think I'll ask if they can make the payment via Paypal first - I may hit lucky and get the most cretinous scammer in world, like the one Quillan was fortunate enough to find.
  22. No probs.  But wait for this - I have this minute received a reply from Alice! [:D] [:D] [:D] Dear Phil,   Many thanks for your cordial message. I'm glad to hear you have availability covering the period of our stay. I'll take your accommodation which you are offering for 45 euro per night,and I'll pay you in full to hold it.The total comes to 630 euro for the 14 nights.   UNESCO pays for my flight, accommodation and holiday expenses, so payment will be sent to you from our head office. I will instruct our finance department to send you a Money Order on my behalf covering the total cost of my stay. For this I would need your Full Name/Address/Telephone Number and also the Grand Total Cost, which is : Cost for the accomodation + (plus) All Taxes Payable so payment can be posted to you as soon as possible. I've been looking forward to this trip for a long while; I do hope it will meet my expectation. Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful holiday.   Best regards, Alice Ford. Okay, Chris, Miki, Bugs, Loiseau and everyone else - how should I play the fish? [Www]
  23. Well, knock me down with a feather, Loiseau - who would have thought it. [:)]  Nice one.  Only thing is, the example they give says: Hi, My name is Kathleen Reynolds; I got your details from the Canada Tourism Directory and would like to rent a Room. I will be going on my annual leave on the 30th of January and my husband & I will be coming to Canada on holiday for 3 weeks. We would be staying from Wednesday 31st of January 2007 to Wednesday 21st of February 2007. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and recommendation on a suitable accommodation if you have availability for 21 nights and the costs for 2 persons. Any discounts for long stay? I'm 37 years old and a senior accountant, working with UNESCO here in the United Kingdom. I look forward to hearing from you, many thanks. Kathleen Reynolds, 80, Romford Rd, London, E15 4BZ  United Kingdom That differs from the one I got in several respects.  I suppose there's a 60% chance they could be related, though. I am still awaiting a reply from my own senior accountant at UNESCO.  I'm hoping she will pay me by Paypal and then forget about the whole thing.
  24. This is appalling.  Where's a Moderator when you need one?
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