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  1. Coping stone is usually referred to as chaperon or sometimes plaquettes finition. Chaperon terre-cuite in various profiles should be readily available or to order.....
  2. Good news! He'll happily confirm that in writing then (specifically concerning the roof covering) and the vendor and estate agent,who have your best interests at heart, know an asbestos cement when they see one....
  3. Just to reassure British Gas customers out there.... BG would never carry out an installation that wasn't to regs just as they would never condemn an installation solely to generate business.
  4. I'd be screwing the "plates" slightly higher, removing nails in the way and running a circular saw flush with the ceiling.
  5. www.albinosquirrel.com    
  6. ....or you could get it from fluesystems.com..........
  7. Sorry not a lot of time at the mo. Check out http://boutique.cstb.fr/dyn/cstb/upload/fichiers/ext_cheminee.pdf  for basics..........
  8. .....or you could do it properly.....http://www.extech.com/instrument/products/310_399/382152.html
  9. I really really don't want to make a bad situation worse, but are you really sure about the plumbing side as well? From what I can see from the photos, the plumbing is as bad as the tiling. More pics of the mixer / valve please?
  10. Ah yes Dave..... we remember it well, the bank's favourite D.P.C scam, the wall-tie scam and then the ridge vent scam, the drive by-survey scam, the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the Health and Safety Executive...... Will we look back on sellers' packs and part P regs with the same fondness? Hopefully not, we are in France. Enjoy people.
  11. Try Cedeo if there's one near you or Brossette. http://produits-btp.batiproduits.com/fiche/r?id=1241559326  from Sotralentz - (Eurolentz are quality and good range)
  12. Normes only call for all principal rooms and entranceways to be lit, there is no restriction as to how other than each room should have it's own switch. The shower lighting circuits can be run as one as long as they do not form part that exceeds total number as above, but please check especially minimum siting clearances from zone 1 (600mm) if using mains, as well as splash and earthing ratings for your fittings.These are strictly controlled. (By the way you should have Type A disjoncteur for washing machine)  
  13. Sorry I can't picture the layout and be more precise but generally with condensation problems you need to be considering ventilation more than heat.
  14. Forgive me, I assume you've already paid. If you were my customer, I'd tell you the tiles are the wrong colour. You've seen tiles you want and it's only those you'll be happy with. Two choices here. 1. Leave them, forget about them, they're just roof tiles and will weather in a bit. 2. Strip them off, sell them second-hand to offset the cost, match them properly and put it down to experience. Lessons learnt? 1) Check what you're paying for. 2) Check one more time just exactly what you're paying for. 3) Don't pay until you've got what you're paying for. 4) Don't ever waste your time painting your tiles with yoghurt, cow dung, cement dye, fairy dust or anything else people can come up with.
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