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  1. Yes, I use sel en pastilles pour adouisseurs (sp?) in my pool (and water softener). The other week I bought 2 x 25kg bags from Hydrosud at a cost of just under 21€ (what a rip off!).  I bought the same stuff in a different bag from Auchan for 5.90€ a 25kg sack, not far off half the price. Oh, BTW my pool is absolutely crystal clear and has been all winter too, and with no tint [;-)]  [:D]  [:P]
  2. I made some last week with raisins and semi-dried cranberries as that is what I had in the cupboard, and I don't particularly like dried mixed peel.  Lovely they were!
  3. The garage will sort out the change of carte grise.  Whether or not there is a change of department number or not you still have to pay the statutory sum for a new carte grise (change of ownership) and that depends on the value of the car. We have purchased 7 cars in seven years [:$] and it has always been sorted by the garage and we have had to pay the necessary sum seperate from any negotiations on the price of the car (often on a seperate cheque).
  4. I thought I heard one too yesterday [:D]
  5. Well my little blighters have been a bit kamikazi this year - I noticed a few around the edge of the pool volet cover so I got the key and rolled it back and found about 20 or more of them drowned in the bottom of the pool [6]
  6. What breed/cross do you think she may be?  With those paws it looks as though she may get quite big!
  7. Maybe you're looking on the wrong forum.  There is a post on Total France which seems relevant.
  8.  You are not at all how I imagined [:$]
  9. Thanks again. We're staying in rue Gay Lussac and I've just googled and there is this restaurant  a few doors away - do you know it?  There is also a Japanese right next door but I'm not sure if my 15 year old would go for that!
  10. Thank you very much Morstiff! We're staying in a friend's appartement on the eastern edge of the 5° and going to a concert in the 11° on the monday so the 3° works well for us for either the sunday or the monday.
  11. Can you recommend a good (inexpensive) vegetarian resto around the 5° please that's open on a sunday evening? I'm going in a fortnight with my veggie son.
  12. I have a biscuit tin of various packets of seeds.  I gave up doing my veg garden last year because of lack of time.  If anyone would like them (for a small donation towards my chicken feed!) they're welcome.  I'll get the box out later and list what I've got.
  13. Yesterday at Auchan in Périgueux it was .939€ so by my calculation it would be cheaper in the UK
  14. [quote user="Judie"]I'm afraid your link doesn't work.[/quote] Works for me - click on the words 'voilente tempête.
  15. Have you looked in the little boutique Manoukian in Périgueux?  They had some lovely clothes in there when I went in during the sales.  It's just up from Burtons heading towards Montaigne carpark, it has a small shopfront and is easily missed! Otherwise I would suggest going to Angoulême or Bordeaux and having a look in H&M and Zara. The sales finish on Tusday and the Spring collections will be in.
  16. [quote user="JSA Aude"]Forgot to add parents and children had a 'formal' meeting with the teachers accompanying them a couple of weeks before they went.  I would imagine you would have the same and any questions were answered (privately or during the meeting) - an ideal time to bring up the vegetarian query. [/quote] Yes, there was a meeting last week.  Unfortunately my son didn't show me the note until after the event [:@] . I'll speak to the collège after tomorrow (they're busy doing the brevet blanc today and tomorrow).
  17. I saw a daffodil opening up today - I had to do a double take, but there it was a lovely daff!
  18. My 14 year old son is going to Barcelona/Tarragone in a couple of weeks time with the collège.  They are staying in pairs/threes with hosts families.  Reading your posts has got me worried now!! It doesn't help that he's vegetarian, I'm worried he's not going to eat properly!
  19. Not sure if you can get the brand Impulse, but similar products are available in supermarkets near to where the deodorants are.
  20. [quote user="Dog"]I cannot understand why the media are making a big thing of  having a person of half African blood as President being representative of the American people. Surely it would be more representative if he was Mexican. There are more Mexicans in the USA than African Americans.[/quote] It's all very well saying that there should be a mexican / a black / a woman etc etc etc but those people have to have a desire to to the job and put themselves forward for it (and to be capable of doing it).
  21. Yes, go look, we adopted our Lou Lou from the SPA in Marsac. It is saddening to see and hear so many dogs crying out for a home (and cats too) but go and see what they have. [IMG]http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g127/Lisleoise/Family%20and%20pet%20photos/ArchivedPhotos056.jpg[/IMG]
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