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  1. Thanks for the advice - I guess I'll have to change mine this year then!
  2. Can I ask, how often should the sand in the filter be changed?
  3. If you decide to go out on your own collecting wood just be aware that just because it's a piece of woodland doesn't mean that it isn't privately owned. Having done the full tour of our commune for the revision of the PLU it is surprising how much of undeveloped, wooded land is all privately owned.
  4. FYI the problem occurred because in the original 'contract' auto-renewal wasn't ticked and there was no warning that the domain would be cut at the end of the first year. That problem has now been resolved.
  5. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-point-G-dune-femme-se-trouve-a-la-fin-du-mot-Shopping/261071696365?ref=nf "le point G d'une femme se trouve à la fin du mot Shopping"
  6. I sell my surplus eggs to friends and family 'though I don't know the legalities.
  7. The only 'drawback' to the Zeroforfait offer is that you have tho spend 5€ a quarter - not too difficult. If you are interested in joining them we could both benefit from a 15€ voucher if I 'parrain' you. I just need your name and email address - PM me.
  8. I use a microfibre cloth with window cleaner sprayed onto the cloth. The microfibre doesn't give off bits like kitchen roll or some other fabrics, and it leaves the screen sparkling.
  9. On my old laptop it didn't have a DVD player so I downloaded for free the player DIVX which worked a treat - just Google "DIVX"
  10. The recipe sounds good Dragonrouge, I'll definitely try it out. I used my Krups for the first time last night. I made a yoghurt ice-cream with citrus fruits : Greek yoghurt, sugar, and lemon juice (I used lemon, lime, orange and clementine as that was what I had). It was very good and much much better than when I had previously made ice cream 'by hand' and so much better than bought ice-cream that has goodness-knows-what in it!
  11. I would like the recipe too - I just bought a second hand Krups ice-cream machine for 20€ :D
  12. I buy nets of potatoes that are for "four-frites-potage" so I guess it would be those.
  13. Change to www.zeroforfait.com I've used them for quite some time now since they started up. No forfait (as the name suggests) you just get billed monthly for what you've used and the rates are good too. Minimum of 15€ usage a quarter is the only proviso.
  14. I was a very lucky girl and got a Macbook Pro for Christmas which comes with Snow Leopard. My first Mac. I'm impressed - it's excellent, every day I'm discovering new things and am amazed at how easy it is to do things. I'm very, very , very happy!
  15. My 15 year old son (very arty/musician etc) buys loads of clothes from the second hand shops in Périgueux. When I deposit a couple of sacks of stuff to the Croix Rouge I often come out with a few articles myself. Got a great quality branded 'anorak' for 3€ last time.
  16. Suze01

    tragic accident

    That is so tragic as you say, I'm so sorry, he looks so lovely in your avi.
  17. As an aside, have you asked for all your categories to be transferred? If not then you will find that you only have the basic category and you will have 'lost' your towing/bike etc categories. A few years ago I had to get my French DL re-issued after speaking to a very nice, understanding lady at the prefecture.
  18. Ask at your Mairie to check the PLU (Plan Locale d'Urbanisation) for the classification. It may look like agricultural land but as it adjoins constructed land it may be classified as constructible and this would affect the price.
  19. The association "Resto du Coeur" provide shelter and food for SDFs (sans domicile fixe - homeless people) and they have a centre in Périgueux http://www.ville-perigueux.fr/pagesEditos.asp?IDPAGE=32&cnf=%7CF4C5052E and probably one in Bergerac too if you Google. I'm sure they would appreciate a donation of a turkey!!
  20. The 5€ surcharge is not always applied - I guess it depends on the person who serves you, or even how well you know them. I recently sold two sets of roofbars on leboncoin. You can imagine how they were wrapped! Bits of cardboard, lots of duct tape, lot's of brown paper/boulanger sacs, and I wasn't charged the surcharge.
  21. St Môret is the equivalent of Philadelphia though most supermarkets have their own brand version. I don't usually shop at the supermarkets you mention but in the chiller section near the butter there are now numerous creams suitable for whipping unlike a number of years ago when the choice was limited.
  22. I can't recommend my Senseo highly enough. I have been using one for about 3 years since it replaced an expresso machine. I use Lidl's own brand coffee dosettes and it makes a lovely cup of frothy expresso. Whenever friends come they always comment how good the coffee is, including ones that have a very expensive coffee machine that uses the very un-eco-friendly foil pods. For breakfast I heat half a mug of milk in the microwave then put it under the Senseo for the coffee and it makes a superb latté. Excellent product, easy to use, clean, and switches itself off if you forget. The dosettes needn't be expensive either as they are a standard size.
  23. Sadly, there was another terrible mortal accident involving British people yesterday evening: http://www.sudouest.com/gers/actualite/article/748066/mil/5278493.html
  24. My chickens go crazy for them whenever I am getting out some compost!
  25. I have said the same about Hypericum too - the ground cover version.  I spent an awful long time last autumn digging out the roots of six tiny plants that had spread hugely in just one year and were killing other shrubs around it.
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