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  1. Grand Frais (Chancelade or Trelissac) do big bunches of coriander for a reasonable price.
  2. Just to add my experience so far...I haven't yet purchased my Kindle (target Easter) but I have downloaded the App for Mac and have 'purchased' several of the free books downloaded to my Mac App. I am in France, have my Amazon.co.uk account with a french email address, am permanently in France. I have set my delivery address to a friend in the UK (neighbour here who will be bringing over the Kindle when I buy it), the credit card is a french one, although having only downloaded free books hasn't been implicated yet. I did have to click on the 'have moved' option to change from .com to the UK Kindle shop. No problems so far with free books. Can't wait to get the Kindle.
  3. This thread has kindled my desire (excuse the pun!) to have a 3G one myself, so I am saving like mad and hope to get one before this Easter!! Thanks to all the contributors on this thread!
  4. You can plant any pot grown shrub or tree as long as the ground isn't frozen. It would be good to see/chose a shrub in it's full glory so how about a Camelia as they will be flowering about now depending on the variety. Needs acid soil.
  5. Can I recommend Zeroforfait (option compteur). I have used them since they launched and they are very good. On the SFR network, billed by the second from the first second, very competitive rates. You get an email bill at the end of each month, you only pay what you've used. Minimum 15€ per trimestre. Various options available but I just have their 'compteur' option. If anyone is interested I can 'parrain' you if you PM me your email & name and we both get a credit. http://www.zeroforfait.fr/cgi-bin/cie.cgi?b=tge&cid=zf&z=921b482c961345de2710d416ea8d899d&pi=0011013100110131&p=/options_alacarte.shtml
  6. [quote user="Rose"][quote user="Sara"]Regarding your comment on marking they use as follows: A (acquis,) B (a renforcer) C ( Encours d'acquisation) D non acquis.[/quote] We also had these marks on our sons reports whilst in CM1 and CM2 - now everything is marked out of 20 so maybe it changes as they get older? [/quote] Sorry, I stand corrected, Sara is correct. I forgot the nuances as my kids are older now and at collège/lycée where it's all marked out of 20.
  7. The letter 'A' on school reports usually stands for 'aquis' as in the child has acquired the competence in that particular matière as apposed to NA for non-aquis (can't think what the third abreviation is at this moment). For any individual tests, they are usually a score out of 20. You could get a general mark of 'A' in the subject but score average on tests. As for the bullying I don't know what to suggest, my 2 have been in school since 2002 (have experienced moyenne section of maternelle through to Premier in lycée) and haven't experienced any bullying. Do you collect your child from the playground/see the bully's or their parents? I would be tempted to confront the kids/parents directly. It's not easy. How 'visible' are you? I was always at the school gate, chatted with other parents, and was representative parent/prof one year, the kids said bonjour and/or gave bises - I do think it makes a difference to be 'there'.
  8. Yes, it's the law. The first person to import must get the carte grise before selling it on.
  9. IME the only way to make a room cat-allergy-friendly (I'm allergic, but have a cat) is to not have soft furnishings. Go for wood/tiles floors, leather (or fake) sofa's, no curtains, have blinds if necessary and use a good quality vacuum cleaner with decent filter regularly (ie: Dyson). I have suffered some very bad reactions at friends houses in the UK (fully soft-furnished).
  10. It's a lovely film - I took my daughter to see it at the cinema when it came out.
  11. I couldn't find Khalua either but eventually found in Leclerc's a bottle of "Liqueur de Café" made by Vedrenne.
  12. Plenty of Flash Mobs in France - check out YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsL2Z7f4SpM
  13. But would the OP's son be able take the brevet at a lycée in the UK - are there any French schools in the UK at collège level that will do the brevet exam?
  14. Suze01


    A six year old would probably say "miam miam"
  15. I cut down and burned mine a couple of weeks ago. It was about 5 metres high and I cut down one branch at a time starting at the bottom working up. It may have been a coincidence but one of my chickens suddenly became ill and died the next day. I think she may have eaten a caterpillar as I saw a line of them 'escaping'.
  16. Suze01


    [quote user="Pads"]Just out of interest whats the french for point of lay ? Ta[/quote] Prêt à pondre Sorry for the garble - I'm on Safari.
  17. The pampas need cutting back now anyway - doing mine this week. It's enormous - makes a 3m diameter 'polo' when cut back. No damage here except neighbour's pool cover blown off and debris everywhere.
  18. Bugsy & Pachapapa, I've only ever used the TGV not TER etc. Your tickets have to composted on the platform machine before boarding as you say, but in my experience on the TGV they are also always checked by a conductor on board too. This of course may be different for local trains.
  19. The ticket inspector may have already checked the other passenger's tickets before you boarded the train. In my experience every passenger gets their ticket 'composted' by the inspector.
  20. I'm not familiar with your region but here there are Co-Operative Agricole shops/farm suppliers where you can order point-of-lay chickens. That's where I bought some of mine from. Here they have three different breeds available.
  21. Thanks. The pool is a salt water pool and gets light usage (only me mainly) and very little if any sun cream gets into the water. It's backwashed regularly and the water is always crystal clear. I'll see about looking at the sand when I can.
  22. Why? Because the filter was installed in 2004 in May - that makes it 6 years old
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