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  1. [quote user="Sharkster"]Out of interest, what would you do if a child got serious sunburn whilst swimming in your pool?  I am not sure you can request people not to use sun protection when swimming in your pool.  I agree you could insist on waterproof creams though. [/quote] It is recommended to apply suncream 15-30 mns before going out in the sun to be absorbed into the skin, if not the creams won't be absorded risking sunburn and will just wash off. Therefore better for the little ones and the pool :-)
  2. [quote user="NormanH"] Is that "brilliant "? [/quote]   NO, you need more medication for sure.
  3. Very soon we will have euro-gate expense fraud. You aint seen nothing yet..........
  4. Anyone got one of these, from info gleamed they seem to do a good job with pool levels. Would like recommendations of where to buy and how you find them.  
  5. Would get a fence if you have small children in your home or likely to visit, alarms are ok if your on hand 24/7.
  6. All for smoke free restos, just sit up wind from smokers when you eat outside. Smokers now freeze their ....... off smoking outside when non-smokers are snug inside in the winter as it's illegal to do so inside.  I do like a nice cigar after a lovely meal though and will continue to enjoy one outside; as it's legal to do so.
  7. Is there a Metropolitan White Police Association- not one that I am not aware off. Yes it is RD and would be in the normal relms be illegal. Why is there not a Metropolitan White Police Association?  No need, as no matter what colour/race/gender a Police Officer is, they are the association all members of the  - Police officer Association.  To have other associations within the Met for BPA (Black Police Association) or infact for any UK Police Force,  is discrimination, as no non black/other race/gender specific may not join. Why no outcry from.....anyone, have a guess. It is the need of non-white recruits to make the Force seem non-racists and as these recruits are pushed up the promotion ladder they (parliament) and the political correct brigade, have allowed this association to develope into what it is now. Who will object and try to disband now?
  8. [quote user="odile"] The UK does have private and so called public (!!!!) schools - but at least no private Universities like in France. [/quote] With the cost of some Universities in the UK you may have to have a public/private company to afford the cost of sending your little darlings,  scolarship entrants excluded.
  9. I always find it lovely to swim when the air temp in colder than the pool temp. You need to let your body cool in the air before you go in. Swam tonight with air temp of 20 and pool temp of 22 bliss, so many stars out....
  10. Oh the French excuse of - mes amis would be interesting to hear the outcome in court where; one of mes amis was killed/disabled due to an accident whoever was at fault when you were driving. You are quite correct in insisting on the extra cover Cerise.
  11. [quote user="dave21478"]A lot of people just arent internet-savvy. I was at a meeting last nght with the local tourist office and owners of all the gites in the area. (Well, those that bothered to attend) and I would say about 40% of them simply had a very poor grasp of the online world, with some of them not even having any internet access at all. They were the ones with plenty of un-rented periods this season. Another reason, and one that I have been guilty of in the past was when I signed up to a letting-site which turned out to be rubbish. Despite keeping it up to date, I never got any enquiries from it at all. It turned out to be marketd at the wrong clientele for me really. Anyway, I just gave up with it and let the subscription expire with several months still to run. [/quote] Given the economic times we are in; it is utter madness not to update on availability at least weekly. If you pay to be listed on any site it is also madness not to update availabiility weekly, why pay to list and not do the basics....... I would never enquire to anyone who could not do this simple task.  On free listing sites it also is important. It only takes a few minutes each week and most sites shoot you up to the top view doing this. One booking alone recoups your investment + €£ in the bank. Our neighbour is doing very well doing this task each week, perhaps those who are not getting bookings should have a re-think, their bank accounts would benefit. Why waste marketing money without doing your homework on a letting site which has the wrong clientele - just plain stupid non-internet-savvy numpties IMHO.
  12. [quote user="teapot"]If you let me know how much you would need I can give you a price via PM.[/quote] Hi Teapot, Could you pm me also, require 125kg, do you also sell Zeolite? Interested in comparision. Which one would you recommend please? Apero
  13. Our neighbour has a gite which he rents out May-Sept , it is fully booked now for this period. He has made his into a top end establishement and increased his rates by 20% one recent guest mentioned he usually stays in hotels. Could be certain types off holidaymakers are looking at other options. Apero   
  14. My terrasse was costed in labour days to lay + materials needed, we bought the dalles.  €100 p/day back in '03 15mx15m .   
  15. My advice would be to look at listing sites, google something along the lines of - gite rental in Charente/Dordogne then check what rates are being asked for properties similar to your own. Easy to work out income, exes depends on many variables. Apologies to state the obvious, sometimes the obvious gets overlooked. Sunday-Fridays are days off unless......................guests have problems!  
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