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  1. Bonjour -
    As always, asking for help from you clever people.
    Won't go into details but we've hit a bit of a financial black-hole; several major things have gone wrong for us all at once ... and I don't want to touch the cash in bank.
    Question; we have a lot of shares in one UK company; we've owned these shares, and received the divis - for the last 30 plus years.
    Back in 2007 the company did a buy back of shares and re-issue, paid us for the shares that were bought back, paid the UK taxes due, and re-issued new share certificates.
    So essentially the number of shares we had owned since 1990 were reduced, new date of ownership now 2007.
    We need to sell some of these shares, quite soon - need the cash for major items.

    I'm presuming that we'll be able to claim the 65% discount as we have owned these shares since 2007.
    In calculating the CGT I'm presuming we use the 2007 figure, and not the value at the date we originally bought the shares ?

    We pay tax, obviously, here in France.   We have small income trom UK that is taxed in the UK, and declared here.

    Here's the qustion - where do I find a french stock-broker who could sell these shares for us ?
    Or would we be best using the Equiniti shares centre in the UK ?

    Anyone know about this high-finance wheeling-dealing - 'cos I know nothing !!!

    Meanwhile, we're living on bread 'n jam, and I'm turning off all the electric heating !!!!!


  2. I'm at screaming point - again - sorry everyone, but honestly.
    This is my life - again.

    OH has refused, for last 4 years, to fire up the wood burning stove.   We have plenty of wood - he just hates the fuss, the hard work, the 'bother' of a wood stove.   Physically, I find it difficult to carry a whole load of wood to the house, store it - and I'm no good with fires - don't have the 'flare' to get it going and keep it going.   And I must admit I don't like the puffs of smoke we get when we open the door to put more wood on.   That's the background.
    So four years ago we went for a mobile gas fire.

    All OK - but somehow or another he 'damaged' the first one we bought.   I bought a second one - he managed to over-ride the safety system, and to get the fire working he stuck part of a peg into the on/off/heat setting gizmo..... talk about Heath Robinson.   Anyway, that one gave up the ghost - so we had to buy a third one - in three years !!!
    He managed to 'kill off' the third one - the ignition spark wouldn't light up the fire, the matches didn't always light the fire. so that one's sitting, abandoned, in the shed.
    I thought - 'Right, we'll get a nice new one'.

    In the meantime, with no wood stove, no gas fire, we've been running the central heating radiators in one or two rooms, plus fan heater in the kitchen, plus large fake electric fire in the living room.   And the electricity consumer unit in the garage is flashing away like no-body's business, burning up our euros.

    A new gas fire was delivered this morning.   I told him 'We have a nice, new gas fire.  I'm worried about our electricity bill, which is very high; this gas fire will help keep costs down....'

    Total melt-down from him.  Armageddon plus WW 3.    Gas is dangerous - doesn't like gas.  Prefers easy to use electricity. blah, blah.
    I then get told that if I want the gas fire - then I have to find the valve thingy, and the hose, -
    and that I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF - he's not going to touch it......'
    'Why have I wasted money on a new gas fire, don't need it, don't want it - you sort it out - you want it, you deal with it........'

    He's refused to touch the new gas fire, won't even attempt to find the valves (and there are two around) - nor the hose connector - nothing.  

    I could scream; I could cry;  he's so difficult to deal with.
    But it's the bad temper, the aggression, the swearing, the reluctance to do anything that is really wearing me down.

    So now I'm the one to have to dig around in all his DIY gear, and find the spanners, and the hose, and the valve, - and then try, physically, to put it all together.   Then move a very heavy, full, gas cylinder, into the gas fire...........

    I'm so fed up of him; his total switch-off of anything to help me.

    Dear God, if the airlines were operating I'd be ought of here.   And I've had to deal with more threatening behaviour from him as well.  I've discovered I can report domestic violence on line to the Police - and oh boy, have I been tempted.

    So sorry, so sorry everyone; but I just can't tell my family how awful life has become for me - they'd only worry.   And with this pandemic no-one can go anywhere, or do anything ......
    I'm just stuck; having to hang on like grim death and hope for light at the end of the tunnel.
    But dear god, it's a long, dark tunnel.    And I've no-one to talk to our here about this.....

    So for those who've managed to read this far - thank you - just needed to 'vent' again about how difficult I'm finding life at the moment.   Good job I've no sleeping tablets around !!

    Cheer me up peoples - please


  3. It never rains but......
    I have cracked one of my molars;  now a piece of tooth has detached itself - and I now need a temporary crown as an emergency.
    I know it's not possible to 'recommend' any particular dentist but -
    I am a complete and utter dentalphob - get panic attacks.
    My dentist in the UK would sedate me (light anaesthetic so I was totally 'out of it').
    Do french dentists offer this type of sedation ?
    And is a temporary crown likely to mean I don't have any christmas presents this year ? !!
    Would be looking for dentist (who could speak little bit of English if poss) - in Bergerac/Marmande area.  Would be happy to hear from anyone via private messages if anyone can help - please.
  4. Said it before - but isn't it lovely when a poster will reach out and ask about another poster and their absence for a while.
    Shows the lovely side of people - and is much needed in these horrible times.
    I'm feeling quite cut-off from usual meet-ups with friends;  if I didn't have this forum to occasionally just express my feelings about 'life 'n stuff' I'd be a lot more depressed than I am at the moment.   Which will pass - get Christmas over with, suffer the dark days of January, feel the lighter evenings in February - it'll soon be next year and time to open the pool !!!!
    And I'll be one year older. Oh dear.

  5. D Boy - I believe the reason that UK rental income has to be declared in france is that it can put one into a higher tax bracket.
    Even though NOT taxed directly here in France - the 'total' income can move you up the tax ladder.
    At least that's how I understand it.  But I could be wrong......I'm not perfect.

  6. Mint - ah - ha - I knew they had a 'cunning plan'.  
    Now you can understand why I don't trust big government, any government !!!
    And the fact that 50% of french people are wary about this new vaccine ought to cause some to stop and think.
    We are, after all, told just how much better, and cleverer, the french are at everything - maybe this time they've got it right !!

  7. I am not a 'conspiracy' believer in any way, shape or form - but I also have begun to distrust big government.
    I just wondered about how others feel about the 'compulsory' aspect of everyone having to be injected with something so new - without any time for proper evaluation of any possible long term side-effects.

    It's the 'compulsory' aspect which concerns me, that's all.
    If most people are happy to have this injection, then the rights of those who would prefer not to have it should surely be taken into account.

    Wouldn't the figures suggest that if the majority of the population had the vaccine then this virus will just 'die out' - and those who don't wish to have the vaccine - won't need it anyway.

    I'm just concerned about the creeping 'big brother' side of it all..........


  8. I'm a bit hesitant about this vaccine - bit worried.   I do remember genuine concerns about the new 3 in 1 MR jab given to children, and from which some children did have adverse side effects.
    I think I'd prefer to wait and see if there are any side-effects that become apparent after a few months.

    But - and it is a very big 'BUT'  - to all those of you fiercely in favour of everyone having the vaccine.
    Do you think it should be compulsory ?
    And if someone refuses on whatever grounds, should they be banned from flying, or any other activities ?

    Where do the Human Rights stand on this ? 

    Your own personal freedoms ?

    Because just watch 'them' - any government - any sign of it being made compulsory then I think we are all in deep trouble.

    Just be careful what you wish for !!


  9. Thank you Lori and Weegie
    Of course, when you think about it, then being given language choice makes sense.
    You can see how stressed I am - I can't even think straight.
    I don't have (we can't find) the manual for our present tv so I wasn't able to check and see what language options were available.
    I was just concerned that all the initial language for set-up etc would be in french - and techno speak - and I would struggle.
    But you're both saying the very first option, once switched on, is language choice.  In which case there shouldn't be a problem.
    And Lori - thanks for more info about tv;  might like to ask about Netflix stuff later on, if you don't mind.

    I've just come inside from messing around with the Citroen.  We've been told (after a few months wait) that there is a new key for the Citroen ready and waiting (this after OH had lost both keys !!!).
    I'm even more stressed now because OH couldn't work out where the lever was to open the bonnet; handbook doesn't show - or I couldn't see.   OH is getting impatient and trying to lift bonnet from windscreen edge, there's me telling him to leave it alone - he'll break something.  Which he has - I think he's now broken a part from the windscreen wiper because he handed me a black plastic part looking thing.

    So I've had to get in the car (which I have never driven) - and try to find the release lever for the bonnet.
    I'm sorry - nothing to do with tv - but I'm having certain 'problems' here !!!
    Thanks for your help - always very much appreciated./

  10. ET & Catalpa - thank you both for making me smile - just what I needed.
    As for the Lemon Gin - ooooh yum - and I have looked that one up on Amazon; why on earth is it described as 'whisky' - how weird.
    But that was a lovely, practical, idea - I shall try it.  

    Yes, I wish I could laugh at things.  I have managed to in the past - but that's becoming difficult.
    It's the terrible temper that I have difficulty with;  the fact he can 'kick off' so quickly - and then he's become more and more threatening as well .  At that point I have tried laughing at him and walking away - which makes him madder still !!!   Just can't win.
    Maybe I should indeed have a large, filled fruit-bowl;  I have smashed a cup before now just to get his attention when he's in full scale rant - maybe I should get some second-hand china from charity shop to use instead of our good china.

    Just wondered if there was some kind of trigger for some men about having another man around who can sort out problems which OH can no longer do.  Whether there was some sort of machismo thing going on, which would be intensified because of OH's early stage Alzy.

    Think I maybe just needed to reach out for kind words......

    Don't think there's a section on the new 'permit' that covers 'just need to get out of the house and away from partner, running away or escaping from the country' is there ? !!!!

    Thanks - new Gin bottle ordered -

  11. OK - here's another one of my really stupid questions.
    Please have patience and don't get cross with me.  (I'm stressed enough !!!)
    We need a new tv.
    It will be bought from supermarket/Amazon.   So we will have to set it up ourselves.
    Never having done this, with limited french and no techno knowledge -
    here's the stupid bit -

    Step by step we would -

    plug it in; 

    the sat box would then be connected;
    the tv comes on;
    I'm now presuming that because tv is bought in france it is going to display instructions in french - yes/no ?
    What would we need to do to have the English instructions so that the tv will display setting instructions in English.
    Or, will the chip inside detect that the sat is directed to uk tv channels and the sat box likewise (or does that make no difference ?) - you see, I don't have a clue....
    Help and guidance from you wonderful people will, as always, be greatly appreciated.

    Stupid Chessie

  12. You've all cheered me up - thanks.
    ET - if I approached my OH with a screwdriver he'd probably think I was going to use it on him as in attack him !
    Lori - you are lucky if your OH is competent in the minor DIY skills - and that he's sensible about calling in the experts when needed.
    Manon - you have the right idea - that's what I've been trying to do.

    But the problem is my OH's bad temper.  French electrics are different to UK; OH could always 'sort out' UK stuff - but out here .....oh boy.   He's always struggled; but sadly the early Alzy is making it more difficult for him.  He tries - but in the process because he no longer really understands what he's doing - he damages things; a trail of destruction - honestly, I am not telling fibs.

    So I have been doing what Manon does - call in a super maintenance guy.
    But the problem is the bad temper I get from OH about the whole business.   Along the lines of 'Why....not necessary...I can do everything' moan, grizzle, rant.....
    It's the bad temper over everything - he can no longer do the little DIY; he gets furious with me when I am not happy because he's broken something - and then I have to cope with his bad temper about calling in someone to do all the 'catch up' jobs.

    I was just feeling so very stressed; and wondered how others coped, if they had similar problems with reactions of OH when 'another man (!) is called in !!!!!!

    I've also just discovered that he's tipped the contents of the kitchen bin - into the bag I had which contained the plastic and tins for re-cycling.......!!
    Is it any wonder I say I could just cry...........

    Chessie (now on the hunt for the Gin bottle)
  13. I have arranged for an excellent maintenance guy to visit us next week.  He'll do a lot of strimming of overgrown stuff, (hedges, shrubs etc); close the pool;  put up shelves;  repair a wall; change electric plugs... you name it, he can do it.

    This isn't the first time we've used this excellent person.   I told OH (early Alzy) that this 'help' would be turning up this week.
    I got this in response -

    'Why ?  Why have you asked him to call.  I can do everything.  I can do it all.   We don't need him.   Wish you'd asked me.  I can do everything that needs doing......'  

    This, from the man who has damaged the light fittings; who swears all the time he has to open/close the pool (because he doesn't understand which hoses go where so I have to 'advise' him - which he hates, and doesn't listen anyway);  the person who has destroyed the cable wall socket and the surge protector to our satellite box/tv. among many other things.

    When I say, tactfully and gently, than our maintenance man has got the professional gizmos, and the strength, to get on and sort everything out.....

    I get the rant.......along the lines of 'I can do it all, why don't you ask...'   Except when I do ask, I get the Huge Sigh....the 'I'm busy'...and then I have to watch what he does because he gets things wrong.  He's no longer competent at DIY and I worry (especially when he fiddles with the light sockets when the power is still on, and he's balancing precariously on a footstool to reach the light fitting).

    Why don't men like accepting help ?   Or is it just my OH ?  

    Or is the miserable state of the world just getting to me ? !!

  14. Aux - thank you;  I was beginning to think I had gone mad, as well as it being suggested I didn't understand French.
    Anyway - wasn't me that started it - it was 'them' - all those other posters -  they all gave me grief about it - they started it !!!!!!   I was just amused that the french had omitted something so important, and the reason why most of us would need the form.  Nice to know even finicky french officialdom sometimes makes a mistake - that's what I found funny - but no-one else saw the funny side.

    Of course you're right - much more important things - it was just so irritating; I knew the section was missing -
    and no-one believed me !!!!!!!
    I think I'm going to buy my Birkin in a shade of beautiful cream from Galleries Lafayette - now that really is 'essential shopping' isn't it ? !!!
    Kindness and hugs to everyone - we need something to smile about.

  15. I was watching before Macron's speech.
    I followed the links on the Connexion website.
    It was the correct form.  It was not the one we were using in the first wave.

    There were 3 ways of downloading;  not one of them included the words 'essential shopping' after the small 3 in brackets...
    Can't show it properly but look at that section.  There's a small 3 in brackets - ie (3) - and there were no subsequent words.  Not on the first new one I saw.   On Thursday night.
    Sadly although I did my own translation, and an on-line one to confirm - I didn't download and keep so that I can back-up what I am saying.
    But as ET has kindly pointed out - web-sites are being updated, and revised, hour by hour...
    So I probably caught the first version too soon; in draft form; to be polished; revised; up-dated.... whatever.
    I do know what I saw, I know what was translated - and I know what was missing;  I had to go out shopping on Friday which was why I was looking for that particular form of words -
    and    they  were   not   there.
    Why would I make this up ?
    Anyway, we've now all got the right forms - what's the betting we'll never be asked for them !!!
    I'm shopping next week at Galleries Lafayette - I need a Birkin bag...it is essential !!

  16. Will you all please stop this;  I down-loaded the form BEFORE mid-night;  there was no mention of 'shopping for essentials'. 

    Those of you who are questioning my version - please bear in mind that you are NOW looking at the corrected version.
    You are looking at the up-dated version.
    None of you will have seen the version that was put up first, and that omitted the words after this -(3) - there were no words to cover essential shopping.
    The corrected version - which you are ALL looking at - does cover 'shopping'.   Why does no-one believe me ?

    I know what I saw;  I know that section was missing; there's no point in going on and on about what NOW exists;  there was an omission, it's now been corrected - and we can all go shopping, every day, and keep spending our money to keep people in employment. Galleries Lafayette - I'm on my way !!!

    Strange though - I was never stopped at any time during first curfew;  my friend, who lives a few miles away, had been stopped twice !!

  17. The version of the attestation that was on-line prior to mid-night last night did NOT include the words covering visits tp shops (authorised) for essential supplies.
    It had been omitted.
    Where there is the small figure 3 - in brackets - there were no further words after (3).
    I put a post up early this morning querying this - but before (stupid) I had re-checked the french gouv site.  I subsequently re-checked the gouv site after posting, realised there was a corrected version, and deleted my original post.

    Seems someone spotted the gouv error in the early hours (!!) - and added the extra words to cover our essential shopping trips.
    Must admit I was rather puzzled when I looked at the form last night....!!  Then I decided to print out some copies of the version we first had to use - simply because I had to go out this morning.   And in the meantime the revised vrsion appeared.
    Oh what a happy life

  18. Well think back to 1066 - from then on the Celts were banished, and the elites only spoke French !!
    There are so many words in the English language whose original roots are french; similarly with Latin and Greek, yes, but it is surprising, looking at the written French, how many similar words there are in both languages.
    As for cat and dog - like brother and sister in a family; jealousy, rivalry, squabbling - because there's more similarity than otherwise !!
    Love France, love the French; try to understand it all - part of life's journey isn't it ?
    What do you think of the bbc Shakespeare dvds - I tried with Shakespeare but I'm not intelligent enough to stay the course.....

    (Wish I could watch DVDs at the moment; sadly my early stage Alzy OH has ripped out the satellite connection, and destroyed the power surge socket - so we have no tv, no dvd, no nothing).
    I really do have cabin fever...
    and I'm side-tracking again - sorry.


  19. Euro - just a small addition.
    When you refer to '..most Brits...feel Germany, Netherlands ... more furrin' -
    is that possibly to do with the fact that French is taught far more often as a second language in the UK, rather than German or Spanish ?
    Learn a foreign language at school, learn about the way of life, go on school visits - 'to help learn the language' - must influence British school children to feel more 'comfortable' with France - and it is closer to the UK than anywhere else.   Easy to drive onto a ferry, and off the other end into France rather than other european countries.
    After all Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, Switzerland were more for holidays weren't they.

    But 20 years ago I never thought I'd see a burka style swim-suit for women being worn on the beach , did you ?

  20. Euro - interesting post.  Possibly 2 things have contributed to you feeling you 'belong to a different era' - hate to say this, friend, but you do, you know !!

    Possibly one of the reasons why France felt different way back when, is that it was still a Catholic country with Catholic influences - regardless of what the French state 'said' - there was still a Catholic feeling.  One only has to drive around the countryside to see the crosses everywhere - which I found quite amazing when we first moved here.
    Secondly, I think the common market/ eu has a lot to do with the feeling that 'Well France is the same as the UK' - after all, they have the BigMacs don't they !!!
    Once visitors could enter a country without needing a passport to be stamped, or to obtain a visa - the whole 'different culture' had less of an impact.   After all, we're told that France is a civilised country; it has french cuisine (which we were brain-washed into thinking was better than British !); and France had 'culture' didn't it ?  So it was going to be similar to Britain wasn't it ? !!

    So from my perspective, yes I knew France was 'different' - I looked forward to enjoying the difference.   But due to the eu we now have much the same road signs, we're now being encouraged to use metric, we have the same shops in the UK as in France, we drive the same cars (with the left/right change of course), but in a lot of ways there has been a 'harmonisation' of many things.  

    But to be fair, things now, today, are indeed different in France than they were back in 2000 - we've moved on 20 years.  

    Whatever we knew, or experienced, or understood 20 years ago has radically changed.   Don't you think the French feel their lives have changed quite a bit over 20 years.

    But let's not get away from the appalling violent acts - which indeed, because of France's colonial past, is becoming a far bigger problem in France than the UK.  Not that that's any consolation;  can't help feeling we're all in for bigger trouble ahead.


  21. Sorry 'LittleBit' - but on numbers per sq.kilometre France is a lot less crowded than the UK - do please check the figures; France has the same population (or less) than the UK - and a much, much larger land mass.
    So the 'space' comment is completely correct.

    As for your comment about 'men' - well, yes, I do have to agree with you there to an extent.
    All religions have been established by men.   All men have 'set the rules' which puts women in second place.
    Maybe we should do away with all 'religions' and go back to the Celtic ways of worshipping Earth Mother.  Or the peaceful outlook of the Budhists.
    But it'll never happen because it's the men in charge - and they won't give up that power.
    Maybe the asteroid predicted in 80 years time will wipe out most of mankind, and the earth can start again.  This time Giai will know not to allow the neanderthals to become too successful - maybe wipe them out with a virus or something...........!!
  22. You don't know why 'so many Brits...move to France'.   Think we've covered that many times;  more space, less crowded towns and cities, warmer climate (well mostly) - slower pace of life.
    All things which are regarded as contributing to 'quality of life' as measured by the UN/WHO.
    Problems with Islam are world-wide, and long running.
    Look at history - remember the Gates of Vienna.
    Islam has not progressed - it is unable to do so.
    It is a 6th/7th century cult, which demeans women, hates christians, jews, homosexuals....
    Any 'religion' which promises 70 virgins to any martyr is rather weird; imagine if someone started such a cult today - with such a promise - they'd be laughed at.
    As for 'generations to sort out' - it will NOT happen - it can never be 'sorted out' unless this 'cult' can be brought into the 21st century - which is not possible; read the Koran to understand why.

    I am very pessimistic about the future of western christian civilisation - it does not look good.
    And our family descendants will rather hate us for allowing this to happen - because we have - under the threats of being called 'rascist' or the liberals who think that Islam is wonderful (la la land !!).

  23. Norman - '....better tempered discussion....' - OK, possibly.
    Maybe most of us have now lived in France for quite a while, so all the 'help and advice' questions when one first moves to France have been answered, and coped with, and we've all adapted.

    Or maybe we're all that bit older, and not quite so quick to argue.

    But, of course, if we want to keep this forum going then there's nothing like throwing out a contentious topic which can get a bit heated.
    Anyone want to start ? !!

    Seriously, I'd be very sad if we didn't keep this forum going - I've found it very helpful at times, especially when I've been feeling really stressed and just need to 'chat' to someone.  Facebook - what's that, can't be bothered, not the same.


  24. Idun - just come across your post - don't like the sound of 'not so good things...'

    Whatever they are I hope they are resolved in a good way fairly soon.

    I just want to say 'thank you' for the help and advice you gave me earlier this year - it was a very kind gesture on your part, and I appreciated your helping hand.

    Please don't 'log out' for too long.

    A bientot - Chessie
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