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  1. Theiere - you are right.  What is even scarier is that there will be little publicity about this - that we, the little plebs, won't really be told just what's going on.
    Our wonderful lords and masters will decide for millions and millions of citizens of european countries  - and we'll just have to swallow it....... !!
    Will be interesting to see just how much public awareness there will be about this change in animal feed - it'll be done on the quiet if 'they' can get away with it.  So yes, go vegetarian - soon.


  2. Norman - The change about feeding animal protein to animals is indeed because it will allow the 'farmers' to provide cheap meat - but at what price in future years -

    '...   As a result of the shift, cheap pig protein could be fed to chickens to

    ensure European farmers aren’t undercut by lower standards outside the

    bloc. The change is expected to come into force in August despite a

    last-ditch attempt by MEPs, led by the Greens, to scrap the policy. An

    original ban on the practice was introduced during the BSE crisis but it

    will be lifted after plans were endorsed by all EU member states,

    except France and Ireland.'
    The UK's Defra has stated that it has no plans to reduce the already high UK standards on animal feed, and this eu feed would be banned in the UK.

    Is this report wrong then ?

    As for the labelling I'll have to go back and check that out.
    Interesting you took the time to 'correct' my views.


  3. One of the europhile mantras during the run-up to the UK Referendum on the eu was that the UK's animal welfare standards would not be as high as the eu's.   (Load of nonsense because our animal welfare standards have always been higher).
    But - today's breaking news -

    EU to 'lift ban on feeding dead animals to livestock' - oh dear g-d  - shades of Jacob-Creutzfelt (sorry if spelling is wrong).
    So now - the eu will permit farmers to feed animals the type of animal feed banned in the UK.

    Another news story today - the eu will ban any food labels which indicate 'country of origin' - so no more 'Origine de France' in the supermarkets then.

    So - animals being turned into cannibals; and we will have no idea where our food has been produced.
    Oh isn't eu harmonisation, and 'ever closer union' just wonderful.

    Who suggested this ?


    Who voted on it ?


    Do we, the citizens of the eu - have any say in this ?

    Were we even consulted on this ?

    Think it was Tony Benn who pointed out the major flaw in the eu's so-called democracy didn't he ?

  4. Chessfou - I like your comment about 'the future of France and the eu....ever closer union, defence & foreign policy'..   Strange you didn't mention an eu army - you think that's a good idea?  Or the tax harmonisation - you think that's a good idea?   Or the way the eu is attacking Oban of Hungary because of his stance, for his country's beliefs, abou having to promote LGBT brain-washing in schools.
    You think that it's the role of the eu to insist a country over-turns its own beliefs, for which it has a democratically elected parliament, because 'the eu' thinks it knows better.  You in favour of that ?
    And how do you see 'ever closer union' - gives me the shivers.   The likes of 'Fond of Lying' with her success at running (ruining) Germany's army ? - think she should be in charge ?
    Trouble is - you talk about being interested in the future of France; there is no future for France; there is no future for Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria - these countries will cease to exist, they will become nothing more than regional councils - with the ultimate power being concentrated in Unelected, Unknown, Unaccountable eu 'officials'.
    You don't elect them; you will not be able to remove them - and that's the death of democracy.  You think that a good idea ?
    Your ref to 'perfidious Albion' - not nice, not fair, and certainly not the view of the northern groups of eu countries.   They were happy for the UK to be a member of the eu - they have admitted that they 'hid' behind the UK's body and shoulders whenever the UK stood up to whatever new schemes or diktats the eu was planning.  It is the northern european countries which will miss the UK -

    because the UK was seen AS A MODERATING voice....
    So stop your sneers about the UK;  the UK tried to avoid the eu becoming too powerful in people's every-day lives - and it has beern admitted that the UK's moderating voice will be much missed.
    PS - Hoddy - OK you've rapped my knuckles;  wasn't really criticising 'the other forum' - just pointing out that the views over there aappear to be far more extreme left-wing than here;  I was praising this lovely forum, and the mostly good-natured discussions on here.  But sorry all the same if I've over-stepped the mark.

  5. Ken - I did NOT suggest, or imply in any way, that you should leave this forum - stop being so sensitive.  I only suggested the 'other forum' as a way of pointing out to you that this forum is remarkably balanced, sane, pleasant and 'normal' compared to 'that other one'.   That 'other' forum is full of the guardian lot - and I only suggested you go and look to make you appreciate the more intelligent and well balanced group on this forum.  No other reason; I did not suggest you leave - don't think anyone on here would even think of suggesting it.
    You must also consider that on these fora (?!) the posters are people who are living in France; some of them have been here for years and are firmly connected to France and maybe even have french relatives.  It gives such posters a different outlook.   Many on here will have been adversely affected by Brexit and its future implications - and that will affect their viewpoints.
    Not all of us see France through the rose-coloured glasses;  some of us have, and do, criticise France.  But this forum is normal, with different people with different views, but I feel we all 'rub along' without too much hostility; for real hypocrisy and out-right hostility just drop into the 'other' place for a quick look - you'll realise then just what a pleasant place this forum is in comparison.

    Anyway, the sun is shining, I've got a load of stuff to take to the recycling place,  and I'm expecting more parcels from Amazon.........whoopeee.
    Keep smiling everyone -

  6. Ken - most of the posters on here are really very, very pleasant people; I'd happily have a drink in a bar with them - and most are rather politically balanced.
    If you really want to see the rabid nutters, those who hate the British Brexit voters, who think France and the french are wonderful and cannot be criticised -

    there is another forum - from which I've been banned for not being leftie enough !!  

    Daren't mention it's name but if you really want to see the liberals in full cry, waving their Guardians I can send you a private pm.
    In the meantime, please enjoy the company on here of very sane, pleasant, intelligent people.
    Despite some of them not agreeing with you about Brexit !!
  7. I've just been for a wander around our little mini-estate (just under 1 acre).
    It is mostly green 'lawn' with some shrubs.
    This year, due to the wet weather, and the fact that our local farmer, who usually comes in and cuts it all with a much more powerful mower than we own - he has only turned up once, and I know he has a lot on his plate at the moment with personal problems.
    So we have a largish area of grass - which has not been cut.
    In the past 14 years I have begged, and pleaded with OH - not to cut all the grass; that I'd love to have a a small wild flower meadow; just leave me a small part, just leave it be - it doesn't matter - no-one can see it from the road - let it be - please.   All ignored - he couldn't wait for farmer to turn up and 'cut everything'.

    This year - he had no option but to 'let it be'.
    I've just had a wander round.
    We have orchids - masses of the purple pyramid, we have pink and white bee orchids, we also have a large number of the 'hanging man' orchids.   We have thistle flowers, little yellow gorse type flowers, purple clover, buttercups and daisies - the large and small ones, as well as beautiful red poppies.
    We also have clouds of butterflies; don't want to disturb them by getting too close, but there are several different varieties.  I just stood in the middle of it all this morning - and thought - this is so beautiful, this is lovely, this is wonderful - how could you not appreciate all these beautiful flowers.
    I go inside, I try to tell him to come and look.   He stands at the window and still says 'It looks untidy, it looks a mess, it needs cutting, doesn't matter about the wild flowers, who cares............' Despite me over recent years pointing out all the top gardeners, and environmentalists begging gardeners not to have bowling green lawns, to leave some areas 'wild' - he has ignored it all.

    I cried inside - and thought I'll not say another word, just ensure I take lots of photos, and sit and enjoy it.    The problem is that if he sees me enjoying all this - he will attack the long grasses, and the wild flowers with his gardening shears, in the absence of the farmer.   He's already done that with some of the green lawn at the front - can't have people thinking he's let things go, can he !!!
    In the meantime I am amazed at what we have in the way of wild flowers; and the butterflies that are enjoying all the flowers.
    And just keep my fingers crossed that the farmer doesn't come trundling down the road any time soon.
    Anyone else let 'the grass grow under their feet' this year ?


  8. Hi Norman - ahh - that's the one.  Aren't you clever.   Now I did find that using Firefox; but couldn't when I used Chrome - and can't get it translated.  

    I think I've dug myself into a black-hole and am struggling.   What is this form all about ? 

    The only section I can see that is 'pre-printed' is Salaires et pensions - where there's at 1GE, 1HE, 1IE and 1JE - seems to be 'COCHEZ' for declarant 1, 2 and ?? 1st and 2nd pers.. - there's only two of us.
    Turn over the page and they're going back to 2014 in various sections.   What the heck ?

    And I'm panicking a bit because I thought I'd done all the preliminary stuff, converted all our huge sums of £££s into euros, and just needed to sit down and complete form.
    Then this has turned up - and I'm cross about why I didn't see it, and even more worried now than normal about wretched tax forms......
    Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry ....
    Just I get uptight.

    OK that is the form (bless you Norman) - can you explain it ?
    And how can I get it translated ?  My mind's gone blank

    Thanks - Chessie

  9. For some reason I've been sent an additional tax form - and which I've just discovered  (don't ask!).   I cannot cope with the on-line system, and am using paper return.
    But this new form has me tearing my hair out.

    I do not understand any of it.
    The Connexion tax guide makes little reference as to what it's all about; there is no step-by-step instructions in the guide, as there are for other forms.

    Anyone know why I've been sent this 2042 ck complementaire

                 (I'll give them b---y complementaire !!)

    In the past it was possible to go on-line and download a particular tax return form.
    I have tried, using Chrome (for the translation) to obtain an English version of this form.
    It does not seem to be available on the french gouv.fr tax site.
    I type in the form number -  the 2042 ck complementaire - and it can't be found.
    I type in a second search, the code no 11222 - and it can't be found.
    I need a translation of this new form so that I can complete it.
    And I can't get a copy of the form, on-line, using Chrome to translate and print out.
    Oh I am so sick and tired of it all.
    Why is it so difficult............
    Is it me, or modern progress, or what.................
    Are any of the french tax forms available to down-load ?

    Any suggestions, any help - you wonderful people must know how to do this - a link - anything  - you've never let me down before now..!!

    Please - Chessie

  10. OK - I wanted to replace this blasted car 5 years ago - would 'he' listen - nope.  He 'knew' better didn't he;  listen to little wifie - oh no !!   So here we are.
    Stuck with a bloody old car, that I hate to drive - and he won't listen to me. 

    OK - whinge over.
    The car is a Xantia diesel, born 1998 (yeah I know, don't say a word ! - but low mileage) - it's been regularly serviced, the battery was bought brand new just 6 months ago.   A helpful friend replaced old battery with new, tried to start the engine - no go.   There's plenty of fuel, the starter motor kicks into life without any problem - it just doesn't catch - no ignition, no life.   We tried so many times that the battery has drained so much and it won't accept new charge from battery charger.  OH had complained for a couple of months that the ignition didn't always catch on as it should do.  I just thought he wasn't giving the pre-ignition time to heat up before turning the key to final position to fully start car; in fairness perhaps he was right and the pre-ignition coil was starting to fail.
    Having done some digging around on websites I'm fairly sure it is the pre-ignition coil wotsit gubbins that's not working.  But it's all very well suspecting what the problem is -
    but that's no help when the car just sits there, grinning at me........!!
    I thought the break-down asistance emergency number provided with insurance was only for use when you are away from home - not when the problem is sat there on your own drive !!  

    And don't you have to pay the first £XXXX anyway; and then if you make a claim up goes your premium (they get you every way don't they !!)

    Hadn't thought of phoning a local garage and asking them to tow it to their own place - hadn't thought of that at all.  Why on earth didn't I think of it.   That is probably the best idea.

    Oh I am so fed-up.   And I'm struggling, feeling lonely, and having to sort out problems on my own.  If I were a widow (oh please) I'd have dumped this car and be driving something newer.  As it is I'm stuck with him and that useless lump of metal in the drive.   And I could scream.   And yes, I've had a few glasses of wine because I'm stressed.......... so forgive the bad-tempered tone of this post.
    I am grateful for your help and suggestions;  just interested to know how others might cope in same situation - you are all lovely people - knew I'd get some helpful ideas. 

    (Hector's Dad - I'm sure you could sort this damned car out for me if you lived nearby - you sound as though you know how to deal with the innards of these metal beasts.......)

    Thank you.



  11. Here's a thought for you all.  

    How would you cope - what would you do ?
    You live in rural France - back of beyond, miles from any garage.
    Your car, on your drive, on home turf, breaks down;  it refuses to start.   All the battery charging, new battery, WD40 sprayed on distributor - everything you can possibly do yourself - doesn't work.
    It just sits there - smirking at you - refusing to fire up.
    It's a diesel - they're supposed to be indestructible - doesn't it know that ?

    Now - limited mechanical knowledge.  No other car to tow 'sick' car to a garage.
    And if it's an automatic then it's even more of a problem isn't it ?

    How do you get out of such a predicament ?

    And yes, this is the time when I wish I was 'somewhere else' !!!

    I know this by rights should be in the 'Driving' section - but thought it might appeal to a wider audience.


  12. I think it's a case of the economy - they need to get some way back to normal. So it's the money.
    Think it's also a case of jealousy - that the UK has succeeded so well; France hasn't, but maybe France is hoping to prove that it isn't necessary to have so many vaccinated.
    But then you look at India (with aid from the UK, and their space programme) - and they are in a terrible state.   Although I've read the figures and percentages which imply that the 'numbers' based on population are not as high as they were in the worst of times in the UK and the USA.  But numbers don't help when you see the sad scenes.
    Then you realise how many of the Oxford AZ doses are not being used, held in storage, in the Netherlands; how many doses of the Oxford AZ are being thrown away in european countries - simply because of the ignorant/spiteful/vindictive (choose your own word) attitudes of macron and merkel -
    and I conclude that it is immoral not to have any vaccine; it is totally immoral to refuse - and throw away - the Oxford AZ which is at cost, cheap, effective, and reliable.
    So what the european leaders have done, in my view, is utterly immoral and evil.
    Those doses they 'don't want, won't use' - should, in a decent world with moral leaders - be sent asap to India.
    The UK has sent aid already; is sending ventilators; the UK also sent extra supplies to Oz when the eu halted exports from the Netherlands.  A plant for which the UK had provided funds and staff to set up and start production.  Our money - and the eu stepped in and stopped exports.
    The UK has also provided as much money as the USA to aid COVAX - the international help agency.

    See who the bad guys are ?

    To those of you who've had the vax with little or no side-effects - thank you for all the information and reassurance.  And the information about how easy and efficiently its working is also reassuring.  

    Keep smiling everyone; we'll get there.
    I did read that the virus 'should' according to the scientists, begin to lose a lot of its impact in a few years; that the mutations will decline - and that we will just accept it as part of our new every-day in the way that we do with coughs, colds, and the flu.   Dear G--, I hope they are right.

    The sun is shining here; and the nightingales are singing away in the hedge by the house - it's beautiful to hear them, reminder that life goes on.....

    PS - did anyone who has had the vax take a paracetamol tablet immediately afterwards ?

  13. Weegie - the media carry medical reports;  if we don't read medical reports 'in the media' how would we know about the adverse side effects from any of the vaccines.
    There is a subtle difference, you know, between 'the media' and the media which prints and reports accurately medical information.
    So stop being silly;  are you saying you don't get any information at all from radio, television, newspapers ?
    Oh dear.

  14. I would be rather wary of the pfizer vaccination.   Two reasons - the first is that there is a stronger reaction to the first injection of pfizer - apparently it stimulates the immune system into hyper-drive.
    But there are also reports coming out that it has caused serious heart complications;  now if anyone has had heart problems (apart from broken ones of course !) - then maybe that is a reason to avoid the pfizer.
    I'm not having any luck at the moment but I only want the |Oxford AZ.

    You're all coping brilliantly - vaccine or no vaccine.


  15. Thanks everyone - interesting and reasurring advice.  Think it's the second moderna jab which can cause increased side-effects (at least that's what seems to be reported anyway).

    Mint - sorry I have to correct you about the pfizer;  I have seen a video of the pfizer CEO talking about the billions in profit to be made from continuing use of their vaccine.  It is the British Oxford AZ that was and is being supplied on a cost-only basis.  Which for those poorer countries is surely the most humanitarian approach - and that is the Oxford one.  It also doesn't need to be stored at low temperatures which makes it perfect for those countries.

    It's lovely to have 'on the ground' reports of how everyone is finding it possible, or otherwise, to get the vaccine, how the centres are run - and side-effects.
    And the comments about the media are spot on.  

    I'm hoping to see swallows in the next few days; they usually turn up shortly after the nightingales.  (Sorry, nothing to do with vax but a sign that we still have some things to look forward to !!)

  16. Am I right to worry about this ?  I don't want to drive any great distance for the vax.  I hope that OH and I can have vax at same centre, at about the same time.   Were any of you worried about both of you having the vaccination at same time, and then having to drive some distance afterwards ?
    What documents are you asked to provide when you visit the centre ?  We don't have our CdS (well I don't need one anyway), but is the CdS 'essential ?  Apart from the Carte Vitale that is.

    And please keep letting us non-vaccinated group know how the system worked for you, and whether you had any side-effects.

    I'm planning on taking a paracetomol immediately after the jab - that's the medical advice just to prevent any side-effects .

    We'll see......at some time I hope .........

    In the meantime, make the rest of us jealous !!!

    And I can hear the nightingales singing away - happy days, and nights.
  17. I'm still waiting, and waiting..
    I would much prefer the Oxford AZ vax - because it's the cheapest, easiest to store - and I trust British science and medical teams.
    I would not wish the pfizer or the moderna - both of which are more expensive, for profit for the big pharma.
    The pfizer, moderna AND the j&j ALL have side effects, ALL have been, wrongly/rightly implicated in blod clot problems.
    As mentioined above, there is very, very little publicity given to the adverse side-effects of the more expensive drugs, the with-profit drugs.  Wonder why ?
    Don't forget that the eu has a financial interest in the pfizer drug....
    The costs of all this will be borne by the tax payers, you, me, the little people - so if a drug is cheaper, and just as effective, that's the one I would choose, and will if possible..

    With the botched eu approach to all this, and the spite that it has shown towards the UK, it seems the eu is now looking at the sputnik and the chinese vax (chinese for pity's sake...!!)

    Those of who have been successful, with any of the vaccinations - congratulations - I am full of envy.
    My daughter in the UK, in her 40s, has had her vax - and boy is she happy !!

    I found myself smiling this afternoon; sat outside, enjoying the sunshine - and in the hedge close to the summer-house - I heard a nightingale warbling away.  The first of the season, during the day.

    Life will improve, it will, it has to........


  18. No - please don't - we've been getting some very useful, up-to-date and personal information from people who've managed to 'beat the system' or whatever to get appointments.  I'm turning green with envy but wish every one good luck and good health.
    If my posts have caused problems then please delete them. I'm more interested in the information being given by the lucky ones.

  19. Oh dear - please don't tell me I've upset anyone.  I never meant to - if I had.  Why would someone not want to respond to me.
    It's just I thought this thread was about people's chances of the vax appointments, their experiences, their hints, and any physical reactions or side-effects of the vaccine.
    For our own information.

    Maybe it was my fault it drifted into politics - in which case I apologise.
    And if that's so then if I've caused someone to 'drop me' then please - whoever is 'Modding'  this please delete my posts.
    Just didn't want it to veer off into semi-politics - which would have been better as a separate thread.
    But what do I know.
    I apologise.

  20. Not sure about the 'nothing malicious';  I regard it as subliminal brain-washing, ie repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.
    Who referred to this virus as the 'chinese virus' - which let's face it is the truth.
    Trump, no matter what you 'think' about him, or what your 'truth' might be - he called it the chinese virus.  And was attacked for being rascist.
    Now we get the 'UK virus' - really - that's not rascist ? 

    The 'UK variant' can in truth only be called the UK variant because it was dscovered by the Genome Tracing labs - and it is more than likely it arrived with the visitors on their rubber dinghies.
    There is so much hypocrisy, lies, face-saving going on.  France and Germany messed it up for the whole of the eu; Merkel/Germany because she 'thought' it would hand more power to her friend VdL and the eu Kommission.   France/Macron pushed for the French Sanoffi - pride and greed.....
    Unlike the UK they didn't hedge their bets - that's capitalism isn't it ?
    What has happened since then with the eu has been a disgrace - the whole world, and international companies, have watched in horror.  There are already signs of companies no longer wishing to sign any agreement, or co-operate with the eu.
    And OxfordAZ have said they'll never offer an at-cost vaccine again.  A humanitarian act, paid for by the UK tax-payer, has been rubbished by Know-nothing little peacocks in the eu.

    Anyway - do let's be careful; I know I've had a political rant, but maybe, if others wish to do so, then we should start a new thread about the eu and its long-term relationship with international companies.

    Here - we're talking about lack of vaccines, lack of appointments, another lock-down looming.
    I've given up on even trying to make appointments.
    Even in the largest department hospitals - there are no appointments being made, 'there is lack of supplies'.  So there's no point in phoning my doctor, nor visiting the pharmacy - nor the vets !!
    We'll just have to face the fact that for most of us it's going to be a waiting game; that we're having another year of limbo.

    And I'm finding it tough.. like everyone.

  21. Oh dear - Danny - I am sorry for your tale of woe.

    But I couldn't halp thinking of Flanders & Swan - 'Twas on a Monday morning, the gas man came to call...........'

    It's hysterical; might cheer you up if you find it on YouTube - whole sorry saga of gas man, plumbers, etc, calling, doing damage to be repaired by another tradesman.


  22. After all your lovely helpful replies thought you'd like an up-date.
    There is no problem with my UK bank - none.
    So over to my credit card MBNA people.

    After the usual palaver about inputting numbers on phone to get into the right queue, and having to wait, I spoke to an extremely pleasant and helpful woman at MBNA,   She checked, and confirmed - that there is NO problem with my account; the address I gave Next is correct, the expiry date and security codes are correct.  As far as MBNA were concerned they had not rejected any request from Next for payment, validation or anything at all.  And she went on to say that they would have had no reason to refuse such a request - but, with the exception of my first purchase, there had been no further requests from Next....
    It's as I thought - a seecurity techie problem at Next and its payment platform.

    So I wrote to International Complaints at Next about the problem, explaining that they have a technical glitch preventing orders on UK credit cards being accepted on their French website, from UK citizens living in France.   I also said that as a customer I was not happy; but as a share-holder I was quite concerned because this glitch would affect profits - and my dividends....

    Took them 3 days to respond; courteous e-mail, which confirmed there was no block on my account, but that the technical issues I had raised would be 'passed up the line'.

    Was also given special link to connect straight back to my account so I can start spending - whooopeeee...... !!

    Idun - as for PayPal, well yes I did have a PayPal account linked to my own UK bank account; sadly because of computer problems and clear-out of cookies I lost that linke between this computer in France and my UK PayPal account.  Once you lose that link - you can never get it back.  PayPal are now trawling through, and doing a sweep, because (as we're all fraudsters etc !!) we are only allowed to have a PayPal account linked to a bank in the country in which we live.  Live in France, it has to be linked to your French bank account.   Well, my UK bank account is my own, personal money;  I would rather not 'hit' our french bank account with my spending........the French account is for our general living expenses out here plus the other treats etc;  but I prefer to have a bit of money of my own to spend on family, him, or myself when and where I want.

    Sometimes it pays to persist - it's not always 'our' fault, or the credit card company - sometimes even big companies mess things up.

    Bit of a hassle, but worth it in the end (at least I hope so - haven't put an order in yet so fingers crossed it's now sorted).


  23. Ken - totally agree with you about 'newscasters'; useless - more concerned with being 'celebs' than just giving us the news.  Today's media are a disgrace - think they are more important than the news.   Loathe the lot of them.
    As for holding politicians to account; well Merkie is leaving - but she was responsible for Fond of Lying;  Macron is facing his Waterloo soon.  The Greek woman was and is totally useless.  But as for holding to account the real numpties responsible for this - well go on - who are they?
    With the exception of VdL and the Greek woman, who we all know about; who were the others on the 'committee' responsible for placing the contracts with the various pharma companies - do we know any of them ?  No.
    Can we hold 'them' to account - No.

    That's the wonderful eu - we haven't a real clue who these people are -
    and even if we did - we couldn't get rid of them.
    So there is NO accountability; NO 'get rid of' option available to the 450 million european people is there ?
    I visited our local Pharmacy last week just to ask (with no hope) about any possibility of them providing the vaccines - none - no plans.   Was referred to hospital an hour's drive away, or health centre 45 minutes drive away.
    Then the pharmacist shrugged and said 'There are no vaccines anyway - we have a shortage.....' !!!

    We can only sit and watch while the UK opens up again; it's Springtime in the UK, the right time of year for socialising again, and for pubs and restos opening up fully and everything returning to normal; people are returning to their offices, and life will be good again back in the UK in a few months time.

    France - lockdown, curfew, another horrible 6 - 8 months.
    What an utter shambles.

  24. Idun - oh thank you for the support - glad it's not just me.
    You're quite right, if we don't spend then we're not supporting the economy, and keeping the money moving around.
    It's all in a good cause isn't it !!!!
    And anyway, think we all need cheering up, and having something new (or several !) to look forward to wearing when we start to get back to normal is rather enjoyable - and much needed.
    So thanks for the encouragement - I'll stop feeling guilty now.

  25. Interesting comments - modern technology, three stage security, passwords. scream...
    Sue - I have set up validation process, and security stages with my UK bank.  And with the credit card company.   In fact I re-set my password for my credit card; I was given, on-line a code number, I was then phoned on my landline and had to input on my landline phone the numbers displayed on my computer screen - and that worked.   So the CC company security system is is fine.   I have not had any problems with any other company either here in France or using a UK site.  It is just N---t.

    There is an eu diktat which states that no-one should be prevented from using cards etc if they do not have a mobile.  The bank has to accept your landline number - and that applies even after Brexit; customers cannot be prevented from using financial services if they do not have a mobile and the financial organisation has to accept landline numbers as an alternative.  As I've explained above, I've done that - and the CC company, and my bank, have accepted my landline number.  So that's not the problem - the validation is there.  I just don't get the chance to validate.....

    The problem is that N--t are using one of these financial systems (third party) to check the transaction, and act as a security check on the transaction between N--t and the credit card company.  The problem is that this third party financial whizz set-up doesn't display long enough to input the security numbers needed before handing on to the security system at MBNA.   There is no link between the financial 3rd party - it looked like WorldX something but it only displayed for a few seconds - but it is not making the link.   (For the 2nd purchase, using my French debit card, according to my French bank, it was dob and card expiry date that was needed; which is exactly the same info that MBNA ask for when they do the security check)..

    It is a technical glitch, or someone, somewhere has overlooked something.

    But the big puzzle is that I was using the French N--t website for the second try;  I was using my French bank card with my french address - and I still got nowhere.

    N--t are going to lose customers if this carries on.   I was just wondering if anyone else had attempted to order something from the french website, using an MBNA card, linked to a British bank account.  Or even using a French card on the N--t French website.   Basically, anyone having problems with the N--t French website.

    Oh I hate this modern world; this modern technology - the clever people in charge who are too damned clever, and have made life difficult.
    I only wanted a pair of shoes.........!!!!  (Well, 2 pairs but I'm not telling OH !)


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