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  1. Quote [Despite being useless, the English speaking line can transfer you to Wanadoo premium numbers free of charge (but, in my experience, you need to give them "a bit of a hard time" to get them to do that} Ian and all concerned I managed to get transferred I think 5 times in total ovet this. I was lucky enough to be offered the transfer to Wanadoo the first time after asking them if there was anything at all they could help me with. Subsequently I simply asked to be transferred again following the previous transfer where business was not concluded. I think one real advantage of calling the FT help line is to get the factual postion of one's account before dealing with the Wanadoo gatekeepers. BTW this service can also give you the Wanadoo Service Client addreess for the resiliation. I might be able to lay my hand on it again in my haphazard filing system.
  2. Hi F I had problems cancelling my contract. First I understand you must send the 'resiliation' by registered letter with advice of reception 'avis avec accuse de recommande' (AR) or something like that - this is normal for most or all notice of termination of a contract in France. Beware of the call from them asking why you are leaving, I had one of these. I said I had gone elswhere for the ADSL. Q. Why? A. Cheaper etc. Q. If we can do it cheaper would you stay with Wanadoo?  A. Maybe - let me see the details in writing of your offer. The details were promised. Nothing happened at all. Later I  found out that  the Direct Debit continued and money was taken after the 1 month notice period. I phoned Wanadoo (via France Telecom customer service) and queried why. Wanadoo said because I had agreed to the new offer.  I had not. I then said I want to finish come what may - OK they said but why? I said I just want to finsh - the lady said I can't pass you to the resiliation department who must deak with this unless you give me a reason. I said I had a contract for ADSL with Cegetel now and I didn't need Wanadoo dial up. I was passed to the resiliation department and asked all the same questions again - I gave the same reply. OK they said it will be sorted. Then a Direct Debit taken for 2nd month. I phoned Wanadoo again and queried why. They asked for a 2nd resiliation by AR I refused saying I had already sent one. At this stage I started to lose the will to live. I had the same conversation and  questions. I asked to speak to a supervisor and at last I found someone who grasped the fact that I had given notice and I wanted a refund of money taken and future DDs stopped. She promised action in 3 weeks.I am not holding my breath. Do note that this Sevice Client line is 34c per minute and it seems to me they deliberately string out the calls. I have spent some 90 minutes on the phone during these calls - none are fast. I can offer one piece of advice to avoid the 34c charge - go to the France Telecom freephone service - there is one in English as well. They can give all the details of the Wanadoo account without fuss. In fact they told me that the AR was receievd and that I had accepted the special promo offer and later that the account was closed even though they were still taking money - he could see the money being taken from my account as well. He also informed me that ironically the promo offer I supposedly accepted was 2 months without cost  making wWandado wrong either way  After this I was tranferred to the Wandoo number all at no charge. I can say for sure that knowing the exact position of my account before I phoned Wanadoo saved a lot of time and at least made me sure of the basics of what was happening. After this fiasco I would take some persuasion to Wannado again. Good luck Orion
  3. Hi Betmont The going rate around here (47) is normally 10€. I know directly of gite owners who pay for cleaners in cash. In fact I don't know any who do it any other way. My wife has been offered work of this kind before as well.  I have yet to find anyone who knows anyone who has got into trouble with the law over this.  This is not to say it never happens but this forum is full of posters who  reel out the same dire warnings regardlees of what many IMHO would say is the true picture. Orion
  4. New Why bother post in this way - just a negative  response that helps nobody on this forum and serves to discourage those who wnnt to diseminate information. Is it just to run up yor post count or are you a member of the 'thought police'. You need to get out more. Orion
  5. Well I got my old ID back but I have lost my posts. Thanks again James Orion
  6. Dear James thanks for your prompt help lets see if it works Orion
  7. I tried logging in with the password I thought was valid but no success I have tried 'lost password' to get a new password but I have never received the email with a new password. As I recall I am prompted to use the email address I used when the account was created  (i.e. when the sytem changed before some 15-18 months agai I presume) If I can't get that right have I any other options or have I lost my previous identity on this forum? Thanks
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