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  1. Hi

    I made my own out of 15mm copper tube wrapped in black tape and pop riveted on . It passed the Drire test fine. I had no CoC or anything, had to fill in a massive form and supply tech specs but carte gris now obtained

    All the best
  2. No easy way I'm afraid. What I do is copy and paste the text into google translate and then put that and the diagrams into a word document. It's not perfect but has worked for me. I think Brandt are another make rebranded.

    All the best
  3. Hi

    Have you completed your W-8BEN cert of foreign status of benificial owner for US tax witholding form?

  4. Saw this ad when looking for a quote for my 82 yr old mother http://www.exclusivehealthcare.com/index.php
  5. Thanks all for your replies, having looked more closely at the bill I see that they are charging me 2 months in advance at 19 euros a month not 38 euros a month still this is weird as if I suspend the line next month they will owe me a month I think i will email them for clarification.
  6. Hi All

    Have just had my phone installed and have been put on ligne résidence secondaire 2hr fixe france. at 38 euros a month this is very expensive, is there a cheaper tarif as with the 4.6 euro cost of turning it back on you would only need to do it 5 times and it would cost more than paying 16 euros a month the whole year. Also if you turn on phone for say 2 weeks do you pay a whole month or just the 2 weeks,
  7. Hi All

    I hit rouen at 11.30am if heading south and have never had a hold up. Heading north it's about 1pm and again never a hold up. Driving times depend on average speed and I do tend to put my foot down. I gave up on Paris after spending an hour stuck in a tunnel after an accident further up the road but heh if it works for you! All I know it's a looong day and I am doing it again on Tuesday so wish me luck.
  8. I travel Dunkerque to Payrac(Lot) about 5 or 6 times a year. I gave up on going via Paris 2 years ago. Fastest is Rouen I'm afraid to say 8hrs 30 mins. 3rd turning off A28 after tunnel down by the river through industrial zone. Cheap petrol at Igoville Then take N154 only 1 toll to pay.
  9. Hi All

    Had an accident myself in Orleans Dec 17th in the snow. Insuance company wrote it off gave me £4700 for a 2004 Picasso. I bought it back for £1400 and repared it for £3000 using non genuine and some used parts. How much damage is there? Mine hit a tree.
  10. Hi Parsnips

    I understand the Assurance Vie is more tax efficient for the reasons you say but OH's income is used to pay for rental house in GB. I need ALL the interest from savings to live so would therefore pay tax and social charges on as much from withdrawals so there would be no gain.Also it in fixed interest long term investmens at 7% gross and cannot be withdrawn even if I wished to which I dont due to pawltry rates available at present. Then the exchange rate. I would not wish to exchange capital at current rates I have enough in euros to last a couple of years transfered when rates were better. With hindsight I should have done more homework on the French tax system but I never imagined that my OH would be tax resedent when she neither lives or works in France.

    If we weren't married it would be simple.

    Thanks again for all your help but I dont think France is for us.
  11. Thanks for the replies

    I think that moving to France was a mistake and I think that I will be finishing the house and then put it up for sale as we can live much cheaper in Britain

  12. Thanks Will and Parsnips

    I get it now and realise that there will be little or no tax to pay in France. However social charges are another matter. If for example OH earns euro 20,000 from earnings and another 10,000 from building society interest and I have euro 10,000 building society interest how would you calculate the social charges?

    Sorry to be a pain but I am really struggling with this.
  13. Hi again

    Just another thought. How is house in France OH's residence principal when she lives 11 months of the year in Gloucester?

    Also as I am spending more than 91 days a year in UK maybe I am UK tax resident too. Do I even file a tax return in France?

    Life is so complicated
  14. Hi Will

    I was not expecting that reply for sure I also have a 16 yr old son doing A levels, where does he fit into this he lives in UK and has no intention of moving to France.
  15. Hi

    I will file my 1st tax return this year. I am on E109 courtesy of OH.If I put Mariés on the 2042 form page 2 section A,how do I go about telling them that she is non resident and not a french taxpayer.
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