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  1. On the same subject we have something to put right within 2 months but my husband wasn't given a CT sticker for the windscreen and the old on was taken.  There is a note on the carte gris stamped by the garage to the effect that the car has to be returned by a date in July.  Is this normal and if stopped by the police will it be acceptable?  I worry unlike my husband!
  2. Thank you so much Sunday Driver, I will go and tell his wife and hopefully it will put his mind at rest and not add stress to his heart.
  3. My english neighbour was admitted to hospital (as an emergency) with heart problems and is now very worried about the cost.  He is a pensioner  and has a carte vitale but no top up insurance.  I understand that there is a daily cost for hospital stays (16 euros?)  but can anyone give me further information so that he has some idea and is not worrying out of proportion.  He has had x-rays, blood tests and is on a drip;  is each treatment costed and then he will have to pay 30% of each?  Thanks in advance for your help.

  4. Thanks very much for the explanation Val.  We're not at that stage yet and I would hope to be able to fund my children but will store it for reference in the future just in case.
  5. Can you tell me what CROUS is please?
  6. We went to Argeles sur Mer last July and took our dog on the beach.  There were plenty of others around too.
  7. Fantastic Christine!  I hope someone fancies joining in his games.
  8. We went to look at a car, decided to buy it and got the shock of our life when we were told to write the cheque and take the car.  This was from a dealer and cost thousands.
  9. Christine they are beautiful, I don't know how they end up homeless!  Would it be possible to add Maxo and Till to this post as I'm worried that they've been forgotten.  If we didn't have Brice (we're still in love!) and Cleo, Till is just the sort of dog I would like.  Fingers crossed that adoptive parents are found.
  10. We looked at a fantastic house but the garden was a few hundred metres down the road. We discounted it as we felt holiday makers want to eat and drink outside on holiday but don't want to have to walk a long way to do it.  I certainly wouldn't book a gite without outside space attached.
  11. Brice arrived with Christine two weeks ago and it feels like he has been here forever.  We can't believe how easily has settled in, absolutely no negative things at all, we feel so lucky. 





  12. They both look like super pets and hope they find a home soon.  Someone must be looking for a companion; unlike puppies, older dogs are often trained and don't chew things and are generally more laid back.  We gave one of Christine's dogs (Brice) a home 10 days ago and will never regret it.  He's fantastic!  Unfortunately 2 dogs and 2 cats and 2 kids are enough for us!
  13. Christine arrived with Brice yesterday afternoon and he has slotted into the family perfectly.  I saw Christine's post and wasn't really looking for a second dog and certainly not a male!  There was just something about him that we all fell in love with and after his first day here we know it was the right thing to do.  He is playful but does as he's told and gets on with our 9 year old Cleo.  We have 2 cats which fascinate him (they even stop him eating!) although they aren't interested in him.  He's had a good day with several walks, learning to play ball, digging up mole hills and having a car ride to school.

    Christine deserves a huge thank you for all her rescue work, without her Brice wouldn't be here which is horrifying. If anyone's thinking of adding to their family I'm sure she'll be able to find someone suitable or keep reading the posts here and the dog for you will appear.



  14. I'd be happy to fill in your questionnaire, PM me.
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