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  1. Hi, Its all very much up in the air at the moment and all sorts of rumours are flying around . There will be some  quite big changes to the golf course . These have already started to be implemented . Hopefully some water to the fairways ! Regards Sue
  2. Hi, The clubhouse is brand new and there are numerous apartments made from the old barns and buildings its now more like a country club . There will be changes made to some holes this year and some holes will be closed some of the time early in the year and in the Autumn so I would check certainly before you go . Its a very pretty course still but we are all a little afraid of what might happen next ! Sue
  3. We used a man with a van to bring furniture from England to SW France about 3 years ago and have lost contact with him . He was really good and very reasonable .All I know is he is based in Essex and I got his name from someone who uses this site . Can anyone help out. Sue
  4. I have been a member atBarbaste for 4 years and it has been a wonderful old fashioned charming golf club . Just check before you go that all holes are in play as the whole club house and course has recently been sold and undergone terrific changes with lots of building works going on . Regards Sue
  5. I know a very good Dutchman who speaks fluent French and English . He is an accountant and depending on where you live he will go with you and fill in all your forms and help you in every way . He isnt expensive either and he will help you with tax forms etc and health cover etc. Sue
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