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  1. Can't answer your question, sorry, but I'd like to know if it's possible to put in a tax return before May. If you havn't put in a tax return before and don't earn anything in France how will the authorities know to send you a pre-completed form? We went to the local Centre des Impots to get a form but they said they will be sent out  precompleted in May.  Will blank forms be available for collection from the C des I or the Mairie at the same time as the precompleted ones?
  2. Yes, as I understand it, if you sell a property within 2 years and the profit you make is more than 7 twelths of the original price you have to pay the previous owner a percentage of that profit (?50%?). We heard of a case via a local immobilier where he had to advise the sellers of a house to wait a few months before putting their house on the market so as to avoid paying out to the previous owner. Apparently they made quite a profit on the house so were liable.
  3. We are in the process of selling our house in France and moving to another. If a buyer from the UK is willing to pay in pounds sterling would there be any drawbacks? Has anyone done it this way and if so how, did they use a solicitor in the UK to receive funds etc. We are resident in France but our bank is in the UK so we could avoid any loss in the exchange rate this way. Any help appreciated.
  4. Removing trees can also cause problems with ground heave since you are removing the means by which the water has been extracted from the ground for many years, thus upsetting the natural balance.  The ground can swell with all that excess water causing the building to move and crack. It all depends on what type of soil you have so if you are worried about it seek professional advice before removing the tree.   Dave
  5. Has anyone recently moved to the Creuse and doesn't know what to do with all those empty packing boxes? We are moving house within France soon and would be grateful for any that you may have. Will collect.   Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks for your reply. As far as I know we havn't had any trouble with the phones. I'll try shutting down etc when we're not using the computer as you suggest. Just another query, the red diodes on the box indicate the state of connection etc I presume. The @ light is on as well as the wi-fi indicator although the box is connected via a USB cable not wi-fi. Is this correct?
  7. We recently managed to extricate ourselves from Tiscali (Alice) and have signed up with Wanadoo. All info plus box arrived promptly and I've set it up and all seems well. However, every now and then when we try to connect an error message appears saying network problem, try again later. This happens at least once a day and access is not available for anything from 5 minutes to over an hour. I hope this is not normal with Wanadoo, having abandoned Tiscali because of similar problems. Has anyone else experienced this over the past couple of days or do you think I've not got it set up right? Any help much appreciated
  8. Has anyone else had problems with logging on to Tiscali.fr lately? It all started about a month ago. When we try to log on via a dial up connection it fails and we get the message "Invalid user name or password" although we havn't changed our log-on name or password. After trying several times we are eventually connected, although yesterday we couldn't log on at all. we kept getting "Line busy" messages. I thought maybe they were trying to sort out the problem yesterday but the problem still persists today. A friend of ours in the next village is having the same problems. I can connect to the internet via another ISP (Free.fr) with no problems at all so I don't think the fault is at our end. Anyone had similar problems lately and got any ideas what's causing it? Dave
  9. [quote]hi davlin I was interested in your experience with gdf as we are in the process of buying an old farm property in lower Normandy which is on the edge of a small town, it has a nice stable, another...[/quote] No we didn't get involved with the grants. Mainly because I did all the work myself and I believe you need builders/plumbers etc factures and warranties to obtain grants. I may be wrong here and if anyone knows differently let me know. We decided to go with GdF as it was fairly reasonable at 174 euros for the first years signup plus 159 for the annual cotisation. They let me off the 159 euros as we joined too late in the year for the brochure. You can't buy a lot of advertising for 174 euros these days so we thought it good value. Particularly as our local Office de Tourisme will take our brochures now we are GdF registered. Fees do vary from one departement to another I am told so perhaps others will pay more than we did. Good luck with your project
  10. Hi, we only waited about 10 days for a visit but I guess it depends where you are and how busy they are. At the first contact at their offices we were given a pack containing the criteria for 3 and 4 epis ratings amongst other things, which went into detail about the house, rooms, equipment, environment, geniality of the hosts etc etc. Our inspectors looked at and photographed the breakfast! We did offer them a pain au raisin but they gracefully declined. Out of courtesy I suspect, as one of them looked like she was salivating during furtive glances at the fair on offer. They enjoyed the coffee though. I would think the inspections vary from one region/department to another. For example here in the Creuse the tourist season is a lot shorter than, say, the Dordoigne or Brittany and so the number of B&B's is fewer so GdF seem keen to promote the area more and may be a bit more relaxed about some things. I could be wrong, I'm a new boy and no expert. I think joining some organisation or other is worthwhile as it opens up other oportunities like advertising at the local tourist office etc. Anyway good luck with your inspection.
  11. Not being wine buffs ourselves, we're having difficulty finding a decent wine for our guests. We obviously don't want to spend a fortune but also don't want to "poison" the diners with a rough bottle. Can anyone suggest a make/supplier for a reasonable red at a reasonable price? We are in the Creuse if anyone knows of a supplier in the area. Many thanks
  12. Not sure whether this should be under House Renovations or not, apologies if not. We had to have our fosse emptied and cleaned the other week and before we started using it again I chucked a sachet of Eparcyl down the loo in the hope of getting it going again. Two weeks later we have a smell from the fosse again. We are careful what we put down it and only use products with the "Sans danger pour fosse septiques" labels. It is not blocked or overflowing, the water level remains the same. We have the kind which runs off into a communal drain through the village rather than a soakaway. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have put something stronger into the fosse to get it going again before we used it. Should there be a hard crust formed on the top before the smell abates? Any advice from someone with similar experience would be appreciated as the pong on a hot day is not pleasant!
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