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  1. Hello www.stuartcollins.com offer 12 month green card for uk reg veihcles kept out of the uk, I have a Range Rover insured with them. I have had uk vehicles in France for 16 years insured with AGF and they have paid out on 2 accidents (one a write off). Have a nice day y'all Regards
  2. Hello There seems to be a steady decline of the pound aganst the Euro. Could this be the beginning of the long awaited realinement to say 1.20 or dare we wish 1.10. Have a nice day y'all.[:D] Regards Sidney 
  3. Hello I think if Miki is allowed back we should bring back Outcast and La Buffoon. Have a nice day y'all Regards Sidney
  4. Hello Sorry Dick old chap but it was a slip of the keyboard, it should have been lifeboats, how could one think that any of the fragrent members of the FFMAA would resort to the old porky. Have a nice day Y'all[:D] Fred 
  5. Hello Well there are cracks appearing in the "Living France Mutual Admiration Society". The water is starting to rush in and it looks as if it will sink leaving all the flotsom floating around. I wonder if there will a animal like struggle for the lieboats.  Have a nice day y'all and pass the life jackets. Regards Bill[:)]  
  6. Hello I think that some of these posts are very racist. If you were to say the same about ethnic minority groups the mods would be after you. Where is Whales? Have a good weekend y'all Regards Owen Aberstwithhhyyygloglowwggn.
  7. Hello I had a post pulled last week by our new mod. I was told that the sentiment of the post was ok but I used inapropriate words, They wern't rude or obscene but someone thought they were inapropriate so the post was pulled. I then did another post which had a light hearted jibe at the other mods. This was pulled and I received a pm saying that they were all donning their hoods and thinking about black balling me. I then received another pm saying that although they wern't going to give me the boot I had better be carefull and start tugging the old forelock. The point is this is supposed to be a discussion group but it is beginning to be immposible to discuss the time of day. I have received quite a bit of abuse but I have never reached for the red button I have just been a bit on the abusive side back. I think that it would be better if people were left to sort their opinions out between themselves and the mods do their  moddy thing as a very very last resort. Have a good day y'all and don't forget, there but for fortune.[:)] Regardsssssssss  
  8. Hello People trying their best to have a good time by driving their cars through France certainly does not make me cringe. I do it frequently, my best time was 5hrs 30mins Mullhouse to Carcassonne inc breakfast and fuel stops and still managed 17mpg. Pip Pip[:)]  
  9. Hello I would like to add my voice to this thread. It is never very nice for someone to be banned from a discussion group. Although Miki and I  didn't see agree on much he did do some very interesting and informative posts and to a point he was always up for a good old fashioned debate. This forum has changed a lot, it seems that anyone who disagrees with what another member posts has only to run to the "mods" ( who are now talking about "offences" and "banning without appeal") perhaps we should put one of the less likeable third world tinpot dictators forword as a moddy. Lets get back to real life and stop this whining and back biting. Perhaps it would be a good idea if we were told the reason for the banning of Miki, shown the offending post and let the offended party/s debate their case. Have a nice weekend y'all and be carefull what you say. Regards
  10. Hello Tresco I used the term in a post. It was used in a quite broad context. If this offends you I an sorry. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and I will admit that sometimes people think I am a little bit on the aggresive side. If I have offended you I am sorry, I have not had  to cope with mental illness but it was really not meant to offend. Regards
  11. Hello I must make a grovelling apology to the moderators. I posted the last post before I read my PM and now realise that I should not have commented on the town of Quillan, which everyone knows is the center of the universe and enjoys 364 days of uninterupted  sunshine. I also referred to moderator Gay as a person "living oop north" I really did think that Quimper was a bit further north than Carcassonne but now I accept that I am totally wrong. Regards Zeb 100  
  12. Hello I never thought that the term mental cripple was insulting but I suppose we must give the new moddy their leeway It's nice to see the dynamic duo in action again. Have a nice weekend Miki and Dickie. Regards
  13. Hello You will know if there have been several defrost-freeze situations as you lay in great pain prior to turning your toes up. Have a nice weekend Regards
  14. Hello I think for a woman who is unable to boil a egg should certaily not be a reported but should immediately be crucified. If my egg is not boiled to perfection tomorrow morning I will shoot someone. Ho sorry it won't be tomorrow because I have a kipper for the breaking of the fast. Have a nice Easter y'all
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