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  1. i have a barn for sale near secondiny  which is near partheny, does any body know of a local estate agents in the area, maybe english speaking, ive tried m and m but they dont seem interested 
  2. i have 4years left on my credit agricole fixed rate mortgage, does anyone know if i  pay the rest of early will i  pay less interest
  3. Does anybody know how the online bank with credit agricole works, i went on the site www.ca-cmds.fr  and theres a space at the top for my  code personnel 6 digit numbers to type in but then theres a gride on the left with numbers 0 to 9 to click on with the mouse,  can anyone help
  4. thankyou for your replys, it might be best for me to stay with the fixed rate for the moment
  5. i have a 10 year fixed rate mortgage with credit agricole and interest is 5.35% i have paid 5years so fare. i now think the agents could have got me a better deal when they sorted out the mortgage because someone says the euro interest rate has been about 2% for the last 5 years. does anyone know if it possible to change the mortgage to a better deal with the same bank or another bank like in the u.k
  6. so are you still at vernoux et gatine or have you moved somewhere else
  7. i have a form to fill out called demande de certificate d urbanisme.its for planning permission to change a barn into a house im i bit stuck on understanding the questions 1  connaitre le droit de l'urbanisme applicable au terrain 2 le terrain est il situe dans un lotissement 3 le terrain est il situe dans une zone d'amenagement concerte 4 le terrain est il concerne par une associatin fonciere urbaine de remembrement autorisee thankyou
  8. thanks for advice,i did go to tresor public in partheny in deux sevres 79 and i saw the forms also they did say they can send someone round to measure up the house but i was only there on holiday,but my commune is largease if anyone is interested
  9. i converted the garage in to a room then filled new forms out, now the tax fonciere is 496 euros for a house of 75m2 is this right or am i paying to much,please help thankyou
  10. I have  a form called demande de certificate d urbanisme to apply for planning permission to convert a barn, i think i have to also supply one photo of the front and one of the back of the barn and also a plan of the changes ie replace barn doors with normal doors and put sizes in metres on an a4 paper,and say about installing mains water and electric and fosse septic, is this correct, thankyou
  11. does any one know if theres an internet cafe in parthany excuse my spelling. i read that the town is an internet town now and theres 12 hubs around the town with 10 computers in each hub with internet access.are these intenet cafes and is there a map of there locations thankyou 
  12. is it possible to divide the land we own and keep the house but sell the barn and field off .trouble is we are still paying the mortgage on the house and land
  13. Thankyou clair youve been a great help  
  14. can anyone help I have been sent a bill from generale des eaux which is the water company for deux sevre.but im not sure what I should write on the form at the bottom of the bill. its about the "facture en prelevement automatique" which i assume is about setting up automatique payment. one part says "nom et adresse du titulaire du compte a debiter/crediter" which i assume i put my name and adresse in the UK but the second part of the form  says  "nom et adresse de l'etablissement teneur du compte" does this mean name and adresse of my french bank or name and adresse of my french house. Thankyou  
  15. to BJSLIV thankyou for your help. be good my friend
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