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  1. From the amount you are paying for the line it looks as though you are making some calls.................. Anyway if you want to keep things simple, and retain a "real" telephone rather than VOIP why not swap to the Optimale Internet package from Orange? This gives you the fastest ADSL available on your line, the existing phone line , and free calls to many fixed numbers including France and the UK. It costs 38.90 Euros per month plus 3 Euros per month for the Livebox. You can provide your own router, as you don't have to use their Livebox because the free calls are not VOIP based. You can't order this over the internet, but it's easy to do over the phone. Details are on the Orange website, but they are an option under Fixe rather than ADSL.
  2. A good guess..... but it's the other way round. The domicile is the place at which you receive all the administrative stuff, taxes, TV licence etc Il nous faut tout d'abord rappeler les articles 103, 104 et 105 C. Civil - Art. 103 : « le changement de domicile s'opérera par le fait d'une habitation réelle dans un autre lieu, joint à l'intention d'y fixer son principal établissement ». - Art. 104 : «la preuve de l'intention résultera d'une déclaration expresse, faite tant à la municipalité du lieu que l'on quittera, qu'à celle du lieu où on aura transféré son domicile ». - Art. 105 : «à défaut de déclaration expresse, la preuve dépendra des circonstances ».
  3. I suppose that if you buy from Amazon you need to check that they are 1 Calibrated for the French limits. 2 Carrying the NF mark!
  4. So you used to watch analogue TV via satellite. As you now know this was switched off in November 2011. However all is not lost, all you probably need to do is buy a new digital satellite labelled Fransat. This can then be connected in exactly the same way as your old box. Do not buy a receiver marked as Freesat TNT. If you buy one of those you will have to have the dish moved to point at a different satellite. http://www.fransat.fr/comment-ca-marche/jhabite-en-maison-individuelle/?page=34 If the installation is fairly recent you probably won't need to change the LNB (head). However if it's been in a while, and the Fransat box doesn't pick up anything , then you will have to get the LNB changed.
  5. As Pacha has said you are supposed to connect to the mains drains within two years of them being installed. However the Mairie can allow up to 10 years ...... or they might forget altogether. I suppose the SPANC inspection might cast some light. You will see that the obligation applies once the drains are in the main road whether you have access directly or via an intermediary private road http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichCode.do?idSectionTA=LEGISCTA000006171062&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006072665 Le raccordement des immeubles aux réseaux publics de collecte disposés pour recevoir les eaux usées domestiques et établis sous la voie publique à laquelle ces immeubles ont accès soit directement, soit par l'intermédiaire de voies privées ou de servitudes de passage, est obligatoire dans le délai de deux ans à compter de la mise en service du réseau public de collecte. Un arrêté interministériel détermine les catégories d'immeubles pour lesquelles un arrêté du maire, approuvé par le représentant de l'Etat dans le département, peut accorder soit des prolongations de délais qui ne peuvent excéder une durée de dix ans, soit des exonérations de l'obligation prévue au premier alinéa.
  6. The details are set out here. http://www.impots.gouv.fr/portal/dgi/public/popup;jsessionid=VSKQE4H53SSZHQFIEIQCFFA?docOid=documentstandard_5844&espId=0&typePage=cpr02
  7. The 150,000 exemption is a dispensation from the obligation to appoint a Fiscal Representative, where the sale value is less than this amount. CGT would still apply, if there were to be any gains!. It means that the Notaire carries out the calculation without any recourse to a Fiscal representative
  8. Strulch is supposed to be very good. I understand that it's now available in France.. Edit Just found a French link..... www.topterre.com
  9. Perhaps the major doesn't mind Brits colonelising his area.
  10. You've told us what you aren't doing, but it would be easier to comment if you told us what you are doing.
  11. Looks like the answer is yes http://www.mezzo.tv/recevoir-mezzo
  12. You can also save the 3 Euros a month rental for a Livebox, because you can use virtually any old router, including my unlocked BT model, as you aren't using VOIP phone calls . You still get plenty of free calls via the old fashioned method of a phone plugged into the wall!
  13. I was assuming that every area would have a hospital conventionee providing the normal emergency cover. It would then be these hospitals that would tend to be chosen by the pompiers rather than an alternative the non conventionee. If a claim has been turned donw by the NHS the hospital must be outside the state systerm, rather than just being privately owned. Many French hospitals are private but still form part of the state system and would therefore qualify for EHIC reimbursement. After all in the UK you don't get taken to the nearest private hospital. I don't
  14. I have always , perhaps wrongly, assumed that in an emergency emergency the pompiers would automatically take the patient to state controlled hospital. Of course in most cases it wouldn't matter, from a financial aspect, as the travel insurer isn't bothered by the distinction. At this late stage there may well be problems in getting any insurer involved owing to the delay in notifying the claim. PS it's interesting to note that this mix of prrivate and public is the exact same formula which is being introduced into the NHS
  15. The makers are Hugh Prichard & Co Ltd, Greasley Street Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG6 8NG Telephone: 0115 927 2321 Fax: 0115 977 0671 As befits the makers of such vintage kit they don't have a website.
  16. Though there can be local differences, the basic rule is either 1 On the boundary or 2 A minimum of 3 metres from the boundary or If the proposed building is higher than 6 Metres 3 Half the height of the new building away from the boundary. See http://www.caue-sarthe.com/IMG/pdf/bienvoisiner.pdf Which though one authority's publication clearly sets out the national rules.With pretty diagrams too!
  17. Its actually 16 Euros per month for the line, 3 euros less than you mentioned. You will find that you can switch the line on and off over the internet. The Broadband is more complicated as they now insist on the termination being done in writing. This is because each time you switch it off you are terminating the contact, and each switch on is the start of a new contract. If by any chance the 3 euros difference in the line rental is connected the rental of the Orange Livebox , this further complicates things, as you have to return the thing each time.....
  18. Someone correct me if I am wrong ................... Sorry you are wrong. These taxes are payable at specified dates based on the date the permission was granted. The only way to avoid payment is to get the permission cancelled.
  19. Does free use the Orange network? From the Financial Times Free will rely initially on France Telecom for about 70 per cent of its mobile network coverage, but is to invest in its own network
  20. If you ring 1014 they should send you a bon de restitution to cover the postage.
  21. It's the lowest EU classification, basically the stuff normally sold in Cubitainers or litre bottles.
  22. This has the necessary feel of authenticity and cheapness about it http://dll-repair-tools.com/dll/ntmsapidll-the-windows-%E2%80%9Cwhistler%E2%80%9D But unfortunately the link doesn't work will send text by PM.
  23. You also have to go for a dish, if like us, your exchange isn't enabled for Orange TV. We get 16mb download. If you wanted to keep your Netgear router there is Orange's Optimale Internet. For roughly 39Euros , ie about 3 Euros more than the basic package plus line rental., you keep a real (Non VOIP) phone line, speeds of up to 20mb and free calls to France (Non Mobile) and abroad.
  24. In his new year Presedential address he promised to reduce the burden of social security and health charges by taxing imports instead. Highly realistic!
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