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  1. This BBC presentation, though a little out of date shows just how much scope there is to lie with statistics. Choose your poison Gross Net % per Head......... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8036097.stm#start   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8036097.stm#start
  2. I think you will find that you are responsible even if you are not aware of the problem, unless it's something that should have easily been spotted by the purchaser , if he had bothered to look. That's why the vendor can include a clause in the sale contract denying responsibility for any VC! See http://www.vices-caches.com/vendeur-comment-vous-proteger.html
  3. Which would you prefer, twenty pages that tells you that you need a new fosse, or 5 lines that say that what you have is OK?
  4. The boring explanation is that the onboard mobile phone service is provided by On–Waves which is a subsidiary of Siminn the new name for Iceland Telecom!.
  5. It would be illegal for a company to offer a discount for ALDs, as they are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions. Hence the absence of probing questions. It comes under the heading of Egalite!
  6. Therevised 2013 timetable through 'til the autumn has been on line since October 2012.
  7. Certanly looks liek a 4 digit number. It seems to suggest that the code will be found on your estimate, along with the other details
  8. So it looks as though the Government will be further increasing the CGT. From 2014 if you make a gain of more than 100,000 they will increase the tax by 3%, if it's more than 150,000 then the increase will be 5% 19%+5%+Charges it all adds up, or should that be all takes off!
  9. More fun to use this rather than some boring old formula!!!! http://www.dishpointer.com/
  10. I think BF have moved to a more active, probably automated form of yield pricing since the start of October. This all happened when they abolished the short period cheap returns.A return ticket is now always the equivalent of two separate singles. Previously fares changed erratically and infrequently. Now they changes quite regularly. I had been planning our December/January trip for quite a while and had seen prices increase by £30 on the UK/French leg. I decided to book a single yesterday morning, and was just about to enter CC details when the door-bell rang. By the time I remembered to continue the booking, I had to restart and the price had increased by another £30. Grrrr I think this £30*2 on the outward is what has affected the original poster. Any changes to times or dates mean that you are now treated as a new booking at current prices with a credit for the old crossing. Still quite generous compared to the airlines. More generally it's good to see that some of the crossings have virtually sold out of cabins. There must still be some life left in the western channel market!
  11. Reply from Zibro's website. La loi en application depuis le 4 juillet 2009 impose que toute installation contenant un liquide réfrigérant doit être effectué par un technicien accrédité. Un installateur agréé est qualifié pour souder des raccords hermétiques et est conforme à toutes les exigences en matière de technique, d'environnement et de sécurité. Les techniciens agréés sont aussi équipés des bons outils (pompe à vide, poste à souder, manomètres, et détecteurs de fuites) pour installer et faire fonctionner un climatiseur. Ils ont aussi les connaissances qui peuvent s'avérer utiles pour le perçage du béton, le transport vertical, l'alimentation électrique, etc. Les modèles muraux dotés d'une connexion rapide Parker peuvent être installés en grande partie par l'utilisateur car les conduites où se trouve le liquide réfrigérant sont déjà hermétiquement fermées.
  12. Which stations are we talking about? In general terms it's not uncommon for tickets subsidised by the Region to be valid only only TER trains ie the ones that are provided by the Region.
  13. I can't see any objection to this facility, as long as you are given the choice of opting in or out. BT has the same thing with their Home Hubs.If you opt in You are given free access to FON wifi spots world-wide, and BT wifi spots in the UK. As my wifi barely covers the house, never mind the garden I can't see the point of objecting! I don't think you are required to open the gates and allow people to park on the lawn so that they can pick up the signal......
  14. It isn't a survey, it gives you the opportunity to stop receiving the actual book. You can do it online at http://www.recevoirmesannuaires.pagesjaunes.fr
  15. From A quote from PagesJaunes Un important travail est effectué tout au long de l'année pour mettre à jour les bases de données d'adresses de PagesJaunes. « Nous passons cette année 3 millions d'appels téléphoniques pour savoir si les personnes désirent ou non recevoir un annuaire, So it could have been genuine.
  16. Eurostar have lots of alterations on 29th and 30th due to engineering works. I suspect that the tunnel is completely closed overnight for these works. It also affects 15th October! http://www.internationalrail.com/rail-travel-news/eurostar-engineering-works-29th-30th-september-and-1st-15th-october.aspx
  17. Presumably they will soon sell out when everyone starts replacing the ones fried in last weeks high temperatures............
  18. You don't need a VOIP service with this package. The included phone calls come the old fashioned way through the ordinary phone. My Optimale Internet chugs along quite nicely at 18mb using an old unlocked BT branded wifi router. It's quite amusing that BT replaced it with a Homehub because their software upgrade woudn't work, unlike the "pirate" download which freed it up to work in France. As this particular model was available on Ebay for around £5 I bought another one as a spare. Works out cheaper thyan 3 Euros a month for a Livebox whose VOIP services aren't required. PS You of course do need a filter not Another's adaptor, because of the live ordinary phone. I suspect Another may have a package with no traditional phone.
  19. These seem to be pretty close with a UK plug. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007JD6LBS/ref=asc_df_B007JD6LBS8462655?smid=A1AUCPBF2P18HS&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B007JD6LBS
  20. Does it have to be Qualigaz? There are several other gas companies eg Butagaz Totalgaz Antargaz etc Qualigaz are the organisation who are responsible for checking and certifying ALL gas installations, think CORGI as being a similar UK body. They are not a gas supplier. www.qualigaz.com/ Qualigaz est un organisme de contrôle continûment agréé par arrêtés ministériels depuis le 1er décembre 1992, dans le cadre du contrôle des installations
  21. Whenever purchases of materials are made, whether by a registered trader, or by an individual VAT is charged at the full rate. When an Artisan carries out qualifying work he charges VAT at the lower rate on the total job,materials, labour and profit, but is able to reclaim the VAT he paid when he purchased the goods.
  22. They used to cover Free but dropped them three or four years ago......... as it says on the site... A la demande d'Iliad, l'éligibilité Free n'est plus disponible sur DegroupTest. Vous pouvez néanmoins consulter l'éligibilité Alice, qui est identique. On the other main comparison site ariase.com its noticeable that there are no paid incentives to switch to Free.
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