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  1. Why can't the French make something to size? I think in the case of Bricodepot your question should probably be Why can't the Chinese/Indonesians make something to size? The answer as Ron says is working to a (too low )price. Bricodepot is pitched at the part of the market that is willing to accept lots of filler, mastic  and beading to cover up the imperfections.
  2. Whatever the charges might be, I would be surprised if (m)any of the French government and utilities systems were capable of originating debits from foreign bank accounts.  
  3. I suppose we could also include the details from last night's Channel 4 programme which exposed the dubious source's from which Dave's funding is being supplied. These include Life Peers who failed to keep their residence promises, convicted fraudsters etc etc. http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/dispatches/camerons+money+men/2471062 Oh and I assume Ernie will be handing over the £50,000 per year contribution which you need to ensure regular meetings with Dave.
  4. There certainly is an agreement, but unsurprisingly its main concern is about the application of wealth tax! I seems to be silent as regards income taxes, because as Ernie has noted it don't exist over there. As someone suggested earlier the OP will have to see a very good international accountant. A three way  tax situation Gulf, UK, and France is never going to be simple. It does cross my mind that if he is going to be working in the Gulf, spending non working time clocking up residence in the UK, then perhaps his wife might consider divorce as a simpler option......  
  5. I'm wondering whether you actually booked through Cheap4ferries.com (part of Online Travel) acting as an inter intermediary. Subsequently they actually made your booking with Aferry.to but never paid their bills. Cheap4ferries is still there but you can't make booking, whereas Aferry.to is still fully functioning. Its a bit strange that in the confirmation you received they route alterations through an Onlinetravel domain, whereas amendments go direct to a different domain which is Aferry.to.    
  6. I think you may have used a different website. Perhaps you have used Aferry.to in the past, but happened across a different site with a cheaper pricethis time . Bad Luck! The O870 number your quote is certainly part of Online Travel , just checked via say no to 0870. AFerry.to is a completely different company.
  7. I thlink its a botch at Brittany Ferries. I sent aferry.to an email asking why they were still taking booking if Brittany Ferries were turning away people who had booked with them . I also provided a link to this thread. I have just receive this reply. Dear Mr BJSLIV, Thank you for your email. The Travel Gateway which operates the website www.aferry.to has no connection with the company to which you are referring in this email, the Online Travel Group. Our company the Travel Gateway has and continues to have good relationships with all the major ferry operators in Europe and our customers are not being affected in this way. I trust this has addressed any concerns you have in this matter. Kind Regards, Claire B Support Services
  8. You will almost certainly be liable for French tax on your Arabian earnings as your Foyer Fiscal is in France. Unfortunately the French don't have separate taxation for husbands and wives so everything will go into the pot. As far as health is concerned I assume that your were already resident in France in 2007 and therefore qualify for admission under the 8% system. The initial assessment will be based on the French tax returns you submitted for this last year. Your new contact earnings won't figure for a while yet.
  9. Unfortunately they haven't arrived yet,  and I'm increasingly concerned that they won't.  Have you checked that they haven't been returned to the vendor? The Royal Mail information about website redirection service gives two reasons for my thinking that this is the problem. 1 They won't forward any post which dispatched by one of the alternative carriers such as TNT or Business Post. More Importantly 2 Is there any mail you can’t redirect? Yes, we can’t redirect the following:............................ International mail – any item bigger than Letter format over 25mm thickness and over 100g that clearly contains goods, cannot be redirected abroad This is because: Items containing goods sent to non-EU destinations require a CN22 or CN23 customs declaration. These must be completed and signed by the sender at the time of posting and therefore cannot be completed by Royal Mail as part of the Redirection process All countries have specific lists of prohibitions and restrictions detailing what can and cannot be sent to them. Royal Mail cannot therefore redirect packages abroad, as the contents will be unknown and may transgress the prohibitions and restrictions in the destination country International maximum size restrictions are 40% smaller than those allowable in Royal Mail’s domestic services. Unfortunately, therefore, a proportion of packages will be too large to be sent abroad. Any packages that we cannot redirect will be returned to the sender. http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/content1?mediaId=50900697&catId=600008#34000330  
  10. Until recently changes in the level of supply were free of charge. I seem to remember reading that it is now a chargeable visit. One of the benefits of privatisation! .
  11. The shortage of funds for wholesale interbank lending and the ownership of ABS's is not a problem peculiar to UK and US banks - it's a worldwide issue and has nothing whatsoever to do with individual restoration projects. I agree that its a worldwide issue, but the effect will be particularly severe on the niche "Property Ladder" market. Just like any bubble , the frothy part of the market depended on finding the next punter who was prepared to buy, irrespective of the true value. Many Brits have created really fantastic places out of ruins abandoned by the French, and in the good times their would have been many takers. Unfortunately the absence of funding , the new feel bad factor, the increasing cost of transport, all tend to make these des res that little bit less desirable. Well placed, non OTT properties will always find a seller, but I still think the remote properties designed for the  "Place in the Sun" market will struggle. Many people have wondered just how long the buy a ruin, spend a bit, sell it for double money machine could continue. Back in the UK the next series of Property Ladder is rumoured to include some people who actually came financially unstuck , rather than usual , despite everything they still made a packet ending  
  12. Have you ever noticed how frequently people raise querstions which run something like; I employed / rented to / loaned to  an ex friend
  13. We had originally been told (albeit by Darty) that installing an English XP on a French laptop ould seriously damage it (quite how they came to that conclusion, I don't know, but this is Darty). I think that for the average Darty (or Comet) customer having to download all the required drivers and running them in manually is probably equivalent to serious damage!
  14. Sprogster I think we are really in agreement. My point is that the majority of the French market, IE the French, were restrained by the banking rules. The fluffy part has always been the foreign owned sector, which , encouraged by the lax lending ,was willing to outbid and over improve on what the locals were able/prepared to do. That was fine as long as the merry go round was spinning Brits or other foreigners wanting to get off, were able to find other incomers willing to take their place. That market has stopped in in tracks. Anyone who has one of these over borrowed/ over improved houses may well face a long wait, or be forced to sell at the price  French buyers can afford.
  15. so its not surprising that the French property market is as badly affected as markets elsewhere. The general opinion is that it would be surprising if the French market were to be as badly affected as places such as Spain or the UK. Because of the strict rules applied to French lending there was far less upwards pressure on prices than elsewhere. The properties that are more likely to suffer are ones that are part of the UK property market, but just happen to be located in France. Particularly at risk  are the ones that have been over-improved relative to prevailing French  price levels and taste.
  16. Prices are falling rapidly in the rest of the Home Counties, why would Dordogneshire be exempt?
  17. This http://www.pv-holidays.com/raileurope Suggests that the normal fare last year was about £440 each way. Then you would have to add supplements for decent sleeping accommodation and a year's worth of inflation / Sterling devaluation. So I would allow at least £1000 return  
  18. BJSLIV

    cat on speedferries

    I see that the cost of transporting a pair of cats on Speedferries can work out as the most  expensive part of the trip . They charge £30 return per animal, whereas you can book a car plus complement of passengers for £58.
  19. So the return journey cost us £134 odd. Which is what you would typically pay for a late booking in August. You in fact paid your original fare +late booking premium+ £10 admin  
  20. Looks like the answer is 70,000 Euros per person per bank. http://www.orange.fr/bin/frame.cgi?u=http%3A//finances.orange.fr/Argent-au-quotidien/Credit-banque/Articles/faillite-de-votre-banque-votre-argent-est-protege.html
  21. How can they do this, there seems to be no control over anything thses days. It looks as though they are following the T&Cs to thge letter. Tickets are non-refundable but can be modified. Where, under the terms of an offer, an amendment is allowed, an administration fee of £10/15€ will be payable for any change to the booking (time and day of departure, itinerary, number of passengers, vehicle type, etc..). Some amendments may be subject to an extra charge due to the difference between the initial charge and the current fare at the time of the amendment. Even when the change is made to a less expensive crossing, the difference will no give right to a refund. Special offers may be subject to specific amendment fees and sales conditions. IE They refund youir money less £10 then treat you as though you were making a new booking. Seems pretty equitable to me.
  22. However no one has said about what happens when the family stops paying That's exactly what does happen. Notices were recently posted in the local bulletin notifying which plots were due to be cleared for reuse this year.
  23. By the way, for both AE and Micro BNC the turnover ceiling is now 33,000€. Yes I forget that they had increased the AE ceiling to lien up with the new BNC levels. So that means  they would  rake in roughly 7500 Euros tax and charges at the maximum turnover.
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