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  1. If the property was new or newly converted, then it is possible that there was an initial  two year exemption from Foncieres, though I think the size of the increase make this explanation unlikely. If you examine the 2006 bill and compare it with the later examples , you will be able to see whether it is the valuation of the property, or the rate of tax that has increased. Did you buy any chance receive any letters from the tax authority seeking information about the property? For example, have you been required to complete the dreaded form H1?
  2. I often think that all these offers are aimed at young people living in cramped flats Or brand new properties built to the new wiring spec with a Comms socket in every room.
  3. From the Edf Website this is what you need. Avec le Service Relevé Sans Dérangement, le relevé de compteur est effectué à distance. Grâce à un boîtier posé à l'extérieur de votre logement, votre compteur est relevé sans aucune intervention de votre part et sans que votre présence soit nécessaire. L'installation du boîtier est gratuite dans le cas d'un logement neuf.   If you haven't got this , for a few missed readings they will leave a card which you either send back, or submit online. If this continues for a period of more than a year, then they can insist on a visit. This used to be free but post privatisation they can now levy a charge for readings outside of their normal visits.   As you can see they do provide it free of charge for new properties.    
  4. I assume that they now have a double funding problem. Clearly the port decided to cut their losses whilst there was some a chance of there being some value left in the business, ie Speedferry One. The timing of the Speedferry  Bulk Ticket offers, usually in the Autumn, has long suggested that it was a means of funding working capital during the off-peak season. The reports of the slow payments to creditors and the increased frequency of bulk offers during the peak season would seem to indicate an ongoing deterioration of their cash position. Even if they were able to resume today, how many people would be prepared to buy further bulk tickets in the immediate future?  Hence they need money to clear existing debts and a new injection of working capital. Anyone got any spare cash to invest in a business who's USP of "Cheap and cheerful" , will have to be modified to "Not quite so cheap".
  5. Looks like they are intending to move the jobs to Switzerland and Germany. So provided there are no unforeseen problems I suppose it will be business as usual..
  6. More a resumption of service. However in the current climate I suppose that  any route that returns after the winter break almost qualifies as new. In which case  I'm  hoping that there will be a new Speedferry service from Dover to Boulogne.  
  7. If you are resident and self employed in the UK,  Class 2 and 4 contributions are not optional,  they are compulsory even if you have already earned the right to  full pension.
  8. Alternative list http://www.carte-grise.org/tarifs_cheval_fiscal_par_region.htm And the good news is that 22 appears to be amongst the most expensive at 36Euros.
  9. No difference. The only opt out is from the voluntary contributions if you aren't working.
  10. If you are working in the UK you have no choice, the deductions are compulsory and will be taken automatically. If you are not working and are paying voluntary contributions cancel your payment immediately.
  11. It looks as though travel to and from Dover will be getting more expensive. http://www.speedferries.com/ Arrest of SpeedOne by the Port Authorities in Boulogne Yesterday afternoon, shortly after 17:00 UK time, the Port authorities of Boulogne arrested SpeedFerries’ SpeedOne during its turnaround. The arrest was made on the basis of SpeedFerries Limited’s debts to the port in relation to port dues and taxes. The arrest was totally unexpected, as the authorities had given written confirmation that no legal steps would be taken prior to a meeting planned for 10:00 today. At this meeting SpeedFerries in consultation with its bankers and financial advisors, were to present a proposal for a resolution of the issues relating to outstanding dues and taxes, as well as disputes with the Port regarding: A) Substantial counterclaims towards the Port which have been entirely ignored by the French authorities, and B) Serious competition and discriminatory issues in relation to the Port’s dealings with a French ferry operator preparing to start-up a Dover-Boulogne service. The authorities informed the SpeedFerries staff on site that the arrest was carried out despite the written agreement, as “this would strengthen the negotiating position of the Port against SpeedFerries”. As the actions of the Boulogne Port authorities are now proven to be unpredictable and inconsistent with their given guarantees, SpeedFerries finds itself in a position where it is unable to inform its customers, employees or business partners, of a firm date for the resumption of services. The company deeply regrets this situation and asks everyone affected to accept our sincere apologies. Further statements will be issued when more information of substance becomes available SpeedFerries Limited Curt Stavis Chief Executive Officer
  12. You can exchange but they will charge the difference between new price and what you paid, plus  £28/€35 per person per flight handling charge. Hence the previous comment that its usually not worth the effort! Which of course is the idea!
  13. I think the next part of Sue's post nmakes it clear that UK paid tax is taken into account We wanted to open 2 X LEPs, as the tax our household paid was below the 732€ threshold this year on income for 2007,but we were refused as we had been given credits against the tax paid in the UK on our share dividends, which meant that the 'impot sur les revenues soumis au barème' value was over the limit.
  14. You need to be on a low income to qualify for the exemption which, in any case, only applies to a main residence.
  15. I'm sure that the terraces that require permission are those that are an integral part of the building. I'm not convinced that a simple paved area, flush with the lawn, requires an OK from the Mairie even in France. My view seems to be supported by many references on French DIY and like sites. One example........... http://limousin-poitou-charentes.france3.fr/emissions/c-est-mieux-le-matin/rubriques/ma-maison-mon-jardin/43505659-fr.php
  16. The thought crossed my mind that if you are treated as being independent of your son you might not meet the residency tests unless you have already been in France for five years. To be a legal resident you would need health insurance, which you have thanks to your E121 but also you alos need sufficient income to disqualify you from claiming benefits which would probably rule out the free CMU complementaire.
  17. All you need do is to change the connection to dial-up on line just before you leave, which will therefore cost you nothing each month. Which ADSL supplier do you use to do this?
  18. Thats just for reminding you of a forgotten PIN , you don't get a new one. If you think you have compromised your PIN security, they will chose a new one for you.
  19. Forcast for Poitiers on THIS site for next week Don't worry the forecast will soon be removed, they don't allow bad news over there! I've certainly never seen cold weather, never mind snow, mentioned on A Place in The Sun. It would interrupt the ubiquitous "Glass of wine on the terrace".
  20. For anyone doing the Poitier Alencon Dover/Boulogne run is concerned, the obvious choice is to top up as you transit Rouen. Whichever route you choose there are plenty of cheap refuelling options. On the West and Central routes there are Esso Express self service stations, which now take UK cards. If you prefer the Eastern route then a visit to Carrefour is available.
  21. washing soda and aluminium might not be a good idea. Stick with the Bio washing powder previously suggested.
  22. [quote user="krusty"]Squidge your bill does seem high to me .My tax bill was 62e and the CS bill is 99e.[/quote] Presumably if Squidge's sole income is his savings, then he has declared a higher level of savings income than you....perhaps something in the region of 2750Euros?
  23. The OP wrote For financial reasons (in order to get a grant as we overshot grandly our budget!) we've had to join GdF Anyway, the normal rule seems to be that if you take their money you have to remain a member for 10 years, otherwise you have to repay the grant.
  24. There is little you can do about it. You agreed to their conditions when you accepted their money. You have a choice; Remove the links or return their money. You will have to do an urgent  cost benefit analysis as to whether the cash in hand is worth more than the lost cash flow from "other" agencies.  
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