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  1. Before Le General threw them out, there was a major US base in this area. When they left the bases were taken over by the French. I think the circles are either abandonned military structures, or even installations which have been airbrushed to disguise current usage. On Google you can see a major camp not too far north of Retjons with impressive outer fencing which itself has some circles within it.
  2. the pro's are happy enough to tow the line I suppose they don't have much of an alternative. At present it's drag hunting or nowt!
  3. Actually its the Wednesday of the second week of January........Subtle Difference Selon Christine Lagarde, les dates des soldes saisonniers étaient désormais « établies » et fixées au « 2ième mercredi de l’année pour les soldes d’hiver (plus précisément le mercredi de la deuxième semaine de l’année) et au 3ième mercredi du mois de juin » pour les soldes d’été. Ce qui signifie que la date des soldes d’été 2009 est fixée au mercredi 17 juin.  
  4. I think I know the answer, but..... Given the French love of Philosophy .... Is  a 100% PAL television (hence incapable of receiving french TV) really a TV?
  5. You might get more sense from one of their main distributors. they don't seem to have one in 79 but offer Fontaine le Comte- Liguge C.T.C RN 10 ZA Téléphone : 05-49-53-04-45 Fax : Naintre SARL JIKA RN 10 Le bois Weber Téléphone : 05-49-90-14-16 Fax : see http://www.chemineesgodin.com/distributeur.php   Alternatively have you tried whoever installed the stove?  
  6. It certainly still exists, but only for existing customers.
  7. You can always wait and see what happens next. However the most likely outcome is that they will simply add a 10% late payment charge to the existing 80 euro fine.
  8. The cheapest would be as a  second class (Economique ) leter for 7 Euros. prioritaire would be 11 Euros. See http://www.laposte.fr/IMG/pdf/Tarifs_au_depart_de_France_Metropolitaine_a_compter_1er_mars_2008.pdf?espace=particulier Parcels are more expensive, but 32Euros just doesn't seem right.  
  9. http://www.gbdriver.co.uk/acatalog/headlight-headlamp-covers-protectors-stonegaurds.html
  10. I dont no what the local authourities have to do with it By law they have the duty to regularly inspect privately owned drainage systems, including Fosses, and will oblige the owner to rectify any deficiencies. That's all they have to do with it!
  11. According to the law to gain any level of official star rating you must have a phone in the room. Two star upwards it must be connected to the outside world. http://www.landes.cci.fr/upload/tourisme/pdf/hotel_normes.pdf Back In 1986 I suppose it made sense, less so now perhaps.    
  12. Nombre d'habitants 1 personne 1 personne 2 personnes 3 personnes 4 personnes Sanitaires 1 évier 1 lavabo 1 évier 1 lavabo 1 douche 1 évier 1 lavabo 1 douche ou 1 petite baignoire 1 évier 1 lavabo 1 douche ou 1 petite baignoire 1 évier 2 lavabos 1 grande baignoire Capacité du chauffe-eau 15 à 75 litres 75 à 100 litres 100 à 150 litres 150 à 200 litres 200 à 300 litres Is a typical grid supplied by the manufacturers. If its for your own use then you will probably be OK. However knowing the way that tenants get through hot water, you might have fewer moans if you went for something slightly larger. On the other hand, if its not going to be occupied all year round, given the high standing charge for off-peak electricity, you could probably opt for the single tariff. In which case the smaller tank would be OK as you wouldn't be waiting for the night time rate to top up the charge.
  13. BJSLIV


    You are still required to be self sufficient.
  14. BJSLIV


    Unless you have been legally resident in France for at least five years it is now very difficult to make a successful claim for the RMI.
  15. Two years to start and as long as you need to complete!
  16. I am sure I have read on here that if you sign up for DD now it will be for next years tax bills, this years bill is still payable now before December sometime. Correct!
  17. If the slates have already been approved by the planning department then it is likely that they will be available from your local builders merchants. I suggest that you astart your enquiries there.
  18. in that case the Bill will show the address to which you should send the payment. If it comes from one of the biggies (Veolia etc)  it may show where to send the payment. If, like ours, it comes from the Mairie on their dot matrix printer, they assume that everyone knows how to pay, and give no payee indications whatsoever.
  19. Looks like a clever fast food mix of trad French and Spudulike http://www.lapataterie.com/  
  20. I have been keeping an eye on the exchange rates for the last 17 years. Interestingly the current painful rates are almost identical to those experienced in the dark days of November 1995. The Franc / Sterling rate bottomed out at the equivalent of 1.143 Euros to the pound. Within a year it was back to 1.3. A couple of years ago, all the experts were saying that the days of such wide fluctuations were over!
  21. I also think that an entrepeneur and his friends and family that have been responsible for bringing the cross channel prices down to a realistic level and breaking for at least 4 years the cartel that charged 15 times more for a single ticket than a return are more deserving than rewarding the fat-cat "bankers".   It looks to more be more the case that Speedferries were operating at unrealistically low prices, hence their current financial problems. I suspect that the game plan was to come in low with the "Fight the Pirates" brand and gradually increase prices  to more realistic levels. Unfortunately the response from the larger players , and their inability to source a cheap second craft,  seriously restricted the opportunity to increase revenues. I'm sure many people travelled with them to support "The cause" whilst wishing that the service had been just a little bit better.
  22. Should be something here to help you http://pagesperso-orange.fr/florent.brisou/Lignes.htm  
  23. Don't worry , as has already been said, SAFER very rarely intervenes. I think the reason they have a right of preemption is to prevent someone buying a plot of land which would frustrate an agricultural development. You have to remember in rural communities , particuarly where land has been fragmented by the inheritance laws, it is not uncommon for a  small piece of land to be capable of blocking a perfectly logical development. It also not unknown , because of village / family feuds, for someone to be happier to sell to an outsider than to their neighbour, simply for reasons of spite or family history.
  24. I think you or your predecessor gave up the right to keep animals when no objection was raised  to the conversion of the neighbouring property. If animals had been in residence in your part of the building  I don't think permission for the conversion would have been entertained. Look on the bright side you can't ever keep animals there but at least you have scope for a rustic gite. http://www.laterre.fr/article.php3?id_article=383  
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