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  1. I agree. Its also worth remembering that the Orange package without TV costs as much as the package with TV. So if you were able to cancel the TV pack you wouldn't save anything.  
  2. I see that as soon as the City read this news on Living France the rate quickly fell back to 1.14 something!  
  3. You need to have been living in France for three months. Page 2 of the document, under the title 'Qui y a droite?' Vous habitez en France depuis plus de 3 mois. My thinking was that if you have not been in France for five years you need to have a minimum level of income to be a legal resident. If you are below that level you can be declared ineligible for some  benefits.
  4. Does one need the full five years residence to qualify?  
  5. This Parliamentary answer seems to have it both ways. You can tip it down the drains, you can have it collected by a vidangeur, you can spray it on your own land. It could be treated as pollution...... Evacuation des eaux provenant d'une piscine privée 1er décembre 2005 Question écrite n° 13862 de M. Philippe Leroy (Moselle - UMP) publiée dans le JO Sénat du 30/09/2004 M. Philippe Leroy prie M. le ministre de l'équipement, des transports, de l'aménagement du territoire, du tourisme et de la mer de bien vouloir lui indiquer si l'évacuation des eaux d'une piscine privée, non ouverte au public, constitue, comme l'analyse l'Office national de l'eau, une évacuation d'eaux usées domestiques. Il semble qu'aucune réglementation n'ait été édictée à ce sujet. Des particuliers évacuent leurs eaux dans leur propriété à même le sol, ce qui occasionne parfois des écoulements intempestifs dans des propriétés voisines. Si de tels rejets ne pouvaient être écoulés dans un réseau d'assainissement collectif, mais aussi dans l'hypothèse où la piscine serait située dans une propriété équipée d'un dispositif d'assainissement non collectif, il lui demande de lui préciser les solutions qui peuvent être retenues pour l'évacuation des eaux provenant de ladite piscine, d'une part, et, d'autre part, si un déversement en pleine nature est constitutif d'une infraction au code de la santé publique. Ministère de réponse : Santé et solidarités - Réponse publiée au JO Sénat le 01/12/2005 L'article 22 du décret 94-469 du 3 juin 1994 stipule qu'il est interdit d'introduire dans les systèmes de collecte des eaux de vidange des bassins de natation. Toutefois, ce même article prévoit des dérogations précisées par arrêté ministériel et accordées par le préfet après avis du conseil départemental d'hygiène. L'évacuation dans un réseau public d'égout des eaux des bassins d'une piscine privée fait partie de ces dérogations et est donc tolérée en tant qu'eaux usées domestiques. En effet, les volumes d'eau des piscines privées sont limités et représentent un afflux généralement faible à l'échelle d'un service d'assainissement d'une collectivité. Néanmoins, il est souhaitable d'en préciser les conditions dans le règlement de ce service. En tout état de cause, ce type de rejet doit faire l'objet d'un avis du service technique. Il est à noter que dans le cas d'un rejet dans le réseau des eaux usées d'une piscine privée, et selon les conditions locales particulières, une redevance d'assainissement spécifique peut être envisagée. Lorsque la piscine est située dans une propriété qui n'est pas raccordée au réseau d'assainissement, le système d'assainissement non collectif, ne peut recevoir un tel volume d'eau sur une brève période sans entraîner un détérioration du fonctionnement du dispositif. Dans cette hypothèse, le propriétaire est libre du choix des moyens de vidange de sa piscine (recours à un vidangeur professionnel, arrosage de sa propriété, etc.). Concernant les écoulements intempestifs sur les propriétés voisines lors de la vidange des piscines privées, la jurisprudence considère, en application de l'article 640 du code civil, qu'il s'agit d'une aggravation anormale de la servitude d'écoulement des eaux. Ainsi, le propriétaire d'une piscine qui, lors de la vidange de celle-ci, inonde le fonds voisin doit, même en l'absence de dommage matériel, réparer le trouble de jouissance subi par le propriétaire du fonds inondé. Enfin, un déversement en pleine nature des eaux d'une piscine privée n'est pas constitutif d'une infraction au code de la santé publique mais peut constituer une infraction à l'article L. 211-2 du code de l'environnement.
  6. I just meant UK as opposed to French satellite TV. So anything Freesat, Sky or just a digital box and dish pointed at the Astra satellites.
  7. SCOTLAND v WALES (RUGBY UNION: SIX NATIONS)Sunday 8th February 2009, 15:00 BROADCAST DETAILS BBC1 (14:30-17:00) So virtually anyone/anywhere  with UK satellite TV.  won't even need Sky sports  
  8. you can exchange them for Eurostar tokens Unfortunately you can't. Eurostar accept the other lot, Nectar points. Tesco points can  be used for Eurotunnel.
  9. Bought out a while ago it's new ownership structure is probably debt laden . Despite low bank rates such buy-outs face greatly  increased borrowing costs. Their revenue may be less secure than you might think. Industrial demand, such as it is, is probably falling off and domestic consumers are probably turning to meters andalso  showing greater reluctance to pay pushing up bad debts.  
  10. :Le Figaro carries lots of adverts for country properties.
  11. :Le Figaro carries lot of adverts for country properties.
  12. I think the original proposal was for a basic visual examination at a cost of 30 Euros. This was much criticised as being little more than a way of stamping out non-authorised personalisation. The report on the proposals http://www.utac-otc.com/fr/otc/actu_detail.asp?id_actu=89 mentions a more detailed voluntary check instituted by Autosur , one of the major CT chains which they priced at 70 Euros. Adding the two together one arrives at 100 Euros. This might well be the source of the rumoured 100 Euro charge.
  13. It isn't optional if you are likely to have a bill of more than 300 Euros. You either pay monthly or in 3 stages. Here are  the rules for last year. http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F3120.xhtml In practice I think some offices don't go out of their way to institute this sytem of collection for people who only have foreign income. But once you are fully in the system and earning in France...... Its noticeable that there are currently a lot of comments on this subject on the various French forums. This is either because the peak numbers of Brits seeking the good life are all coming into the net together, or perhaps the authorities are being more diligent.
  14. If an offer based on the low price hasn't even been put to the vendors I can't see that there is anything to bind!
  15. No its just the money for 2008 payable in 2009. You hand over two lots of 33% of last year's payment . They then take what you have already paid from the newly arrived  bill for 2008 taxes. You then pay the balance as payment number three.
  16. So instead of a full control they are allowing the Forces of Order to prohibit the use of any vehicle including motorbikes based on a visual inspection. At least they have given plenty of notice. it doesn't come into force until April 2009. http://www.motomag.com/Procedure-VE-le-controle-technique-5312.html It an extension of the powers which already exist to examine vehicles that have been involved in an accident or an insurance claim http://www.leparisien.fr/economie/les-vehicules-accidentes-seront-mieux-controles-07-01-2009-364185.php avec la menace qu'une moto ne soit déclarée "non dangereuse" qu'une fois équipée de l'intégralité de ses accessoires d'origine.    
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnJk_v2UPYQ&NR=1
  18. If its just a matter of settling some tax on foreign income and pensions, then you may get away with it. However the payment in three stages isn't an option. If the tax you paid last year, for 2007, was more than 327 Euros  then you are supposed to pay the same again this year in three equal installments against the  2008 liability. If you don't keep up with the installment dates they can demand immediate payments of the balance and add the traditional 10% penalties. The actual bill will be known by the time the third payment becomes due and any adjustment is added or taken off the third payment. If your income has fallen in 2008 you can underpay. However if you underpay by more than 10% of the actual bill then penalties can be applied.  
  19. Partly not keeping up with requirement, partly re balancing of costs. Anyway its reported that the proposals have been dropped, which I think touches on  a more serious criticism of the Government. They establish working parties, expert review, Royal Commissions, and then do something entirely different as soon as their is a whiff of tabloid press "Concern".    
  20. More partial reporting. Civil courts have always been required to recover their operating costs from users. There is currently a public consultation as to how these charges should evolve in the coming years. http://www.justice.gov.uk/docs/civil-court-fees-2008-consultation-paper-cp31-08.pdf     If you really want to get involved. The message is the user pays. An consequence of the Post-Thacher drive to "efficiency" in  the delivery of public services, has been the increased use of cost accounting / allocation. W-hat were previously just seem as unavoidable costs are now more accurately allocated to cost centre. As well as identifying opportunities for cost saving, this also high-lights areas where charges should be increased (Passports, court fees,  charity water bills) or even where services should be withdrawn (Magistrates courts, Post Offices).  
  21. Yes it's all mumbo jumbo to me but I agree that the Iplate does work.I did read somewhere that the ADSL lines are prone to interference from things such as Microwaves, mobile phones etc. The bell wire acts as a big aerial and when the box is talking to the exchange trying to establish the connection any of this chatter reduces the speed at which the line will sync. One article said that people often complain about connections having problems in the evening, and this is partly due to all the extra equipment being used at that time. On our BT line we usually synced at 4500 or 5200 which meant that the exchange would regulate the connection at 3500. however we regularly dropped to 2500 due to interference. That meant switching off the box and waiting for things to lock on at 3500 again. I was offered an Iplate for about £8 and thought it was probably a snake oil job, but whats £8? The plate arrived earlier this week, easily fitted, and the line connected at 6200, and settled down at 5500 and has stayed like that ever since. It doesn't protect you against the normal loss of speed due to congestion, but when it's going at full speed...... All in all a good investment. Te BT speed forecaster predicted that our line was capable of around 4000 so the plate means we are doing better than expected. Its going to make my old Neuf 512 seem pretty slow. I can see I'll be upgrading to Nordnet's offer 0f 15000!    
  22. Its known as pre-authorisation. The car hire company puts through a special transaction which reserves part of your credit limit in case you do a runner or damage the vehicle. After a set period the charge automatically expires, and never actually shows on your account. The period is usually 14 days. The nuisance is that during this period, if you have reached your limit,your card will probably be refused. In addition if you do exceed your agreed ceiling then you are likely to be charged a one-off fee. In the UK it used to be £25, but I think some companies have recently reduced the amount.  
  23. Seems a lot of hassle ......... Bienvenu en France
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