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  1. Not too bad round here at the moment  in deepest Indre et Loire with the Basic 20 Euro per month 8mg package from Orange.   We are roughly 1200 metres from the exchange /  hut
  2. So if you type your letter into La Poste's website it won't be coming from the UK, it will be delivered like all their other electronically produced signed for  letters. It will also be cheaper, as an international letter with proof of delivery from the UK will cost  at least £7.    
  3. You can write and send a recommended letter using La Poste's website..... https://lettreenligne.laposte.fr/lregp/accueil.action You can find draft letters if you search in Google using words like resilier orange mobile. You can even use a company resilier.com who provide the model letter and will send it electronically for a fee of around 8 Euros. http://www.resilier.com/      
  4. I put a trip into Viamichelin from Calais to Beaune....... I repeated your experiment, but the cost was less. This was because the visit to Troyes meant that one missed the stretch of Autoroute to the east of Troyes!
  5. Its a new levy to pay for training.   http://www.auto-entrepreneur.fr/taxe-formation-CFP.php
  6. Its quite a normal procedure to release the GP notes. You can expect to be charged £50 if the records are still in paper form less if they are computerised.
  7. Don't forget that whatever percentage reductions you get in France will probably increase the amount of tax payable in the UK, as you will have less tax paid in France to offset against the liability to HMRC
  8. This confirms that if a property is rented out for more than 4 months per year then a DPE is required. http://www.diagnostic-de-performance-energetique.com/dpe-location-saisonniere.html It also includes a facility to search for DPE surveyors.
  9. I haven't had the letter yet but I suspect that all Orange subs will be going up. I note that even though I have their cheapest deal half of it has been taxed at 5.5%. I think this may be an accounting ruse, a bit like when MFI used to charge part of their prices as furniture insurance. I think Orange have been saying that everyone has access to their TV on the PC service, hence 50% at 5.5%. My last bill was................. Vos Abonnements, forfaits et options Abonnement "Découverte" - TVA réduite d u 01 / 1 2 /2 0 1 0 a u 3 1 / 12 / 2 0 1 0 1 mois 8,84€/mois 8,84 5,50% 9,33 Abonnement "Découverte" - TVA normale d u 01 / 1 2 /2 0 1 0 a u 3 1 / 12 / 2 0 1 0 1 mois 8,84€/mois 8,84 19,60% 10,57 So I assume it will be 21 Euros from February. ________________________________________________________________________________________ T o t a l d e v o tr e f a c t u r e 17,68 19,90
  10. no use to him if he lives in Cannock Im not sure that people from Cannock would have any use for Puff Pastry
  11. Back in 1965 I thought he was already 100 years old!
  12. If nobody keeps any records, how did it come to light that your house didn't have the necessary permission?
  13. Like so many things it varies from commune to commune. The authorities can levy a Redevance (Annual Levy) for each system not connected to the mains in their area. If they choose to impelment this it will cover the admin and an occasional reinspection.
  14. Strictly speaking you should declare it in both France and the UK, in the same way as the CGT . IE with France taking the first dib, which is credited against any UK liability.
  15. LD did say that the Arrow would return and run in tandem with the Leader. As Will says, there has been much speculation as to whether the Leader would ever put in an appearance on Portsmouth-Le Havre, but they have included it in their booking engine wef the end of April. However with that update in place its perhaps surprising that they haven't at the same time included the Arrow's crossings. The speculation is that they are deciding whether to use the displaced Alabtre or the Arrow to support the Leader. At least Albatre could provide a year round service unlike the Arrow. I can't see how it can possibly make financial sense to have a Fastcast which is used twice a day for a maximum of 6 months of the year. I guess it will all depend on whether they can find someone willing to take on the Arrow and thereby let them off the financial hook.
  16. The number to call is on your bill. You will need your account number too.
  17. Our problem is that we are currently living in what, up until now, has been our holiday home and we are just anxious that there should not be any dispute / confusion about which is classed as our main home.  Your maison principale is the one in which you live, receive official communications, and at which you pay your French taxes etc etc. If the other house is unfurnished and totally unoccupied at the start of a year, then you don't pay any taxe d'habitation for that property for that year. On the other hand however basic the facilities are , lacking heating, bathrooms etc etc, if it's furnished , however humbly, it will be liable to TdH. http://tinyurl.com/habitation-tax http://preview.tinyurl.com/habitation-tax
  18. Cedeo, with whom most plumbers, in our area at least,  seem to have an account...... www.cedeo.fr  ...have lots of 80*120 trays . Is it your specific requirement for the position of the outlet that is causing the problem? Mind you Cedeo are perhaps a little pricey 400-600 Euros. So perhaps Leroy Merlin at 100- 200 Euros might be more acceptable. http://www.leroymerlin.fr/mpng2-front/pre?zone=zonecatalogue&idLSPub=1049895817      
  19. You should be safe booking through FNAC http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Danse-traditionnelle-MICHAEL-FLATLEY-S-LORD-OF-THE-DANCE-TLORD.htm  All the options are listed at the city's own website http://www.toulouse.fr/cultures/musique/le-zenith  
  20. I think your problem is that your current house was a Maison Secondaire on 1st January, as you had received the abatement on the old house. You only get one reduction.
  21. I think that idun is pointing out that Thursday was the official holiday, a "Pont" would mean taking off an extra day of holiday on Friday, to "bridge" to the weekend.
  22. The procedures are set out when you sign up to their scheme, including the special logons required. They will credit you retrospectively as long as you send them the relevant boarding cards... That's also set out in the rules.
  23. This "expert" article suggests that payments for the care of a parent living abroad are deductible http://www.dossierfamilial.com/questions-a-l-expert/argent/pension-alimentaire-a-des-ressortissants-etrangers-dans-quels-cas-puis-je-les-deduire-de-mes-impots,1186   But would be taxable, where appropriate, in the UK.
  24. Is'nt this contradictory ? No! If you are married/civil partnered you aren't liable to tax, if you aren't, then you have to pay!
  25. For anyone who hasn't already seen it, Indigènes is on France2 next Sunday evening.
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