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  1. For the directory try visting your local FT shop, but I have found it can be hard to get one if you miss the annual distribution. For the TV it can take months for the demand to arrive. But I think I got a form from the Tresor Public when I had an sudden urge to be legalised.
  2. Is www.ctqui.com of any use?. Type in an 8 digit phone number and it tells you who and where they are?
  3. Nothing in that little clutch of leaflets that come with cameras and usually end up at the back of a drawer. They often include a list of contacts for each country.
  4. You would probably find that the "selection modulable" facility would be useful. Before you leave you key in a PIN number and can then block differing levels of calls. You can block all calls , international calls, calls to mobiles in 6 set groups. And its free. Try http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/vf/navs/frame.php?fh=3&fg=3&cf=A/vf/tel_maison/ft_vous_accompagne/services/les_services.shtml
  5. The way the system works is that you jointly appoint one Geometre and share the costs half each. I have a nagging feeling that if there is a dispute then you may even be obliged to contribute to the cost of the Geometre evenn if you aren't involved in the appointment of said expert.
  6. Follow the sequence of menus Settings, Control Panel, Power Options, and that will lead to a variety of choices as to if, when, & how quickly the machine goes t.o sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Some people do find problems in waking up the machine after standby, which can lead to lots of disc-scanning etc etc.
  7. Gerard Lenorman was on French TV recently. We actually saw him perform at a village fete near Loches about 6 years ago. He added an unscheduled song, for an english schoolgirl who had been studying his records as part of her school-work. Seems like a teacher somewhere was also in France in the mid 70's.
  8. Am I missing the point? If you are charging 35 and receiving payment in Sterling, the rate shown on your invoices is at best irrelevant and at worst confusing. You could show a rate of of a million euros to the pound but you would still only charge 35! The serious point is that you are putting yourself at the mercy of the exchnge rate, but you are at least offering your vistors a degree of certainty. However while all this is going on your 35 income has in effect fluctuated from 45 to 55 euros, whilst your costs have no doubt only fluctuated upwards. Further thought - pity your poor accountant trying to sort all this out for the french taxman. It will no doubt increase your accountancy bill, and the thought of all that money passing through an english bank acccount ,may well attract the attention of the Fisc....
  9. Has anyone seen this film? We saw it this week and found it to be a moving depiction of a way of teaching that is long gone in the UK. But we did wonder how UK parents would react if they found their children in a one-class school, with one teacher, and mixed ages from 4 through 11.
  10. No water bills? Safety, nitrates, pesticides? Security of supply? I seem to remember that Jean de Florette had a few problems from that "source"!
  11. The builder pays for this one, ie its in the price. It covers you if they go "ventre en haut" during the build-process. The insurance company steps in to complete the project. You will recieve a certificate to confirm that you are covered. It is another protection, just like our friend the "assurance dommage o...". except that one comes into play after the handover of the completed building.
  12. As you mention Euros I assume that you are looking to borrow in France. Do you need to borrow there rather than in the UK?
  13. I think you will find that you are proud subscribers to: A.D.I: Assurance Dcs Invalidit: Similar to, but more comprehensive than, the term life assurance you might have with a British mortgage. If as I suspect you are with Credit Agricole, then you are also "Benefiting" from one of their "Added Value" accounts the "Compte-Service Souplesse" which for a fee offers insurance against lost papers, keys, cheap overdraft etc etc. Again similar to such accounts offered in the UK. It's up to you to decide whether you need these add-ons and whether they offer value for money. As always banks are keen to offer you all kinds of services, usually chargeable, that may or may not be irrelevant to your personal situation. You should also check exactly what you signed for, and find out whether any of these "add-ons" are now mandatory conditions of your loan.
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