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  1. It was a Docker's strike at Caen. Seems to have been resolved. http://basse-normandie.france3.fr/info/ferry-bloque-a-ouistreham-pendant-24-heures-68027863.html      
  2. From the standard contract le relevé du compteur au moins une fois par an si le Client dispose d’une puissance inférieure ou égale à 36 kVA, autant de fois que nécessaire si le Client dispose d’une puissance supérieure à 36 kVA. Dans les cas où l’accès au compteur nécessite la présence du Client, celui-ci est informé au préalable du passage d’ERDF. Si un compteur n’a pas pu être relevé du fait de l’impossibilité de cet accès, ERDF peut exiger un rendez-vous avec le Client pour un relevé spécial qui sera facturé spécifiquement.
  3. I believe the way it works is ERDF group together all the meters in the area that haven't been read for 12 months and write to say that they want to read the meter on , say, 17th March. If that isn't suitable and you arrange a new date to suit you then you will have to pay for the special visit.
  4. They may also charge 26,95 for the cost of the visit.
  5. I think the form is that you are currently banned from driving for 30 days . This covers the period up to the court date. The maximum you then risk is a fine of up to 1500 euros and a ban from driving for 3 years. http://www.radars-auto.com/sanctions_radars.php I suppose the good news is that if it had been your own car it would have been confiscated. What you have paid so far is regarded as a kind of deposit pending further action. A friend of ours was on holiday in France and was stopped near Lille. He paid the fine at the roadside. Subsequently back in the UK he received a refund of the fine, but was banned from driving in France for 6 months. As they only visited once a year....... I think now it's a fine AND a ban!
  6. Wrong way round I'm afraid, the Stuart Collins deal requires the vehicle to kept out of the UK for 11 months per year. S Collins do policies "both ways round"! From their website....... Vehicles kept in UK by persons living outside UK. We are pleased to arrange cover for clients living outside UK who require a UK rated policy for the car they keep at their address here.
  7. OK in my hurry I picked a dodgy one.  What about http://www.stuartcollins.com/services.php Who some of you may remember have previously cropped up here , as offering insurance for UK registered cars semi-permanently located in France.
  8. I'm sure a decent broker would be able to find a company to cover this situation. A quick Google found, amongst many others...... http://www.carinsurancequotesonline.co.uk/car-insurance-for-uk-non-residents/ Only you can decide whether your visits, and the value of the car, would make it more economical to follow Another's suggestion.
  9. Looks like we will all be getting letters in the near future. After July to spend £100 abroad without paying a fee you have to have spent £500 in the UK. Halifax here we come!
  10. I have finally I have discoverd that this is not so and that UK residency IS a prequalification Is that for all their account/ cards, and even if you visit a branch.
  11. Work should start within two years. Work must not be interupted for more than 12 months. Le commencement des travaux se caractérise par : l'installation de palissades autour du chantier, l'arrivée du matériel, les premiers travaux de terrassement. http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F1992.xhtml
  12. The reimbursement is at 15% for Atrovent. It was reduced last year. I thought you still needed a Prescription. http://www.pharma69.info/actualites/200-m%C3%A9dicaments-d%C3%A9rembours%C3%A9s-la-liste  
  13. The fees will vary from Departement to Departement but 4000 Euros for the Notaire seems on the high side. I would expect a figure closer to 2000 unless you are having a mortgage in which case 4000 might be accurate. The Estate Agent fees are usually included in the advertised price of the property (TTC =Tax included).They won't be fixed but there is often a hefty minimum figure. Again the stated figure seems rather high I would have expected something nearer to 2000.
  14. Now I always get my megabytes and gigabytes confused, but I think there are 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte. This dongle charges you 59cents for each megabyte. In a month I get through about 15 Gigabytes just for normal surfing , emails etc, no heavy Torrenting etc. Assuming I could restrain myself to 10% of that usage while in France that amounts to about 358 megabytes per week just over 210 Euros per week. I think I will stick with line rental and basic Orange!
  15. But isn't Seolis one of the local independent EdFs hence it's prices are the same as EDF? Out of curiosity do people who live in these independent areas now have the option to sign up for EdF? I assume not. Or if they do only for the expensive competitive tariff!
  16. If ,as I assume, you still owned the property at 1 January 2011 you will receive the bills for the current. year. You will be responsible for paying both taxes for this year . The habitation will be entirely your responsibility and as far as the Fonciere is concerned the Notaire will/should have already collected an estimated amount for the buyers share. If he hasn't , and provision was included in the Acte you can contact the purchaser for their share. Next year, and if you sold before January 2011 the notaire will have informed the authorities and you will be out of the loop!
  17. How would you expect a British Post Office counter to handle international banking queries? That's about how well you can expect things to be with La Poste, with La Poste probably being slightly less efficient! In addition if you use a large town branch you can expect lengthy queues. If you use a small village branch you can expect a total lack of privacy at the counter.
  18. If you don't pay on time they can will the usual 10% surcharge.
  19. It's availble in hard copy from the local tourist offices in Charente Maritime!
  20. Yes they do - Air France does for £198 (according to www.fly.com) Air France tickets to Tours involve changing to SNCF at CDG and completing the Paris to Tours segment by train!
  21. I did . The question was I have had a request from a company that I am dealing with for the below, I know that it has something to do with my profit and loss account but what is the annexe 8?
  22. Oh yes it is! Nothing to do with the P&L it relates to  the Balance Sheet. - annexe 8 : état des échéances des créances et des dettes à la clôture de l'exercice   As I said a statement of debtors and creditors  
  23. Oh yes it is! - annexe 8 : état des échéances des créances et des dettes à la clôture de l'exercice   As I said a statement of debtors and credfitors.  
  24.  I know that it has something to do with my profit and loss account No it's the other one;the balance sheet. It's the statement of Debtors and Creditors. http://www.netpme.fr/bilan-entreprise/30-annexe.html  
  25. One or two for starters. http://www.abiolo.com/calcaire-carte-durete-eau%20.htm http://www.leaupure.fr/product/Carte-detaillee-du-calcaire-en-france http://www.jpw-confort.com/eau/    
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