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  1. Just looked at Lepoirie.com and it says "TV with UK satellite". Now I suppose that technically you deliver what you state . However as a Brit holidaying in France I would expect that French TV to be a given and the UK bit as an additional feature. If I found it was only UK TV I would feel a bit, even a great deal cheated. I like to watch French TV when  on holiday if only to know about the greves and the weather.
  2. You could approach your supplier (SFR??) about an update to their current box. Or you could obtain a second hand card from Ebay for around 40 Euros.    
  3. I think you need to have been 100% educated in the French system to understand the central role of Le Dicte! (Note I have just lost a serious number of points due to the absence of accents, circumflex etc.......) To me it embodies so much of their  attitude to the importance of the rules. You have to know the rules, so that you can either. 1 Bend them when it suits. or 2 Claim that something isn't possible because the rules don't say it's possible.   I had an amusing exchange in our local Simply Market the other day. When the name changedfrom ATAC  the loyalty cards were reissued, but the barcode / account number was identical. the only thing that changed was the branding and colour of the card. By accident I took the old card with me. The old card was unacceptable.They had been told to refuse it, it wouldn't work, why not try?, not allowed......................... .
  4. I think you can assume that that is simply lousy journalism from the DM. The the tax applies to all properties that are not rented out long-term. Being unoccupied all year is not the same thing as not being rented out long-term.
  5. It's a package of tax reductions aimed at improving existing tourist accommodation. http://immo-star.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52    
  6. We have found that we have no dialtone on the phone line You haven't signed up/ moved to an inclusive deal without Abonnement telephonique have you?    
  7. Ordering prescription drugs over the Internet is illegal in France. However an EU court ruling has decreed that the market must be opened up to allow such trade. The French Government will have to loosen the regs by to allow Internet dispensing. However it seems that they will require the goods to be physically handed over by a registered pharmacist. So you will be able to order by Internet, for delivery to a nominated local pharmacist, who will be allowed  to charge a fee for the work involved........... 
  8. Any building site with non-local workers is quite likely to come to the attention of the authorities. URSAAF can then pay  a visit to ensure that all workers are registered for social security, accident insurance etc. You can work on your own property, but anyone outside the immediate family circle is liable to be investigated. Belonging to a self-build association may help with these matters.    
  9. No it's goes alongside the Decenale. For a one-off project you will probably be unable to find cover. If you do it will cost something like 3 to 5% of the total project cost      
  10. No way of claiming it back, because unlike the UK, VAT is payable on newbuild.
  11. It clearly is discriminatory in that it targets second homes owned by people who do not live in France, it does not affect French residents. Whether that is sufficiently discriminatory to make it illegal under EU laws is, however, another matter.
  12. But remember, if you still qualify for a UK EHIC but live in France, you will have to apply by post.
  13. For example, films are usually broadcast first of all on Canal+, for which you have to pay a subscription. Eventually they are shown on TF1 or France2. The first time this happens they are described as "Inedit En Clair".
  14. From what I understand in simple terms it is sale price less estate agents fees less solicitors fees (from when buying house) less admin fees less balance on mortgage less any improvement receipts and then what ever is left you pay 16% to French tax and then the difference to Uk tax More or less right. But the tax rate is now 19% not 16% The good news is that you deduct the purchase price, not the balance of the mortgage. One last bit of bad news is that if the sale price is over 150,000 euros, then the Notaire will appoint a fiscal representative which will cost you 1% of the sale price. And as Sweet17 says you will also be liable on the exchange rate gain back in the UK.          
  15. It's worth remembering that the reduction in the tax due in France has the effect of increasing the potential bill in the UK!. So after 15 years ownership in France there will be no CGT payable in France, but there is likely to be a largish bill in the UK.      
  16. Your insurance company has little hold over the recovery contractor. The autoroutes sell the franchise to provide recovery from each section of their road. The appointed garage then has the monopoly for attending breakdowns and/or  recoveries on their part of the road. The prices are fixed by the Government and will include either a quick repair en situ, or recovery to the provider's premises. You may also request to be taken somewhere of your choosing if it is within 5kms of the nearest autoroute exit. Obviously the garage will always try to get you to use their garage for any repairs. That's why they pay to "buy" their stretch of road, not simply to earn their Government regulated fees..... It's unfortunate the Chambray falls outside the 5kms from the Sorigny exit. http://www.dossierfamilial.com/auto/droits-demarches/si-vous-tombez-en-panne-sur-l-autoroute,983  
  17. There are plenty of online directories that list all the details you mention. If you run a business ttry putting your name and postal code into www.Verif.com There is no need for a mole in any official body!    
  18. I think this confirms what the Original Poster was saying. http://www.impotrevenu.com/meubles.htm (Near the bottom under) Régime d'imposition des locations meublées If you are registered as a Tourist property either as a Gite, Furnished Property , or Chambre D'hote then it's a 71% reduction, otherwise only 50%.
  19. if I recall although it took nearly 2 weeks more to actually get online as the letter with my ID & PW never arrived and they finally gave it to me over the phone. The same happened to me. The complication was that the French helpline said it was impossible to give the ID & PW over the phone. After waiting 10 days I rang the English speaking helpline in desperation and they gave me both straight away.......
  20. We will have to wait until 11 May when the details are supposed to be published. The informed speculation seems to suggest a couple of possibilities. 1 Abolishing the gradual abatement of the tax if you hold the property for more than 5 years. or 2 Collecting CGT on the notional increase in the property's value each year. That sounds suitably bureaucratically complex! Presumably with a wash up at the end offsetting tax collected against total tax due.....
  21. Well to be precise it's not a question of foreigners but non residents.
  22. As I said, but thats today's proposal. Création d'une taxation forfaitaire des résidences secondaires. Elle concernera les non-résidents.
  23. There are two new taxes being proposed.. The exit tax on resident's taking their wealth out of France. but also An annual tax on all foreign owned holiday homes. There has always been a provision for people resident outside the EU to be taxed on the notional rental value of property in France. It will be interesting to see how this new tax can/will be applied to EU residents who are I suspect the largest owner of French holiday homes.
  24. In case anyone hasn't noticed the Government has today announced it's intention to introduce a new tax on holiday homes owned by persons not resident in France. It will be interesting to find out how much this tax will amount to when the details are published. It looks like it could be a fixed amount per property. It's all part of the rebalancing of the French tax base away from the current wealth tax.
  25. If it's an inground pool you simply need any one of the four to meet the legal requirement. A home made fence of any kind will not qualify, unless it's made from components tested by the French standards institution (NF) and installed in compliance with the standards.
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