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  1. many thanks chris, i live in the charente maritime myself, have been here a year and watched these wonderful birds regularly and just have not been able to put a name to many of them, now thanks to you i can i.d. each species. many thanks again monty
  2. hi, if this helps, i brought a 7.5 ton lwb hire lorry over with brittany ferries freight, cost me over 600 pounds, this was during march this year, diesel is another big cost, i spent around 160 pounds return from south east england to s.w france and return. the fact that the lorry is probably free of cost is a plus a i paid hire fees aswell.still was cheaper than a firm though no matter what way you cut it. and as long as your licence is before 1996 you do not need hgv, as 7.5 doesn't class as a hgv.
  3. Hi, feel priviliged kicking off this new section !!, can anyone enlighten me as to the exact species of the wonderful birds of prey we have here in france. I have been watching with great delight what i believe are common buzzards and have been lead to believe that red shouldered kites are resident here aswell. Been searching on the web for info and various on line information sources but can't seem to find the correct info, not having great knowledge of ornithology, but a huge general interest in wildlife. many many thanks monty01
  4. hi, obviously you know of www.anpe.fr, the goverment employment site also www.emploiregions.fr is good for anyone with specific professions, also www.manpower.fr for temp work who are by far the largest work agency here. a search for emploi agence on a search engine will bring up many others. good luck
  5. hello there, I don't usually make many replies as there are many others with more experience here, but I have been living in france now for almost a year and came over with the same hopes as you, many people do find work here but it is quite difficult. I have been unsuccessful with many french employers even one that i knew had a position for a tractor driver urgent but was told by the madame "no work here" . I have a class one hgv licence and it's europe wide but unless you want to spend about 1800 euros on a fimo certificate and sit through 4 weeks of french courses it's no longer an option . I feel your teaching will be no problem and the french seem to me to be far from hostile they are very polite but work here seems to be hard for them to find, the english seem to be creating their own.I have been told by my french neighbour work is here to be had ( he's an artisan ) and i do agree it just takes some time to find. hope i haven't dampened your enthusiasm, it is great here and is worth the effort.
  6. [quote]You don't say whether you live in a village or not but I can tell you that around here there are laws about construction and the distance between kennels and the village. Also a limit of 5 dogs in the...[/quote] hi monty01 here , thanks for your reply, I am actually about 1.5 kilometres from the main village in a small sub hamlet of four houses one being mine another two permanent res one other is a second home for retired parisians.We are quite well spaced out and two of the neighbours have no sight over my land and are well enough away not to be disturbed. Both the perm neighbours have large quantities of animals, lots of geese, chickens sheep and several dogs, my only real neighbour will not be a problem as we are quite amicable and they have a love for dogs ( having a huge rottweiler !! )I was just hoping that animal shelters did not require the same permission as human dwellings.
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone know if I will need permission to construct kennels for dogs on a piece of land that is adjacent to my property ( I own it obviously ), they will probably be constructed of wood with chicken wire fence. I know that the laws are different for animal shelters and my only real neighbour has a whole menagerie of farm animals so no probs there.
  8. [quote]Try the ANPE website... Mrs O[/quote] monty here , thanks but I have done all that anpe business and the two main offices available to me are extremely unhelpful (detect just a slight anti attitude ) I have been trawling papers and trying to meet as many established brits here, I was really after finding local english up and running businesses here
  9. [quote]Hello all, We are moving to SW France 81 as soon as we have sold up here. We do not have jobs to go to in France yet but we are capable hard workers and determined to find work. My husband is capable...[/quote] hi , hope you are still enthusiastic about coming to france I am a newbie too and have done the same , i have been in sw france for eight months and the only real qualification I have is a class one hgv ( artic lorries) , I have done lots of finding out here and really unless your husband is a hardened international lorry driver the its not worth it. I have been for a job as a local driver but the fimo certificate is obligatory and costs around 1,800 euros and is of course taught in french. your husband is far better off seeking employment in the building trade.   monty01
  10. Is there anyone out there that can offer any advice/help. I am in the charente maritime area and i am looking for work.I am willing to work as a building trade labourer ( a little experience) but I do have experience in the hospitality industry and I also have a drivers licence for all vehicles to class 1 lorries ( I know france has a shortage of lorry drivers but they block foreign drivers by requiring a very expensive (and quite insulting )extra certificate(fimo).Any ideas out there or builders !!
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