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  1. hi, as previously mentioned, dogs do not understand words at all, they understand and can tell apart sounds vocally, no matter where the dog is bred, there is no such thing as a french, english etc understanding dog, you could just as successfully transfer commands into english or visa versa as dogs learn by association, they do not understand what a word actually means in the human sense, they associate the sounds with the action. that said, i think it is nice to use the french here, good practice for me anyway, whatever you choose, it is the tone of your voice that tells the animal if it is a postive or negative response from you, not the vocabulary. monty
  2. hi, turkeys not really my area, but i think it is behavior attributed to his possible demotion in the group, although not usual behavior for a strong male, is the other male now showing signs of domination that he had not before ?  the end result is you are giving seperate access for both, the injury and subsequent battle between the two males for top slot had affected snoodles somewhat. do you keep the males seperated now ? if so then it may be compounding the problem, the dominant male has to find his own route back to the top, no real help from you can be given, if he has lost his "crown" and does not attempt to regain, then the animal must still feel he is not physically able to compete. any medical problems need to be outlawed firstly which could be causing this, i have not been a great help but demotion in a group for any animal will have affects on behavior, but role reversal is not the usual form. hope he is well monty
  3. yes it should be ok, there may be some getting used to for both, chickens will sometimes see them as egg predators if they are itrabating, but other than that should be fine after a period of finding boundaries.   monty
  4. hi again, thankyou, cassis your pics are great, and patf thanks i know i can hire it, but thought i will need one in the future aswell ,so wanted to price one up as i have a lot of ground work to do, but yes it would probably work out cheaper to hire one. i have only about 7 cubic metres to lay, but most of that will be on a area for dogs, so wanted to bed it in best as poss, on the other hand i do have three kids so i could roll them around a bit !   thanks again   monty
  5. hi pangur, thankyou and yes, there is one not too far i will go seek, thanks again.   monty
  6. hi, would anybody be able to tell me where i could buy a garden roller ? i have not yet seen one for sale in the usual places, and i'm laying quite a lot of gravel soon, so any help would be appreciated. i am located in dept 17 near st savinien. many thanks monty
  7. hi, it seems to be a dominance problem although this extreme behavior is quite rare between human / dog, usually it is done to the articles owned by the owner ie house , bed etc, not the person, although i know this has happened before.the dog is quite young to be diplaying dominance, ridgebacks are notoriously dominant and sometimes downright non responsive which is down to genetics. i suggest your husband uses the sound aversion, when the dog shows he is about to" do the deed" have a plastic bottle with pebbles/ coins in, as he tries it on, loud "NO" backed up with the sharp bang of the shaker at the same moment.also try hubby initiating some dominant training ie play with toy, tell the dog to leave, with aid of shaker if needed, then keep the toy but reward with titbit hope this helps
  8. personally, i think that you will have limited success with the off the shelf products, some work better than others and better on some dogs than others. it seems that you dogs fear is escalating gradually due to the increased exposure. in the short term, the sure way is a mild sedative from a vet if you know of any real big exposures forthcoming, but this is not the answer long term, positive controlled exposure , getting your dog used to the problem is the best route for the future, this is really dependant on if your dog is having "severe reactions" or is moderately anxious. it is all to easy to reinforce the fear by immedietly comforting her when she reacts, reinforcing her behavior is correct as you are indirectly, in her mind, agreeing with her. i have probably not been much help here, but my advice is to seek advice from a nearby behaviorist  for the longer term, if you feel it is a problem that needs that attention. good luck
  9. hi, may be a bit late with this, but, i am there every week, the airport that is, and it has just had a huge renovation with regards to the road in and out and masses of more parking spaces put in,it is very busy all the time and athough it is not finished yet, it looks like they may be installing either barriers or pay points there as there are suspicious footings at the entrance to the parking area. it has always been free, but hey, got to pay for it somehow eh.   hope this helps   monty
  10. hi, dogs have involuntary muscle spasms when resting / sleeping due to neuro messages being sent. whimpering and such are normal and can appear to be "a bad dream ", nothing to worry about unless your dog displays problems when mobile also ( spasms, shaking ), then its possibly medical or food intolerance problems. again, if it's just during slumber, don't worry. good luck
  11. berger

    Dog in car

    hi, just my opinion , but i do not think it is a phobia or fear, as the dog would become agitated when asked to get in the car. by what you describe it sounds, to me, to be anticipation. the dog is anticipating his, "day out", if he was thirsty he would drink, if he was scared, he would show it, dogs do not keep their reactions to themselves, or refrain from doing what they need to do eg drink , eat etc unles there is a medical reason affecting them. some dogs do not like the movement of the vehicle, and as said above are either sick or are hesitant in getting into the vehicle, dogs learn by association, it seems that yours is not fearful of the vehicle, and is , as you say not getting too hot, saying that, his temperature could be elevating slightly with his excitement and he pants to regulate it, some dogs also increase panting  when on the verge of a regular positive activity, mine do when going out walking and training. i do no think it is a problem, keep an eye and if you do not feel comfortable with it seek further advice from a vet . good luck
  12. hi, you could also call the spa and report it as mistreatment, they "should" be able to send an inspector to investigate, that way you or whoever will not have to pay the abandonment fee. also can be done anonymously if needed.   good luck
  13. hi, i have been in touch with the relevent ministry dept here in france and defra,to keep a bird here and purchase one here you will need to become a member of your local chasse association, to import a bird from england the usual article 10 certificates, eu health certificate and proof of breeding in captivity, parents detail etc. to register a bird without the chasse assoc is more difficult.more info at the ministre de ecologie web page. please let me know if you source birds here in france, i am looking at importing and obviously is more expensive,   thanks, monty
  14. hi, just on the archery, it does seem to be a popular pastime here, i know of two indoor centres in my dept (17), , i obviously do not know the differences here, but its apparent, if that helps. good luck. monty
  15. hi, bit of an difficult one but here goes, i am looking for advice as what way i should look at to be legal to carry out a form of work that would be for all intents and purposes, self employed, but would be very much seasonal, for the touristic trade, and would involve giving a half day " experience ", out in the field as it were.i have seperate issues that i am dealing with with regards to the logistics of this, it is the type of regime that could possibly use that i would like to establish,  does it have to be a micro enterprise , or would i be able to use the cheque d'emploi system as it is very short time i can actually attract trade ? many thanks monty
  16. berger

    my new dgo

    hi, the dog sounds up for training, so go for it as often as you can, at least once a day in the first instance for about 20 mins to half an hour. the " come" is extremely important, as you need to be able to retrieve your dog if out walking off lead, in all situations.start with a long lead attached , dog sitting beside you, command " stay", take a few steps in front , turn, and after a few seconds call the dog enthusiastically and reward instantly with small dog treat etc. never hit a dog, it will not learn to do anything but fear you in those situations, voice control is all thats needed. as for the rest, sit, stay , come and down are the basics that should be mastered as walking " to heel" on lead. happy to give detailed if you wish, just pm me.   good luck monty
  17. hi, i am in poitou charente about 45 mins from la rochelle, have been here over a year, the countryside is lovely and people quite polite, weather is warm in the summer, never really dipped below 30 ,but as i write it's below zero, winters are short and sharp, being near to the coast has it's pluses but i am here with three children, one in school and two under 4, my other half does the trip to the uk for work, which is the real downside as there, i have found, is very little work, language needs top priority. the situation of being apart is not always easy when one works in the uk, as it goes on it does get harder. As i and others may well say, it is lovely here but it is not always a smooth ride, as i am sure you will appreciate. good luck with everything monty
  18. hi everyone,   thanks for all your advice, wiil get on and contact those recommended, it is a transfer/ change of salary from the uk and it was just the companies i have already contacted have not really been that efficient in their responses, which kinda makes you a little worried handing over large sums regularly into the abysss of the electronic world, a recommendation is peace of mind. again many thanks to all,   monty
  19. hi, unfortunately have left it quite late to get in wood for my burner, can anyone tell me where i  can get some delivered, i have used all i had , alas none of my french neighbours seem to know anyone locally, i am 20 mins from st john d'angeley, near st savinien in dept 17. many thanks monty
  20. hi, unfortunately have left it quite late to get in wood for my burner, can anyone tell me where i  can get some delivered, i have used all i had , alas none of my french neighbours seem to know anyone locally, i am 20 mins from st john d'angeley, near st savinien in dept 17. many thanks monty
  21. morning, thanks everyone for the advice, i have done some searching at the moment i have a money transfer company asking for 28 pounds for the transaction and my own english bank wants the same roughly, i have already used my bank for the transfer of the funds for my french house, i am interested in a monthly transfer for the conversion of a salary from the uk and the delay of the money going from the english to the french account of around four days would cause a problem i think, the higher charges of these money companies and my bank ( woolwich) are probably because they are the same day transfer ? i have looked into a euro/ sterling account but these seem to be limited to certain bank hole in the walls in foreign countries.   monty
  22. hi to all, could someone please recommend a good money transfer company that they have personal experience of ? i am trying to sort out a regular transfer from sterling to my french bank and have emailed several companies and not received replies which doesn't exactly install trust in their abilities. as they say, a recommendation is worth its weight. many thanks   monty
  23. Not knowing the full facts of this case, but with knowledge of the shameless anihlation of numerous species throughout the world because of the greed of man , it seems to me that this is another case of man's complete disregard for the world he lives in. There are large numbers of truly important , magnificent animals in their own environments that are being irradicated through the quest of man for more urbanism and wealth, some may say man is the top predator and deserves to fulfill his potential but at what cost? the majority of species use what they need and take enough to survive, unfortunately those in power do nothing to divert the course that our wildlife, our planet is taking, no matter how many summits they have, committees they gather, conservationists and naturalists of this world are screaming to all that the natural world we are privileged to live in is dying and the end to many species is imminent, but little is ever done. I feel every time i see the animals of this world in zoos, this will be the only place that my future generation will see them, zoos have a place now in that it seems the only place that headway can be made and species reproduction can be continued even on a tiny scale, is inside those walls, too many species are suffering. Studies are done to tell us whats going wrong, even when we get the answers what really do we do?   monty
  24. "This posting is not meant to be anything other than well meant, i have previous experience of this forum and have been villified for previous postings and as such have been wary about posting again, in friendship, hugh." Hi hugh, agree with you there, i'm   pretty new to this forum as well and  think sometimes replies are too harsh. You obviously have experience and should be taken as so, as with others who usually are trying to pass on a bit of experience or knowledge. Your right in that vultures do not usually taken live prey, they are scavengers and usually wait on the dead or as near to it, they cannot risk injury to wings as theirs are very fragile . also in freindship, monty
  25. hi, i have been in france for a year and have one or two things that i would like to do eventually ,that perhaps i could put under the umbrella of a micro enterprise, would you be so kind as to enlighten me as to the basic rudiments of this, is it governed by    the amount earned in a year so it will come under a certain tax bracket or is it restricted to certain forms of work, the work i would want to do will not pay a great deal regularly and wondered if this could be incorporated with another activity , so is it up to me what i do under the micro or do i have to declare each thing and they look at them separately? i certainly do not want to go down the road of a full scale business venture yet, as i know the work i am looking at will never cover the finance needed to pay the contributions. many thanks monty
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