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  1. we have a 3-phase water pump at our place in Deux Sevres and needed parts for it , dis-assembled it and took the parts with us , after a few attempts(basic French at best!) we found a supplier who could help . that was in Fontenay le Compte , 79/85 border ,but most sizable towns with large trading estates should have an equivalent. the one we found 'looked' trade only but were very helpful and sorted us out no grief! reasonable price and all works now(fingers crossed for when we get there next week and try to use it again). so , if you can , take it apart and ask nicely in a few outlets. just don't ask me how to wire it up! my mate knew/guessed the wiring connections and we didn't blow up!!!!!!!!!!! pete
  2. Hi, i have often thought about this one with our booking form and also pointed out to us by our french insurer...as a fire risk it is essential that all those staying within the property must be listed and contact details provided...if say the worst happened and the place be gutted...all those listed on your booking form can be accounted for...those that are not listed however cannot. As our french insurers also explained: french nationals must have their own insurance for such eventualities individually...as we know its very different in the UK, if you rent a property and damage/fatality etc can be claimed against the owners of the property if fault is proven with the owners. Therefore i would agree with the previous posting, that you must come to some sort of approach like they suggested, or use under fire regs and insurance regs ...granny must be allocated amongst the rest of the family for her stay...you have 5 members staying and booked...but a 6th member is not insured so therefore a 6th member must contribute so you cover your rrrsss!! You can either learn from this one, or add this to your terms and conditions for your next clients...either way its a cheek. All the best Vik and pete
  3. Hi we shall be there soon, spring next year, anyone out there that has kids that want friends, we have 2 boys aged 11yrs and 14yrs love football, swimming, cycling, army stuff etc that would like to get in touch with our two boys and give them some feedback on moving to france, schools etc or meeting up...please get in touch... many thanks pete and vikki the boys names are Nigel aged 13 and DJ aged 11
  4. HI all ...our move is planned for spring next year...desperately seeking a secondary school near Le Busseau dept 79 thats near coulonges sur l'atize or l'absie...for 2 lads aged 14yrs and 11yrs...a school with some consideration given to english kids would be a relief...many thanks pete and vikki
  5. Hi all are move is planned for spring next year, if any of you bikey owners are riding around and pass an italian specialist especially in MOTO GUZZI...please could you pass their details our way...this will add to our confidence with our move of business too....many thanks pete and vikki
  6. Hi all our move is planned for spring next year, can anyone that has already done the move advise me what i need to obtain for 1 elderly dog..if he is still with us and 3 elderly cats if they are still with us... to export, they wont return to UK at any time,they are all I/D chipped vaccinations up to date. Non have rabies jab. Do i need to apply for a export cert or do they need pet passports too. From what i have read they need rabies jab..and export cert...but not entirely sure. many thanks vik and pete
  7. hi all have posted a thread twice but had no replies as of yet , can anyone advise of a school near L'absie or Coulonges sur l'atize for my two lads aged 14yrs and 11yrs...both dyslexic although mild. Ideally school that has some english kids, they know a little french.. many thanks vikkia dn pete
  8. Hi all, desperately trying to find secondary school near le busseau for my two lads aged 14yrs and 11yrs...any points in the right direction greatly appreciated...vik and pete
  9. A lovely story...gives me hope for my boys...
  10. HI All, we plan to move next year to la bourtiere le busseau area (79), we have two kids (boys) aged 13yrs and 11yrs.. looking for seondary school in area..locally is it L'absie or coulonges sur l'autize?..can anyone advise which school, who to see etc both boys dyslexic so consideration is needed... all imput advice greatly appreciated...their french language is very minimal..they are both excited and also dubious abour giving it a go...many thanks vik and pete
  11. HI are there any moto guzzi owners living in france, let me know as we shall be there very soon, thanks vik and pete
  12. Hi, we have a house in la bourtiere deux serves...we dont live there permanently yet...hopefully very soon...counting the days and months...we know there are british living in the commune and met one very briefly...if you are out there please let us know...we have all needed someone to turn to thats there already...cheers vik and pete
  13. We havent moved yet but soon we hope dept 79 la Bourtiere deux serves and holiday let in 85 st juire champgillon...vik and pete
  14. Hi Natalie, just read your posting you contacted me regarding managing our holiday home in st juire not far from st hermine but unfortunately we had appointed someone before you got to us...wish we could help but our holiday home would have been ideal for you and the kids oh and hubby 5 mins from st hermine, but we are booked apart from 2 weeks early july ....well anyway if you need a base from mid sept onwards then let us know asap...if you get no joy finding somewhere...let me know also and i can contact a few friends that have homes out there etc GOOD LUCK !!
  15. Hi all, does anyone have a cement mixer that we could use/hire August 4th for two weeks....dept 79 coulonges sur l'atise area, la bourtiere..we can collect. Also we need to order, hardcore, and sand...anyone know a local builders merchant. We also need to hire one of those compressing tools to compact the hardcore any ideas etc much appreciated. Many thanks pete and vikki
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