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  1. Post content deleted by the moderators.
  2. One French forum I saw yesterday mentioned a financial "tsunami"!!  So plenty of hope for anyone able to buy at the moment...
  3. Nearly forgot, they are also taking a large vehicle trailer which will be empty going to the UK....
  4. Some friends of ours are travelling in mid November from south Charente to Exeter, Devon and can transport goods for you in their very large hi-top van.  Going via Cherbourg/Poole.  Contributions towards costs appreciated.  Please contact me and I will forward their number, as they don't have internet access.
  5. We need builders who can do blockwork for our newbuild projects here in south Charente.  Also, same skills for large long-term project at Tours starting this month. Full French contract offered with bilingual established SARL company.  Please pm for more info.
  6. Another Val here - this is the link: http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=11430  
  7. Our local nursery is doing shrubs for 75 euros per 25 - we are in S Charente; can send details by pm if you like.  Also I noticed some leylandii trees for just under 2 euros each in our local Intermarche a few days ago.
  8. Hello I sent you a private message but don't know if you have received it.  We are in the Charente 16. Best wishes Val
  9. I was at the hairdressers last year where some old ladies were laughing amongst themselves, and they said "un phoque (seal) n'est pas encore un poisson"!!  (yes, poisson is what they said!)  
  10. Hello I read this on the Charente Libre site: http://english-news.charentelibre.com/editionEn.html Marrakesh, Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona, anybody?
  11. http://www.buggscarhire.com/ are considering opening at Angouleme - maybe its worth contacting them
  12. I don't understand what is happening - as an agent here in south 16/17, last weekend I had a French buyer looking at huge old 700k properties with plenty of charm and style, plus a hectare at least, and no major roads, streams, near neighbours or nuisances.  Not as easy to find as you may think!   If anyone is selling such a thing, this buyer has sold up and is ready!!  Then a growing number of Brits are looking for modern bungalows with not too much land!
  13. Hope people can help out on this one - Magnolia is doing a fantastic job in helping these animals....
  14. Hello No its the SudOuest article about Angouleme.  
  15. Hello Due to start in Spring 2008. There was an article in yesterday's local paper saying there should be an announcement about which airline by the end of Dec or January.  Apparently Easyjet and Ryanair are putting forward their costings and schedules and there will be a decision then.  
  16. Be Your Own Boss! Established hotel bar restaurant looking for an experienced couple to run it. Guidance will be given to start - terms to be agreed, on a profit share basis. Must be available as soon as possible to start for the season. Please have a look at our website -   www.hotel-le-val-charente.com   Please email by pm if you are interested.....
  17. In our experience, the notion of goodwill in France is less common than in the UK: Castorama shelf prices not always the same as at the till, and after buying a faulty tile cutter, we were told that we should have returned it within 4 days to have a replacement, instead of bringing it back within the first month to be told it would take weeks for repairs to be done!  Also, we have had massive problems with Wanadoo - I had to feel sorry for the people working there last week, and at lunchtime I was sure there would be a fight in there, as 2 big blokes had the rep cornered in his office.  Many promises from them that someone will call back, but it never happens: result more 0.34 per minute calls to sort out the problems!  Recently hubby ordered a new mobile online and waited for a week for it to arrive - eventually he gave up and phoned them, to be told that the model was out of stock and no idea when it would arrive.  Shortly after, the company emailed him asking for bank details (he had already given CC details online), photocopy of passport, loads of other stuff.... he wrote back saying he thought he ordered a phone, not an aeroplane!!
  18. I met a nice French lady today who is keen to learn English, and will help me with my French in exchange, although direct swaps like these are not always how it happens.  The organisation has several branches in Charente and possibly Bordeaux, and is a bit like a very informal LETS scheme but for exchanging knowledge rather than services.  It is called "Réseaux d'Échanges Réciproques de Savoirs" and it could be worth asking at your Mairie if interested....  they also have picnics, various workshops etc. Val
  19. We are with Wanadoo and sick to death of them and their so-called customer service!  We know 3 sets of people who cannot praise Neuf highly enough, and as soon as we can change over to them, we will!  
  20. Apparently Troyes, south of Paris has designer bargains; sorry don't have any more details than this!
  21. Good joke! My 7 year old needs a filling, but on her first trip to a French dentist was too scared to let him do the work - he only started fiddling with drill attachments and without any drilling noises, she was practically out of the chair... and they don't seem to give injections either!  He shrugged and gave us a number of a lady who is p/t based at our local hospital in the Charente and specialises in anxious children.
  22. Hi Can anyone suggest the nearest equivalent for a Delia recipe please?  She says its "skimmed semi-soft cheese" (from memory!) thanks in advance! Val
  23. We were invited to a "meshwi"(sp??) last weekend, a lamb on a spit roasted over a fire....there were about 40 people there (all French). They seemed happy to eat in shifts!!
  24. In today's Charente Libre it states that Ryanair flights should start Feb 2007 depending how the works progress.
  25. I think its the same, could be wrong, pronounced "Sir Kwi"!
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