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  1. Post content deleted by the moderators.
  2. One French forum I saw yesterday mentioned a financial "tsunami"!!  So plenty of hope for anyone able to buy at the moment...
  3. Nearly forgot, they are also taking a large vehicle trailer which will be empty going to the UK....
  4. Some friends of ours are travelling in mid November from south Charente to Exeter, Devon and can transport goods for you in their very large hi-top van.  Going via Cherbourg/Poole.  Contributions towards costs appreciated.  Please contact me and I will forward their number, as they don't have internet access.
  5. We need builders who can do blockwork for our newbuild projects here in south Charente.  Also, same skills for large long-term project at Tours starting this month. Full French contract offered with bilingual established SARL company.  Please pm for more info.
  6. Another Val here - this is the link: http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=11430  
  7. Our local nursery is doing shrubs for 75 euros per 25 - we are in S Charente; can send details by pm if you like.  Also I noticed some leylandii trees for just under 2 euros each in our local Intermarche a few days ago.
  8. Hello I sent you a private message but don't know if you have received it.  We are in the Charente 16. Best wishes Val
  9. I was at the hairdressers last year where some old ladies were laughing amongst themselves, and they said "un phoque (seal) n'est pas encore un poisson"!!  (yes, poisson is what they said!)  
  10. Hello I read this on the Charente Libre site: http://english-news.charentelibre.com/editionEn.html Marrakesh, Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona, anybody?
  11. http://www.buggscarhire.com/ are considering opening at Angouleme - maybe its worth contacting them
  12. I don't understand what is happening - as an agent here in south 16/17, last weekend I had a French buyer looking at huge old 700k properties with plenty of charm and style, plus a hectare at least, and no major roads, streams, near neighbours or nuisances.  Not as easy to find as you may think!   If anyone is selling such a thing, this buyer has sold up and is ready!!  Then a growing number of Brits are looking for modern bungalows with not too much land!
  13. Hope people can help out on this one - Magnolia is doing a fantastic job in helping these animals....
  14. Hello No its the SudOuest article about Angouleme.  
  15. Hello Due to start in Spring 2008. There was an article in yesterday's local paper saying there should be an announcement about which airline by the end of Dec or January.  Apparently Easyjet and Ryanair are putting forward their costings and schedules and there will be a decision then.  
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