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  1. Hi I was at La Rochele airport last thursday and there were no security delays on that flight.
  2. According to this article Iplayer will be made available internationally "BBC IPlayer to be made available Internationally"
  3. Just an update Nasty bag was very nice and quite helpful but even he said it was too expensive to ship from America, so back to my search in France !!
  4. I've tried Kal-tech but they cannot supply parts for this model and the USA want over 150 dollars to ship to France !
  5. I have an Aquabot Turbo pool cleaner which has become faulty. I looks like I will have to buy a new drive motor. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in France that will supply the part or where I can take the cleaner for repair. I am near Cognac but I am prepared to travel. I have searched on google without success. Tony
  6. At the moment I have a france telecom line and use orange as my ISP. I use a netgear wireless transmitter in the house but also plug in a netgear device that plugs into the mains so that I can use the laptop in a part of the house that is out of range from the main transmitter. If I swap to a live box can I still use the netgear equipment to receive a signal in the out of range part of the house ? Tony
  7. Hi I've been having problems over the last few days as well, thats on my Humax freesat and a sky box with a paid for card, sometimes the BBC channels indicate no signal whilst the ITV channels are still OK, same can happen for CH4 or 5. more4 and E4. They all come back of their own accord without me doing anything. Tony
  8. Hi There is a static caravan for sale in a former car sales yard just outside of Cognac, the price I can see on the window is about 2000 euro, I can check the price if you want, it is on the N141 the road from Cognac to Niort. Tony
  9. Hi I use www.iprivacytools.com which costs about 12 euro, you can select which country the proxy server is located in, when I have selected the UK I can watch BBCiplayer, only problem is that it slows down the download rate (for me anyway) so it can take quite a while to download a TV program.   Tony
  10. Please can somebody recommend an accountant near Cognac, preferably english speaking since my french may not be up to some of the financial terms. Thanks Tony
  11. Hi I've been able to have a look at this wood, it was bought when the owner bought the house about 5 years ago and has been dry stored since then.   Tony
  12. Hi Don't know if this will help but there is a company making babyfoot in Coulonge just outside St Sulpice de Cognac about 10K from Cognac, might be worth talking to them to see if they can help. Tony
  13. Hi Kathy We bought a pool cleaner from America earlier this year, the cleaner cost just under one thousand dollars and  we had to pay 175 euros before French customs would release it. There were no other problems and we are considering importing a pool heater from there next year. Tony
  14. Just tried your recipe   delicious
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