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  1. The problem I have is that I've returned to England so need to pay someone else to come in and complete the alignment as I have some guests staying at the house in 3 weeks and won't be returning before then. 
  2. Hi All,   I sourced all my satellite equipment and installed it myself but ran out of time to align the dish unfortunately as I was on borrowed ladders. I do know that the system works at least as it picked up the network ID and correct transport stream with the channels on screen when I tested it before attaching to the wall.   I'm therefore looking for a person or company to complete the alignment for me so if anyone offers this service please do feel free to get in contact with a quote or if anyone knows of a company that can provide this service please can they provide me with details so I can get in touch with them.   Thanks
  3. Thanks, that's good to know. I don't suppose you or anyone else knows if this is a one-off charge for the visit they made to increase my supply or if I should expect to see this again at any point in the future?    
  4. The €40.05 is a flat fee notated with "Intervent 2 appareils part". The second line in that section of my bill is then charging my consumption at 0.0045. As I actually had a negative consumption due to a previous over-billing I have been charged under Autres Prestations €38.91 + TVA as follows:   Contribution au service public d'electricité:   Consumption   -254     Prix  0.0045  =   - €1.14 Intervent 2 appareils part:                                                                                     =   €40.05   Autres Prestations Total = (€40.05  -  €1.14)  €38.91 + TVA                                                                   
  5. Hello all, I'm hoping you can help.   I upgraded my EDF supply to 15kW last month and have received my first bill, with a charge in the autre prestations section described as "Contribution au Service Public D'electricité" of €40.04 + TVA.   I realise that the standing charge would have increased but believe that this is covered under the increased monthly abonnement over the course of a year. Having looked on the EDF website I have discovered the following explanation of the charge:   "Elle est destinée a compenser les charges des fournisseurs d'életricité liées a leurs  missions de service public. Elle est soumise uniquement a la TVA"   I would be grateful if someone would help me make some sense of this by advising exactly what is actually being charged here and whether this is going to be a one-off, annual, monthly or random occurrence.   Thanks for your help.
  6. The discounted rate is now £15 with any French bank charges to be added later or £20 to cover all eventualities.
  7. Hello all, I hope you can help out.   I need to organise a supply of wood for this year and wanted some advice on the following:    What should I be asking for (seasoned, type etc) Any idea at all of how much I am likely to need to see me through May to the end of September What price should I expect to pay Finally, does anyone know of a supplier local to me (Montignac, 24)?   Thanks for your help.
  8. What benefit are these scammers trying to get through this then?
  9. I am currently deciding whether to go with the EDF flat rate tariff or the on/off peak setup with the higher annual fee for my property in 24. What I have been trying to find out without success is what times the lower cost per unit (Heures Creuses?) would be in operation so I can calculate what tariff is likely to work out at the best value for me.   Any help would be very appreciated.
  10. Hello all, I'm hoping you can help.   Having now completed the renovations on my property I have realised that the power supply I'm currently receiving from EDF is not going to be sufficient for my needs and was hoping that someone would be able to give me some idea of what may be the best level to move up to e.g 9kva, 12kva   The property consists of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and open plan living space of 10m x 5m for the kitchen and living area. Perhaps naively I am totally electricity dependant other than a wood burner in the living room so the water is electrically heated along with the following: Cooker and hob Kettle Microwave 4 electric heaters at 2kw 8 light fittings   I realise that the above does not provide all the details for a very accurate estimate and I may also need the capacity to add the odd lamp etc but I was hoping that it would provide enough information for someone to provide reasonable advice.   Thanks in advance.  
  11. That's good to know Bob. I'm in a small Hamlet myself so reasonably remote too.   Thanks for the help.
  12. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to help.   I've been renovating a property for a couple of years and now it is nearing completion I am trying to get a projection of my finances for next year. A couple of figures I'm currently trying to find out are the Fonciere and D'Habitation. Obviously I'm not expecting anyone to give me an exact figure but a ball park one would be good.   It is a 2 bedroom stone property of roughly 140m2 floorspace in a plot of c.1350m2 (no pool) in 24 (near Montignac). If anyone has any figures that could give me any indication of what I should expect to be paying it would be much appreciated.   Thanks   
  13. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help. I am trying to connect the waste for my kitchen sink (Ikea Atlant model) and the plasitc connector at the end of the flexible hose is exactly the same size as the main plastic pipe leaving the house. I think they are both 40mm. I did buy the kit from the UK which I understand could well have been an error but I bought a similar item from a local brico to act as a replacement and it presnted me with exactly the same problem! Is there a connector of some sort that I'm missing? Is my waste pipe an unusual size (no jokes please!)? Is the waste pipe from Ikea France a different size to the UK model? All help will be gratefully received. Thanks
  14. Hi All, I'm hoping to pick your brains before I take on my next project to save any disasters. I am going to be tiling a floor space of around 60m2. The tiles are ceramic measuring 45 x 45. The floor is flat concrete that was laid serveral months ago so has had plenty of time to go off. The 3 areas I wanted advice on are the following: Laying:         I was planning to work in sections, giving the floor a wash of 2 parts PVA to 1 part water and then laying onto that area before it has fully dried with adhesive applied to the floor with a rounded edged trowel as well as a smoothed layer of adhesive on the back of the tile due to the size. I was also planning on wetting the back of the tile slightly before applying the adhesive to it. Will it matter what size spacers I use or is that just a case of personal preference? Adhesive:     I was not sure eactly what adhesive to use but was thinking of Fermafix Technique at €37.95 per 25kg but would be open to suggestions of a better or more suitable product such as something from the Weber range perhaps? I was also wondering how much adhesive is likely to be required. I was estimating at about 250kg? Grout:           I will leave the floor for at least 24 hours prior to grouting and apply it using a float quickly following by cleaning with a moist sponge and then polish of any residue with a soft cloth. I don't forsee any problems with the task but my problem here is what product to use? The products efficiency is my main issue although colour would have some bearing as well; white is not a good plan on the floor so I suppose grey or ideally a sandstone would be favourable provided the product is up to the job as well. The last thing is how much am I likely to need? (dependant on the spacers I realise).   If anyone has anything to add to or warn me away from on the techniques I had in mind I would love to hear it and also some help on the products and quantities requried would be great. Thanks in advance for any help.  
  15. We are slowly getting more details then   There must be a website somewhere that details this but if there is I am certainly struggling to find it. I'm sure someone will see this topic soon enough that has all the answers.....
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