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  1. Message in your in-box >Cooking or Pastry Class" > > Hello, I >am new to the forum >and from Canada, My wife >and I will be spending >2 months in France from >March 18 to May 15 >and will spend the last >3 weeks in the SW. >April 24 - May 1 >will be near Cahors in >Belmontet, May 1-8 will be >north of Limoges at Chateauponsac >and the last week south >of Toulouse in Capens from >May 8-15. We are interested >in a cooking or pastry >class on a small scale( >not a chefs school as >they are too long and >expensive) that someone might offer >in their home or ?? >. Last year while we >were in Tuscany we found >a marvellous women who taught >us an afternoon class and >then we had it for >supper in her dining room >and the price was very >reasonable. We are looking for >suggestions for someone who might >do the same. I have >contacted the Tourist Information people >in these areas and have >had very limited response and >even less from their suggested >people. (Not even a no, >just no response) Would love >any suggestions you might have. >The will be 3 of >us for these 3 weeks >as my siter will join >us. > Thanks for >your help, > Gerry near >London Canada
  2. Ann Message in your private in-box >Myself and my intended are due >to move out to our >house near La Souterraine next >summer. We would love >to get married in our >town and were wondering if >anyone (especially those of you >who are already living there) >has any advice on how >easy or difficult this may >be. We popped into >the Mayor's office the last >time we were over (September) >and the lady in the >office told us that it >would be easier to arrange >'once we were living there >permanently). I'm beginning to >feel that the beaurocracy will >be a bit of a >nightmare but we'd still like >to try. The date >of the wedding would be >Sat. 9th July 2005. >We realise that we have >to have the ceremony in >the Mayor's office (of our >own town). We don't >want a religious ceremony. >Ideally, I'd love to get >married in the evening and >then have food, dancing. >I'd be really grateful if >anyone could offer any advice, >i.e. how to go about >arranging the ceremony, how much >notice we have to give, >what typically is eaten at >a typical French wedding, is >there dancing??? Has anyone >been to a French wedding? > Thanks, so much, in >advance. Ann
  3. We are in the process of trying to decide what heating to install and I wondered if anyone else out there has gone through the same situation. To briefly explain, we have a house with barn attached. We are converting the barn into living space so could easily install central heating. House part is made of granite and therefore extremely hard to drill through walls etc. We are setting up a B&B with 3 bedrooms. The easiest and cheapest (initially) way would be woodburners and electric heaters in bedrooms. However, we are worried about the electric costs long term and the cost of heating water electrically (although we would install electric showers that heat water as required). We will not keep rooms heated if not occupied, but need to turn on if guests arrive unexpectedly etc. Total number of rooms is in whole place = kitchen (already heated by an insert) dining room hallway x 2 (including upstairs) sitting room x 2 3 guest bedrooms 1 own bedroom 4 bathrooms Any advice on experiences would be gratefully received. Thanks
  4. Colinbillyard Message in your inbox. >We have just completed on our >property in Cherboucheix which is >near Magnat L'Etrange and then >the next biggest towns are >Feletin and Aubusson. Although we >will be renting out initially, >with short breaks for ourselves, >we would welcome any contact >with British living in the >area who have a bit >of inside knowledge on all >the usual stuff. We're also >looking for someone local for >a possible key-holding and changeover >service. > >Thanks > >Colin and Pam Billyard
  5. We are making plans to turn our house into a Chambre d'hote. We have received the information through from Gites de France, and are trying to decide whether to sign up with them or go completely independently. We understand that they have certain criteria that you must confirm to etc. Can anyone advise from experience the pros and cons regarding Gites de France. Many Thanks
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